The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

This is a great question that gets asked of me often. It’s perfectly natural because people looking for training want to know the course they’re looking at signing up to is going to help them and is suitable. That’s great!

The major, major thing about being in affiliate marketing is that you need to identify products that people need and will help them. Then you need to be confident that the products you choose to promote fit that bill exactly. If you do that, you’ll succeed in affiliate marketing because you’ll be fulfilling a need.

Our training shows you how to do all that, and much, much more.

After signing up (and you can do that FREE without any further obligation) you’ll be encouraged to fill in your profile and some goals. This will show the other members that you have targets and they’ll then be able to help you.

Help is a huge plus of being a member. There are people who have already been through the training and have moved on to secure $1,000’s per month. They know what it takes and they’ll always help you. You can ask them anything you want about the training and they’ll always be glad to help! That’s how the training system works!

After filling in your profile and looking around a bit to get the ‘lie of the land’, you’ll probably be eager to see what’s in the training. As a newbie, you’ll be encouraged to start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. There are 5 levels and 50 lessons in this.

Here’s what gets covered in the first part of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training :

Lesson 1 : Getting Rolling

Lesson 2 : Understanding how to make money online

Lesson 3 : Choose a Niche

Lesson 4 : Building your OWN Niche website

Lesson 5 : Setting up your website

Lesson 6 : Getting your site ready for Search Engines

Lesson 7 : Creating your initial website content

Lesson 8 : Creating custom menus on your website

Lesson 9 : Understanding keywords, the start of your content

Lesson 10 : Congratulations and your next steps

After you’ve completed the first part of the training, you’ll then have a firm foundation for the rest. As you can see from the summary pane above, you’ll have done ALL THAT!

Each lesson will usually have included videos and interactive actions to help you through each section in logical fashion. The training is very thorough and you can ask as many questions as you like to make sure you understand what is being presented. You’ll usually get help within a few minutes!

As you choose to move on further, the major topics after that are :

Building your own Traffic Producing Website

Making Money!

Mastering Social Engagement

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Once you’ve done all of that training, you’ll be ready for the Bootcamp section which shows you how to promote the platform in it’s own right, helping to spread the word of what can be achieved.

How does that sound? Want to give it a go? Just click the link to Wealthy Affilliate and we’ll get you started. Remember to invest in yourself and you’ll learn and move forward faster than you’d ever imagined.


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