The Free and Paid Options at Wealthy Affiliate?

What is the Difference?

As you are probably here (I hope you are) because you’re interested in online marketing, I thought i’d do a post to tell you about the difference between the Free Startup account at Wealthy Affiliate and the Premium account you can upgrade to if you wish.

Everybody gets a Free Startup Account

The philosophy at WA is to give everyone an opportunity to create a free account and get started with the training program without pressuring them to upgrade. In my opinion there are too many sites on the Web that demand a credit card at sign up and start charging after a Free period. That puts pressure on from the start and usually ends up with the account being cancelled. The work is then lost (if the site allowed anything meaningful to be created in the first place).

Wealthy Affiliate wants you to start up with a completely free account and gives you the opportunity to build a free website for yourself and learn all about what the platform is going to give you, without putting pressure on you to upgrade whilst not having enough information.

Pressurising users by keeping a credit card on file which is then charged after x-days is a big No-No in my opinion and the fact Wealthy Affiliate don’t do it was a BIG reason for me joining the Wealthy Affiliate site myself.

You Only Upgrade If You Want To, If You Choose To.

While the Premium Membership does get you access to absolutely everything, a Free account also gets you a heck of a lot of stuff as a beginner, and will get you started with the training and lets you thoroughly test it to see if it’s for you. There is an incentive to upgrade in the first 7 days as this will secure your first full month of Premium at 60% discount. That is a GOOD deal.

Creating Your Free Website

As a Starter, you’ll be allowed to setup one website, using the Siterubix system. This gives your site a suffix. This is ok as a starter. The sites are built on the WordPress software system and the creation of your site on your WA hosted webspace is automatic and takes about 30 seconds. The website can then have a more conventional url attached if you go for the Premium Membership later. This is all handled within your site control panel. There’s no messing about with Name Servers and stuff like that.

The Starter Account gives you space for one website, the Premium Membership gives you up to 10.

The Security Package and Backup

All user accounts include a baseline level of functionality, but the enhanced Security package is only included with the Premium Membership. Backup however is in both Free and Premium levels because it’s regarded as an absolute necessity for any website owner. Your site also needs SSL these days (the little padlock in your address bar) and that is included free. Browsers such as Google Chrome now label your site as ‘Not Secure’ if you don’t have a SSL certificate attached. The SSL certificate is notoriously difficult to install yourself and other hosting companies typically charge £50-100 per year for the privilege, so it’s a big plus that Wealthy Affiliate include it as standard within it’s hosting platform.

Live Help

This is also regarded as vital for a Beginner. You’re more likely to need the Live Help in the first 7 days and that is what you get. Full access to Live Help with Kyle/Carson and the Ambassadors within the platform. This really is invaluable because you are able to ask real entrepreneurs your questions. Some of these people are earning £4,000+ per month and are Online Money Generating Machines! Pick their brains!

With a Premium account, you can get Live Help at any time. Wealthy Affiliate is structured on providing help and teaching best practise methods.

Beginners Training Course

The Beginners Training Course at Wealthy Affiliate is know as The Online Entrepreneur Certification. The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want. As a Free member, you get access to the first 10 lessons in phase 1. That teaches you a lot and by the time you’ve completed it you’ll instinctively know if you want to go further.

As a Premium Member you get access to the full 50 lessons.

Personal Affiliate Blog

The Personal Affiliate Blog at Wealthy Affiliate is really designed for you to blog about your progress through the training. You can post anything you like here about your journey, the blog helps you generate content by checking the writing for good form and has a library of over a million copyright free photos for you to use.

Writing on your blog will help with your confidence and get you used to writing (you’ll be doing a LOT of that). All content is actually indexed by Google (Google likes WA). It also contributes to your internal ranking as a contributor and creator. The ranking keeps you informed of how much the portal values your input. The lower the number the better.

Here’s My Wealthy Affiliate Blog.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet and within the first phase of the training you are going to get your business built on a solid foundation. All long term businesses start with a vision and a brand and Wealthy Affiliate will help you get this in place in the first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

The free part of the course is the first 10 lessons and by the time you are finished this course, you are going to have your foundation for a long term and very lucrative business online set out!

The Affiliate Bootcamp is the 2nd part of the training and is designed for people who want to know how to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself as part of the internal affiliate program. Again, free members get access to the first phase of the training (there’s 7 altogether and 70 lessons). The first module is entitled ‘Get Your Business Rolling’ and is designed to get your business started on the right footing

Premium Members have access to the full 70 lessons.

Video Walkthroughs

Kyle’s Training is liberally smattered with Video Walkthroughs of the content. It’s by far the best way to show and demonstrate the power of Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll find the walkthrough videos in almost every lesson. They are a very valuable part of the training, so don’t be tempted to skip them.

As a free member you can watch any video walkthrough in any part of the training you have access to.

Keyword Research Tool

Uncover BILLIONS of Low Competition Keywords & Discover Lucrative Niches in Seconds.

Every successful online business stems from a proper understanding of keywords and the ability to find low competition and highly relevant keywords. The Jaaxy keyword research platform offered to you gives you unparalleled access to billions of keywords in a matter of seconds. A gold mine of traffic is seconds (and just a search) away.

Free members are allowed 30 searches and 30 site rank checks. When you go premium you get unlimited keyword searches, 100 site rank scans (a separate Jaxxy upgrade allows enhancements to this),  niche revelation and discovery, reverse engineering of successful websites, a brainstorming module for new ideas and the keyword search will reveal available domains for you chosen keyword. Domain names can be purchased within Wealthy Affiliate too.

Training Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate have the most diverse subset of training in the world. There are MANY ways in which you can build a business and monetize it online. From e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, adsense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc. All of these topics are going to be covered within the classrooms and throughout the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don’t see the training you are looking for, simply request it. An expert within the community will build it for you!

Free Members have access to 2 Training Classrooms as part of the basic membership, Premium members can access all 12.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program is what really sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from all other Training Portals.

Because the system thrives on spreading the word, affiliates are paid handsomely. You can even take part in this as a free member (although you won’t have all the tools and techniques available in the Affiliate Bootcamp modules).

Free membership rewards from the Affiliate Program are doubled when you go Premium, so commission is around the 48% mark! You only need to introduce two Premium members and your own monthly costs are covered (if you are on a yearly membership it will take only one!).

Earn while you Learn

One great bonus is that you can Earn while you Learn. It’s not the type of training where you are expected to learn everything, then implement it. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is very interactive and each lesson gives you a little task checker to complete before you move onto the next lesson. Before you know it, you’ve implemented things which put you in a position to earn from them, as you go.

Your website is your own to develop however you like, and taking action is the most important part of the training. If you take action regularly, things will start to happen for you at Wealthy Affiliate!

See The Only Way to Change Your Way of Life is to Take Action!

1-on-1 Coaching

The 1-on-1 coaching is a special facility that is available to you for the first 7 days as a free member. It allows you to receive special coaching from Kyle and Carson. This is why the first 7 days are vitally important to you for asking questions.

These guys have years of experience in the field of Affiliate Marketing and you need to grab the opportunity with both hands as a Free Member. You can of course have access full time by becoming a Premium Member.

You can see a summary of all the main Starter v Premium options in the table below.

To access the free startup training, click the “Create Your Account Today” button at the bottom of the table. There’s no credit card needed and it’s a very simple process to become a member. Nearly 2 million people Worldwide have already done it!

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4 thoughts on “The Free and Paid Options at Wealthy Affiliate?”

  1. Thank you very much for this great and straightforward review about Wealthy Affiliate.
    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself for almost one year, and I can confirm from my personal experience that it is a great place to start with Affiliate Marketing. It offers all the tools and essential training to start and grow your online business. In case you have any questions or problems, the Wealthy Affiliate community is always there to help you out. I would definitely recommend it myself.

    • Hi Alex. In my view it takes a year before you start to see meaningful results. You need to put in consistent effort and create, but the training shows us how to do that and the help is infinite. Just ask and the answer will usually come later that same day, sometimes within a few hours. I know we’re biased, but i’ve been around long enough online to recognise when a vein of Gold ore is struck.


  2. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate for these past few years, I would say that the business model in this community is so great.

    For anyone who wants to start and have success with and online business can do so by becoming a member of Wealthy affiliate where they help to make dreams come true.

    • Thanks for the comment again Norman. When I signed up I didn’t really have much knowledge of Affiliate Marketing at all. I knew people did it, but I didn’t know how to be good at it. The training changed all that. Whilst I don’t pretend to be an ‘expert’ per se, I now know how all the bits fit together and what works and what doesn’t.

      There’s enough in the Free training for anyone to get going and evaluate if this business is the one for them. I did, and grasped it with both hands. I’ve talked with people from all over the World using the platform. Everyone has a common goal and is willing to help out. It’s an environment that works very well. There are no ‘naysayers’ like we see regularly on Facebook. No nasty messages and people telling you you’re a liar and a scammer, because true affiliate marketing doesn’t work like that.

      It took me three days to realise that the platform Kyle and Carson have created is THE BEST platform to learn how to be an affiliate marketer. I went Premium straight away and got onto the cheapest available membership ($25 / month). That allowed me to digest all of the training at my own pace.

      I’m so glad I did. I’m so passionate on seeing other people succeed as well, it gives me a buzz. It’s nice to make a few quid here and there, but furthering my knowledge was my prime reason and the sooner the better. Time is short, we should all use it more wisely than spending endless time arguing about Brexit and Donald Trump.

      We can shape our own destiny rather than relying on other people to provide for us. We can be what we want to be, or we can just sit around watching TV and never improving ourselves. I know which i’d rather do, and 1.9 million people have already realised this and joined Wealthy Affiliate.



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