Which niches are the most expensive to advertise in the UK?

Obviously, if you want to make money on the Internet, you need to pick a niche that has value. You don’t want to pick a niche where the unit value of items are only pennies because that would mean you’d have to shift units in their squillions to make decent profit. That would make you a very busy fool indeed.

Do not choose too broad a niche

This kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? If your chosen niche is too broad then the traffic within it will be enormous, but you’ll never be able to rank in it because the competition will be too great to gain a meaningful organic search engine placement.

Remember, you need to get to page 1 in Google to start to see your site up in lights. But of course organic search isn’t the only way to reach your intended target. You also have PPC at your disposal.

So what are the most expensive niches if you want to take the paid advertising route?

Top 5 Most Expensive PPC Niches in the UK

  1. Insurance

  2. Marketing and Advertising

  3. Internet and Telecoms

  4. Cryptocurrency

  5. Legal

Insurance is pretty much the most expensive niche in the rest of the World as well. It’s streets ahead in the USA as the most competitive niche where Marketing and Advertising are left in scrambling in the dust behind Online Education.

Insurance Keywords are expensive too!

As you would expect, the most expensive keywords are in the corresponding expensive niches.

In the UK, the most expensive insurance based keywords if you had to bid for them would be :

  1. Business Health Insurance

  2. Small Business Health Insurance

  3. Key Man Life Insurance

  4. Business Life Insurance

  5. Low Cost Life Insurance

If we look at the most popular insurance keywords by search volume, the list is dominated by auto insurance, with ‘car insurance’ and ‘travel insurance’ attracting the most traffic.

So how can I succeed in these expensive niches?

Well, if you are operating in the insurance industry or maybe Marketing and Advertising, keyword research is going to be vital to you. You need to find higher traffic keyword terms, with lower competion/cost.

That is easier said than done, but tools like SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool can help you see the wood for the trees.

Enter a seed word (like ‘insurance’) and try to find related keywords that give the lowest CPC values that are still relevant to your niche. Narrowing the niche certainly has benefits for this.

Try having a play with the sorting capabilities in SEMrush, paying attention to long-tail keywords and how they might yield higher search volume at lower cost/competition.

Look at your competitors – extract their data

Sometimes your competitors may already know one or two things that you don’t, and it can’t hurt to pinch a few of their cheapest keywords so that you can benefit, too.

Just imagine being able to view the keywords that drive the most clicks at the least cost for your insurance competitors. Something else that SEMrush can help with, via it’s Organic Research Tool.


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