Why Most People Won’t Make The £5K A Month They Dream Of

OK, in this business of affiliate marketing and online adventures, I see hundreds of people from all over the World trying to get a business going online and the large majority of those people have a goal of around £5k per month for their online business. Some are even more ambitious than that, aiming for £10k+ a month.

Whilst this sounds great,  it’s great to have goals and I actively encourage them, but many of those people lack the skills needed or the consistency of effort required to achieve this amount of money online regularly.

There’s a very valid reason for that, and one i’m about to tell you now.

If I wanted to go out and get a normal job that paid me £2.5-5k a month (or even £10k), I would almost certainly have to go to college or university to gain the required knowledge so I could justify that level of reward. I’d need to become an expert in my field.

What you’ll need to do to succeed

Study the theory
Study the knowledge
Study to build confidence
Study to learn new skills
Study all the ins and out of the new profession BEFORE you start making any money.

This would include daily/weekly classes
Reading Books and taking tests/exams
Watching Training Videos and attending Lectures
Maybe 1-2-1 work and possibly an apprenticeship.

But when all that has been done you’d probably stand a fighting chance of getting your £2.5-5k of income eventually, if you can find that job. However that won’t be the starting salary. You’ll start on considerably less than that. You’ll also be putting a lot of hours in to build your experience and reputation.

So let’s bring it back to equate it to an online income.

What usually happens is that people set their goals to work towards, then read a book every so often. That’s starting I suppose, but hardly constitutes concerted effort. After a few weeks, enthusiasm wanes as they realise it’s not going to be as easy as the YouTube gurus have led them to believe.

They’ll then log on half-heartedly into the same mediocre training suite that keeps repeating itself over and over, but then don’t implement what they’ve just learned.

They’ll end up following the same dated ‘advice’ like “just build relationships” or “write a list of everyone you know”. Stuff that died years ago is still being peddled as viable advice online. Stuff that really needs refreshing.

They’ll maybe then watch the odd live webinar to get themselves fired up a bit, then go back to doing the same things that didn’t work for them before. The non-achievement cycle.

The definition of insanity – Do the same things over and over again and expect a different outcome each time. But that’s what people do.

Does this all sound familiar? Is this you?


Not just how to contact someone, but how to market themselves and their business, how to brand their business and how to keep the focus going in the right space and with the right subjects.

This all requires a deep understanding of the skills, theory and techniques involved.

Exactly like a conventional job – you’d need to invest your hours into learning from a training resource so you stand a chance of getting what you want. You’d need to get the knowledge.

Imagine yourself as a trainee London cabbie. There’s a lot to learn about all the routes and shortcuts, how to get from A to B efficiently. There is absolutely no way you’ll make it as a London cabbie without ‘the knowledge’, and online marketing is the same. You need to learn.

That’s why people all over the world who actually succeed spend some money in quality education to get ahead of the competition and make sure they follow through with what is taught.

They make business look effortless and easy because they’ve mastered their craft. That is because they’ve learned all there is to know about their subject.

I’ve seen people advise ‘Fake it ‘til you Make it’. That is piss-poor advice in my opinion. You’ll lumber from mistake to mistake and probably upset quite a few people along the way. Everyone can see through you and you’ll be quickly exposed as fake. There are many fakes around and it’s easy to be taken in.

Reputation is everything. Don’t destroy yours before your business has even got started by trying to wing it online and having everyone label you a wide-boy or a scammer. Your reputation takes a long time to build, but can be destroyed overnight, particularly if someone exposes a scam on social media.

So what can I do to help you ?

Well, recently I found a complete online training system that will allow you to train yourself in all of the tools and techniques you’ll need to be a success online. The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been training people for more than 15 years, so has a reputation as a solid training resource where you can learn about marketing and the right way to go about it.

The platform is :

  1. Built to show you the exact ins and outs.

  2. Built to educate and teach you the skills you’ll need to succeed

  3. Built to give you a deep understanding of exactly what to do to move Yourself forward.

The owners of this portal have spent more than 15 years building this huge vault of information and now we have people from all over the World (nearly 2 million people all told) plugging in to learn the step-by-step process to making a consistent income online. Many people who started at Wealthy Affiliate are now making consistent 4-figure sums per month online

I’ve actually used this exact training portal for  myself to go full-time in my online business. I still use it now and have built a network of nearly 3,000 people who share my ambitions and targets. I help them and they help me. We scratch each other’s backs and encourage each other. We also advise when we are asked and can expect the same when we get stuck.

If you want to gain more information on Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s what you need, watch this video by Kyle the founder. It walks you through all of the different sections and resources.


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