What Jay Neill taught us last month

Jay Neill is the resident Training Coach at Wealthy Affiliate and each weekend he hosts a webinar for students. He’s an affable, genial presenter whose easy going style makes it easy to understand some of the complex items he covers for us. He’s been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than 12 years, so he knows the platform inside out.

The webinars are broadcast early hours of Saturday morning UK time, but the webinar is available to watch later in the Live Events Section. I usually watch the recordings later on. As an example, here’s a summary of the  Affiliate training Jay covered in August 2019.

The videos are generally between about an hour and 90 minutes long and Jay commands an audience in the thousands for each one. The webinars are only available to Premium Members though, so if you want to watch them you’ll need to sign up.

August 3rd – Feeling the HEAT of summer and want to wash away your competitors?

(91 mins)

website being reviewed by jay neill during a hot seat session at wealthy affiliate

Have your site reviewed by Jay!

A Site Review by an experienced marketing consultant can vastly improve your rankings by educating you on various rank elements that you may be missing.

Join Jay in this LIVE training event where he will take a look at website submissions and offer his thoughts on how they can improve.

Past Hot Seat recipients have said this has helped them immensely!

August 10th – Building An Awesome Home Page

(83 mins)

picture of an i love home doormat

Blog roll or static page as your home page – which is better?

Regardless of what type of home page you end up having, it is important that it captures your readers attention in a manner that encourages clicks and navigation.

This live class will walk you through everything you need to know to have an awesome home page!

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
An Overview of what a home page is
Blog roll vs Static Page
Can you have Both?
The SEO Behind Your Home Page
Live Q & A Session

August 17th – Build A Convincing About Page

(86 mins)

picture of a badge with the words 'hello I am an expert'

Who are you and how do you represent your online brand? 

Your about page is much more important than you may think as it can help gain trust with your audience and so much more!

In this live training, you will learn the insider secrets to an effect about page which will help with conversions!


Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Why it’s Important to Have an About Page
Draw your Audience to Your Story
How to Drive Readers to Your About Page
The SEO Benefits to Your About Page
Let’s Build a Convincing About Page LIVE!
Live Q & A Session

August 24th – Building Great Website Typography

(80 mins)

picture of heading tags showing relative sizes

How many fonts do you currently use on your website?

There is a very fine balance between a beautiful stylistic website and a functional website. The fulcrum is typography and using it strategically.

In this live class, you will learn everything you need to know about building great website typography and how it can increase your conversions.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
An Introduction to Typography
Using Fonts to Your Advantage
Using Headings & SubHeadings
Font Colors and Size
Let’s Build Some Great Typography LIVE!
Live Q & A Session

August 31st – Building Convincing Call To Actions (CTA)

(76 mins)

picture showing the different types of call to action

How are you driving traffic to your affiliate offers?

The end result..
The CTA – aka Call to Action.

Without a strong convincing Call to Action, your website will not earn any revenue.

In this live class, you will learn everything you need to know about building great call to actions and how it WILL increase your conversions.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
An Introduction to Call to Actions
Different Types of CTA’s
How Many CTA’s Can You Have on a Post?
How Long Should A Call To Action Be?
Let’s Build a Convincing Call to Action LIVE!
Live Q & A Session


These are just a sample of one month’s webinars from August 2019. Other webinar subjects from 2019 are listed below, just to show you how in-depth the training is. To view any of the webinars, you need to be a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Brand – Establishing an Incredible Brand From Day 1
Framework – Building Out Your Niche Website
Keyword Comprehension
Affiliate Promotions
Introduction to Google Analytics
How to Track Conversions in Google Analytics
Tracking Affiliate Links in Google Analytics
Introduction to Google Search Console
Introduction to Bing Webmaster Tools
Finding Awesome Keyword Opportunities in Search Console
The 2019 SEO Checklist
Let’s SEO a Blog Post LIVE!
Introduction to YouTube Marketing
Produce, Record & Uploading Your YouTube Videos
Promoting Your YouTube Videos
Live Streaming on YouTube
Hot Seat! Spring 2019
User Experience Strategies
Understanding Marketing Funnels
Building an Audience Beyond Google
Leveraging Quora for Traffic & Clout
Researching Audiences / Niches
Researching Keywords
Researching Your Competition
Researching & Understanding Website Rankings
The Fundamentals of the WordPress
Creating a Beautiful, Professional Looking Website
Understanding Engagement
Advanced WordPress Techniques/Strategies

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2 thoughts on “What Jay Neill taught us last month”

  1. Dave, Jay Neal’s webinars are simply awesome. Jay is definitely an expert and his willingness to share his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand helps make Jay a great asset to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Personally, I’m working my way through watching the recordings also and with each one, I learn some amazing information. – Shirley

    • I love listening to Jay, he’s a cool guy and like you say, soooo knowledgable. I pick and choose his material, I haven’t watched any of his Instagram stuff for instance (I don’t use it in my Social Media arsenal), but most of his other stuff is great and I look forward to it every week.



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