Make sure you’re surrounded by the Right People

Do you want to know the hardest lesson that most people have to learn in their early days online? It’s been touched on before, but needs to be re-emphasised to drum it home. Learn how to ask questions and get help to fast-track your success!

You’d think that would hardly be a problem, but if you think you’re a little bit smart (maybe a bit too smart?), or are a little bit proud, you just might find yourself ignoring that advice.

So sit up straight in your best chair, take a deep breath, start taking notes and open your mind to the possibilities.

The Internet is constantly evolving and changing so there’s a huge need to continue to educate yourself on these changes, keeping up to date on current trends, broadening your knowledge and maximising your opportunities to make some cash.

The message is simple, the online world is constantly changing and evolving, so you need to do the same, asking lots of questions of people who know how it all works, getting the answers quicker whilst ensuring you ‘earn while you learn’. Learn and implement as you go, sharing what you’ve learned to attract like minded people. Build relationships with them and increase your brand and influence.

Successful people manage to dig out resources whe no-one else can. You need to be resourceful to succeed. Remember, other people have almost certainly done before what you are trying to achieve now. Why bother wasting time and energy trying to re-invent the wheel?

Just ask the damned questions!

Wealthy Affiliate is very strong in this area. Every member is a source of help. Every snippet of knowledge could well be the item which unlocks your own particular ‘mystery’. What you will have in effect is over 1.4 million mentors, all there to guide you along the way, fast-tracking your success in your affiliate marketing business.

Over a million Mentors!

12 Reasons you need a Mentor in your Affilate Marketing business


  1. They give you a map, a recipe, a routeplanner or whatever you want to call it, of how to get started and the best path to take to get you to where you need to be.
  2. They get you started as quickly as possible.
  3. They keep you on track.
  4. They guide you on best practice.
  5. They stop you buying into lots of crazy, dodgy schemes you really need to avoid.
  6. They tell you what ideas work, and what won’t work.
  7. They tell you what works now, so you can keep up to date.
  8. They help you avoid the mistakes they made.
  9. They keep you accountable.
  10. They prevent you wasting too much time doing it by yourself.
  11. They support the notion that you don’t need that much information to get started.
  12. They can help find you partners to team up with, to leverage and to do joint ventures with.


Kyle, one half of Wealthy Affilate’s owners and the ultimate mentor – you’ll have personal access to him if you join Wealthy Affiliate

Why is it we accept that top Athletes and Olympians have trainers and mentors, yet most people don’t consider having mentors for their new business, which is our proposed livelyhood and route to future wealth? Why don’t people make it easier for themselves?

How much could their knowledge be worth to you? £1,000, £10,000, £100,000 ??

Would you go to the training portal at Wealthy Affiliate that could get you started for free, and connect you into all of the 1.4m mentors for a fee equivalent to less than one coffee per day?

Smart people will.



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