What’s The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

The Internet is such a big place, and now with billions of pages of websites online, it has expanded to accommodate every imaginable piece of information anyone would ever need.

With user-centered technologies shaping how people use the Internet, there are now countless unique opportunities for people to make easy money for themselves online. These opportunities are:

  • One hundred percent legitimate
  • Cost effective
  • Will not eat up so much time and resources
  • Are genuine online businesses
  • Are natural learning experiences that everyone will benefit from

Isn’t the Internet too competitive?

We are sure you have heard of people saying that there is no way for you to make money online. This is simply not true, and here are the reasons why:

  • People will always have needs, and the Internet is their number one and most convenient resource for information and the acquisition of their needs.
  • There are multiple ways to reach your customers even if you don’t have one million followers on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook
  • Selling products and services online is easier than you may think

What is Clickbank University?

Clickbank is the world’s number one digital marketplace for vendors and affiliate marketers. If you don’t know these terms, we’ll get to them in a minute. But what we want to show you is that there is an easy but no-holds-barred method of learning how to earn profits as an expert affiliate marketer by promoting high quality products from Clickbank itself.

If you have ever tried to learn the ropes on your own, then your probably know how it feels to be working on your lonesome. It can be tiresome and discouraging at times and you are likely to make mistakes, particularly as a beginner.

Clickbank University is a comprehensive learning program and community that makes it possible for anyone to learn how to engineer online profit, and not just fantastic affiliates.

Built by two of the most influential and trusted digital marketers of this era, Justin Atlan and Adam Horowitz, Clickbank University has recently received a massive and important upgrade that will help arm and protect Clickbank affiliates from the uphill battle that digital marketers face, whenever the landscape changes.

You will gain access to Bi-Weekly Expert Classes, Special Curated Add-on Trainings, a Clickbank Product Publishing Track, Clickbank Affiliate Mastery Track, and more.

Too many people have jumped into Digital Affiliate Marketing without know the basics, and Clickbank University goes beyond the basics to teach you the best of what’s available to affiliate marketers. Whether you’re from the United States, Australia or South Korea, the playing field is level for all global affiliate marketers.

Don’t believe us? Give Clickbank University just two seconds and you will know why we are so excited about Justin’s and Adam’s ideas!

Making Money as a Clickbank Affiliate

Earlier in this article, we have already told you about how Clickbank has revolutionized the digital landscape by bringing together vendors and affiliate marketers in such a meaningful way.

Clickbank serves as the universal marketplace for digital products, and it’s where vendors go when they want to generate shared revenue with affiliate marketers.

Signing up for a Clickbank account is really easy. Just complete the basic details, and provide Clickbank with your bank name and location.

The Dashboard provides the user with a general overview of all the things that he can accomplish while using the platform.

What do digital products look like?

The majority of products on Clickbank are non-physical products or digital products. This simply means that the products are delivered electronically in the following forms:


A landing page is responsible for selling a product from Clickbank. It is a special page where special promotional copy is strategically placed to convince people to make a purchase. Here’s an example of a product from the dating niche:

All products sold through Clickbank are covered by buyer protection, or a money-back guarantee. You will not have to worry about this, as long as you pick the best products on the marketplace.

Since we have already taught you how to identify usable niches, click on the Marketplace link beside Partner Offers to get started. The Marketplace homepage would look like this:

You will also notice on the lower half (left side) of the page that there are filters that you can use to narrow the results.

These filters are useful if you want to identify usable products that come in foreign languages, and other criteria. Clickbank also has an ultra useful Categories menu that lists down all of the available niche groups on the marketplace. There’s also a dedicated Advanced Search function that gives you better control of the search filters.

Take note that each niche has its own losers and winners, and you can identify the best-performing ones by looking at the Vendor Spotlight information, or the summary included whenever search results are provided.

What do Clickbank statistics mean?

You will notice that each product on the CB marketplace would have different types of statistics based on how well the products have been performing.
However, the statistics have unfamiliar names and you may be confused as to what they actually mean. Here’s our primer on what those statistics really mean for you as an affiliate marketer:

  1. Gravity — Gravity refers to how popular a product is in the past 12 weeks.
    This is a special number that Clickbank computes by taking into consideration the volume of affiliate commissions and when they were earned by the affiliate marketers.
    Gravity is really useful in identifying products that are still doing well, and which have already died a natural death because the publisher has stopped updating it, or has stopped trying to help affiliates sell it.
  2. % Referred — This number shows how much of the vendor’s total sales have come from affiliate marketers like you. This figure can give you an idea as to how interested affiliate marketers are in the product, and how successful they have been in promoting the said product to their lists.

  3. Initial $/sale — Initial $/sale refers to how much an affiliate marketer will earn with a single purchase. Upgraded purchases, or purchases made after the main offer (also called “add-on purchases”) are also taken into consideration. The actual figure takes into consideration various deductions, including sales tax (wherever applicable).
    Take note that what you get in the end may differ from this figure as vendors can change their payment structure at any time or run special promotions themselves that might lower the price of the main product for a period of time.

  4. Avg Rebill Total — Some vendors run membership websites that charge customers on a monthly basis.
    The Avg Rebill Total will show you how much an affiliate marketer will earn over a period of time if a successful referral results in a paid membership. Take note that Avg Rebill Total does not take into account additional purchases or the initial purchase as computed by the Initial $/sale.

  5. Avg %/sale — This computation combines all of the possible earnings of affiliates, including earnings from recurring payments from monthly memberships.

  6. Commission — This is the percentage of commission that is set by the vendor or publisher for all kinds of products and sales including the ‘family’ of products stemming from the main offering.

How do I make it big as a Clickbank affiliate?

As with everything in this life, you need a real strategy that would work before embarking on your journey as a Clickbank affiliate. There are plenty of possible ways to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate, but experimenting your way to success if guaranteed to be costly and heartbreaking.

We don’t want you to struggle. That’s why we highly recommend that you check out how John Crestani built his online empire while vacationing around the world.

This is step one: you need a solid business blueprint to operationalize what you know.

When you have John’s profit blueprint down pat, you need to know how to maximize profits using the Clickbank Marketplace. You will need data, and you need to ride the shoulders of giants.

Step two is to obtain mastery of the affiliate process through Clickbank University. Clickbank University is the only online program that comprehensively covers all of the essentials of affiliate marketing, and how you can succeed minus the growing pains. Why spend a year or more struggling with a new system when you can fast-track your success by learning from the experts?

So fire up those neurons and hunker down: Clickbank University has already produced online millionaires, and depending on your level of desire, you just might be one of them soon enough.


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