Top 9 Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners

Welcome to one of the greatest Internet Marketing communities on the web.

You might be feeling a bit  overwhelmed right now, but hopefully this little post will help you get on the right track and start working towards making your first pound online.

I’ve compiled nine of my best tips for beginners for this post. Read it completely, get to know your way around Wealthy Affiliate and start connecting with other members. Your membership may currently be free, but you can still take advantage of the powerful tools and training materials here. Treat your starter membership as if you’ve already paid!

Most of all, stick with it. You are starting to build a new business from the ground-up. Get excited about it! Ask for help. Meet new people. It’s all very exciting, but it’s up to you to stay active!

Tip Number 1 – Get Involved

The single greatest plus-point of Wealthy Affiliate is by far the embedded community. WA has over 2 million members and they are all working towards the same goal you have: to build a successful business online.

A large part of becoming successful at Internet and Affiliate Marketing is your ability to socialize and network. You really can’t do this entirely on your own (obviously). Lucky for you, you’re now part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and can meet new people, make friends all over the World, and work with others towards success.

Click here to open up your personal WA Space

Your personal WA space is a lot like a Facebook profile. Take some time to fill it out. You can add pictures, create a biography, and run your own personal blog. Use this space often to connect with people. Your blog posts will be shown in your friend’s network and the global activity feed.

As I said, the point of all this is to network. Build strong relationships with other people and make friends. You can use these friendships later in your online career to exchange ideas, links, posts, or even create joint-ventures and share lists.

Do not overlook this tip.

The most successful internet marketers are the ones who know how to network.

Tip Number 2 – Complete the First (OEC) Certification Course

If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed after you’ve logged in and looked around. There will just be a lot of information available to you that you will not be familiar with and it may feel like it’s completely over your head.

Well, Kyle & Carson have been hard at work creating a step-by-step guide called the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” course.

It’s a set of 5 full (10 lesson) courses that will get you well on your way to becoming a successful Internet Marketer. You need to start at the beginning and work your way through them all. They are a step-by-step blueprint to get you started the right way.

Click here to start the first course of the Online Entrepreneur Certification now!

Set aside some time every day to work on the list of tasks given to you. This will help you setup your very first campaign. Within just a couple of days, you’ll have a niche picked out, a full website up and running, and a handful of articles written.

You may even begin to see some visitors appear at your site and possibly even some money coming in, but don’t expect that for a little while!

I’ve been in contact with quite a few people who have been in the “Your First 10 Days” Plan and they have all spoken very highly of it. The most common comment I see is that it really helps put things into perspective for absolute beginners. Everyone has also said how EASY it was to get their first website online, even those who describe themselves as “technically challenged.”

Tip Number 3 – Set Small Achievable Goals

I find that most people turn to the Internet with the expectation of replacing a regular full-time salary instantly. Their list of goals looks pretty much like this:

  1. Decide to start an online business
  2. Become rich

You need to ditch this idea and understand that building an online business from home takes time. Instead, you need to set small, achievable goals and build from there.

Here’s a much more realistic goal list for you…

  1. Join Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Begin training, understanding the terminology, & getting comfortable
  3. Do some basic research and find topics to write about
  4. Build your first website
  5. Create articles to fill your website
  6. Learn how to get these articles listed in Google
  7. Attract visitors and grow traffic
  8. Connect with advertisers
  9. Start making £1/day
  10. Start building a newsletter
  11. Discover new ways of getting people to your site
  12. Grow to £5/day
  13. Connect with readers by creating a Facebook fan page or Twitter account
  14. Increase income to £10/day
  15. Guest blog and increase your online presence
  16. Aim to break £1,000 per month
  17. Create your own product to sell
  18. Start new projects and expand

As you can see, this is a much more defined list with achievable goals in there. It could take days/weeks or months to move between each list item, but the point is that you’re always accomplishing something and progressing forward instead of just staring at one, seemingly huge and unachievable goal.

Tip Number 4 – Ask For Help

Your Wealthy Affiliate membership does come with unlimited support and even personal one-on-one coaching. This isn’t something extra that you have to pay for either. It’s included with your membership!

If you get stuck or are having trouble following the program, ASK FOR HELP!

I’ve come to find that some people are more likely to just give up and cancel everything they’ve accomplished instead of bothering to seek assistance.

Trouble setting up your website? Ask for help!
Don’t know what to promote? Ask for help!
Confused by a certain piece of training? Ask for help!
Feeling lost and completely buried under information? Ask for help!

I could go on and on. You won’t be bothering anyone by asking questions. The point of Wealthy Affiliate is to help you get on your feet. Don’t ever hesitate for a moment to ask for assistance.

Live Chat on the main dashboard is a great way to get quick questions answered and the forum is good for more longer, detailed questions. You can even create a blog post to ask for assistance. Help is always available, but you need to speak up and ask!

Here are a few links to help you if you get stuck…

Learn How Wealthy Affiliate Works
Getting Started How You Can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate

Tip Number 5 – Attend New Webinars and Watch Replays

WAbinars (WA Webinars) have moved to a premium members only feature, but they are worth the price of the membership ALONE! Seriously, the value in these things is INCREDIBLE.

Wealthy Affiliate Webinars or WAbinars are run by a user called ‘magistudios’ (but you can call him Jay Neill). There is a new webinar each week and they typically run for about an hour to an hour and a quarter. The topics are picked ahead of time and they always focus on some aspect of Internet Marketing.

Jay Neill, the Wealthy Affiliate Trainer

The webinars are designed to attend live and they are even recorded and the replays are put up in the member’s area. You can play them back as many times as you like (but you’ll have to be a Premium member). This is superb. If something doesn’t sink in, watch it again (or just ask Jay personally).

Click here to check out the past and present WAbinars

I highly, highly recommend you watch as many of these as you can, especially if you are a visual learner. The WAbinars are expertly run and will provide plenty of information to help you expand your Internet Marketing business.

A new forum topic is created for every WAbinar. If you have any questions about anything explained or discussed in the webinar, you can click on link next to the title to be taken to that topic.

There are a few replays that you absolutely MUST watch if you’re new to WA.

They are…

Online Marketing Quick Start WAbinar
An Affiliate Walkthrough WAbinar
How the Pro’s Stay Efficient
Finding a Profitable Niche — THE WAbinar to Watch.

Set aside some time and work your way through these videos. Odds are, nearly all of your questions will be answered by them. Make sure you sign up and attend a few live ones as well. They are quite the experience! Note that in the UK that might mean staying up until the early hours of Saturday morning as Jay is based in Western Canada.

Tip Number 6 – Refer Two People and Pay No More

For every person you sign up, you will receive 50% commissions for as long as they remain a member. This means that you only have to sign up two other people and your monthly membership will be more or less paid for.

Kyle has covered the absolute BEST methods on how to do this with his new training guide.

Earn Your First £50

Of course, you can refer more than two people and actually make decent money doing this but..

I need to drive another point home here.

Please don’t start your Internet Marketing career by trying to promote Internet Marketing products.

It’s an extremely competitive niche and it’s very challenging to break in to as a beginner. Follow the 30 Day Plan and find a niche of your own first.

Think of this as a potential bonus. If you like what you see and are starting to make some money, tell your friends and family. Explain to them what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, the support you’re receiving and invite them to come join you.

You will see much more success if you follow this route. After you really learn the ins-and-outs of Internet Marketing, THEN you can try and tackle the Internet Marketing niche.

Tip Number 7 – Start Reading and Start DOING

It’s easy to get wrapped up and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information offered at Wealthy Affiliate. I know I’ve spent entire days just browsing the forum, reading training materials, and watching videos. It’s easy to lose track of time here.

A piece of advice for those currently on the free starter membership: treat your membership as if you’ve already paid for it. Value your membership and take advantage of the tools here. Write down reminders to login to your Wealthy Affiliate account and start doing some work!

There are also those people who think they can sign up for one-month, learn everything they need to know about Internet Marketing, and then quit before their second month. If you’re entering with this attitude, you’re most likely going to fail. Wealthy Affiliate is a vast resource and it cannot be digested in on sitting. It will take you many months.

You need to take your time, learn a few new things, then actually apply what you’ve learned. At the very least, start with the first Certification course to get you started. Accomplish EVERYTHING on the task lists. Don’t pass over any tasks. If you don’t understand something, ask for help on live chat. You will slowly fall behind if you skip around or don’t bother to complete a task.

  • Learn.
  • Apply.
  • Move forward.

Tip Number 8 – Give It Time

I’m going to lead off with an analogy.

Let’s say you wanted to lose some weight (This is hypothetical). Bathing suit season is just around the corner and you decide you want to drop 50 pounds.

How would you do this? Well, you’d probably join a gym, start eating healthy, and make some lifestyle adjustments. So you have a goal in mind and you set out to achieve it.

Day one. You work your butt off at the gym, eat a salad, and walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes instead of watching reruns of Friends. The next day rolls around and you’ll look pretty much the same as you did the day before, despite putting in some effort.

Do you quit because you didn’t lose 50 pounds immediately?

Of course not.

It would be ridiculous to expect to see that kind of success in such a short amount of time.

You can’t treat an online business any different. People send me emails all the time saying “I’m going to try this for a month, but if I can’t make back what I put in within 30 days, I quit” and it’s incredibly sad to see. Thirty days is just not enough time to get things going for you. Building an online business is a great undertaking, but all too often, people give up and quit because they didn’t see success immediately. You can’t do that! These things take time!

The hardest steps are the first, but you’re already well on your way to building a successful online business just by reading this!

Don’t give up!

Tip Number 9 – Celebrate Your Success

This is, by far, the most important tip in this guide.

You need to take time to celebrate your accomplishments.

This isn’t just about celebrating monetary success either. Spend some time to celebrate the fact that you have your first website online, that Google has indexed it, or that you have people visiting your website and reading your articles. These are all huge accomplishments and major stepping stones to building a successful online career.

The time WILL come where you’ll make your first money online and trust me, it’s an amazing feeling. Seeing your hard work finally pay off will give you a great sense of euphoria. Tell your friends, tell your family, but most importantly, tell the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Let us know in chat or create a blog post. Simply click that Pen that’s at the top of this page, hit ‘Blog at WA’ and go to town. I look forward to reading about your progress!


Create posts of your own and announce to everyone milestones you’ve reached. Don’t hold back either! Party!

I hope this guide helped put a few things into perspective for you. As always you can leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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