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Hey there everybody. This is a little bit of a different post for the blog today. Something i’ve never touched on before, but is relevant now. I want to learn Spanish.

The easiest way to learn Spanish

Since 2016 when I retired from the grind, we’ve been fantasising about ‘going Spanish’. Every day the lifestyle is there to see on our TV screens. Sun, sea and Sangria.

Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton have become two of my favourite ladies! Every day they’re showing Brits around the Costas of Spain with a view to buy a gaff in the sun for themselves.

We fancy a bit of that.

But one thing that really scares me is that we can’t speak Spanish. Yes a typical Brit. I’ve got by for a fortnight on my hols with a cheeky ‘Hola’ here and an ‘Agua Sin Gas’ there, but wished I could do it properly. So I started looking for Learn Spanish Online Courses.

I failed to learn a language at school

I’m one of the people who were forced to take a language at school, but I was utterly crap at it. My choice was French or Latin. Fantastic short list, eh?. I chose French and failed abysmally.

Learn to speak Spanish cd

Sure, I remember odd words and could tell you that ‘Marie France was playing with the dog in the garden’. I could ‘open a window’ and say I ‘had a headache’, but nothing remotely useful to use in everyday conversation.

The way language was taught to us at school, we were all bound to fail. No-one was interested in the least. Spanish wasn’t on the syllabus anyway, so we didn’t get the chance to learn it.

This was a bit sad really, as most Brits went to Spain for their holidays every year!

I looked at all the places we’d been to for our jollies and most of them turned out to be Spanish speaking – Lanzarote, Majorca, Tenerife, Mexico, Gran Canaria. It seems common sense now to try to learn the lingo.

Now, bearing in mind how unsuccesful everyone had been in my life so far to teach me a language, i’d have to find something pretty special to work for me. Anyway, I started looking on the web for something I could get my teeth into.

We found a different method of learning Spanish – Synergy Spanish

My other half managed to find a bunch of cd’s on e-bay for a few quid and she also bought me a Groupon offer for my birthday last year.

The ebay cd’s were quite good and we started listening in the car. The method was very different in that he taught phrases and useful sentences that could be used in conversation. The downside was that we didn’t have a CD player in the house any more!

I like the method though, and wondered if it was available elsewhere, or there was something similar available that used the same method of teaching? I hunted around and found this guy on Clickbank , marketing something called Synergy Spanish :-

The easiest way to learn Spanish. Synergy Spanish banner

Synergy Spanish

Enroll at Synergy Spanish and learn Spanish the easy way

Synergy Spanish Review

Synergy Spanish is taught by a guy called Marcus Santamaria. He is a language teacher. He offers a course that works on similar principles, by building phrases from a short list of familiar Spanish words that follow patterns and make it easy for non-Spanish speakers to very quickly build phrases confidently.

There’s a very good video intro on his page and I quickly realised he was using the very same methods that seemed to gell with me. Just click the ‘Enroll Now’ button and watch his video.

How is the Synergy Spanish course structured?

Marcus says that with the Synergy Spanish system  you can learn just 138 words and with those words you’ll be able to contruct a massive 88,000 Spanish phrases. That’s pretty impressive.

Synergy Spanish consists of 25 lessons.

In each lesson, there is typically between 2-4 parts. If you purchase the audio course, then they’ll be audio lessons, and of course, the video course includes videos lessons too.

The lessons are typically between 8-12 minutes long, with some longer and others shorter, but they average around 10 minutes each, which makes the entire course about 4 hours long. You’ll be watching several times, so you’ll spend a lot longer than that on it.

There’s also a 220-page pdf manual that comes with the Synergy Spanish course.

This is a pretty useful pdf document that follows the lessons and helps you work through them. It includes lots of explanations, Spanish examples, and practical problems you’ll face when you’re first learning.

Some Synergy Spanish Testimonials from Ex-Pats

Synergy Spanish testimonials from Facebook

Synergy Spanish testimonials from Facebook 2

Synergy Spanish testimonials from Facebook 3Synergy Spanish testimonials from Facebook 4Synergy Spanish testimonials from Facebook 5Synergy Spanish testimonials from Facebook 6

A huge 88,000 Spanish phrases from 138 words

Marcus says that by learning only 138 Spanish Words, you can compose and use them in 88,000 Spanish phrases. If I can only learn a fraction of these, i’ll be doing well.

I don’t really want to try to explain to you how Synergy Spanish works here because Marcus does it best (and he’s the expert, not me). That’s why the easiest way to get the idea of how this works is to click the banner below and watch Marcus’ Synergy Spanish little intro video. He’s a really cool guy with a laid back teaching style that I think will help you.

I’m now learning Spanish with Marcus and it’s very intuitive and natural. Take a look if you want to speak Spanish quickly. It’ll help hugely and you’ll really enjoy it.

Synergy Spanish banner

Synergy Spanish

Enroll at Synergy Spanish and learn Spanish the easy way

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