The two best types of products to promote to make money online

Although all kinds of affiliate marketing will make you money, some products are better than others to promote. Most people start by selling physical Amazon products and earn a commission from them, but although Amazon hosts the biggest affiliate system on the planet, the level of commission Amazon pays isn’t that impressive.

In fact things like electronics only pay 3%, so choosing that as a niche will force you to sell high ticket items. Not impossible, but there’s lots of competition.

The two types of products that I want to promote in 2019 (and suggest you do the same for best results and maximum income) are Digital Products and Membership Sites.

The commissions for these two types of products are typically in the range of 20-75%, so a lot higher than selling physical products from Amazon!

Digital Products

Digital Products pay a very high commission rate because they are very cheap to produce, in fact eBooks and manuals are ‘free’ to make.

The cost is in the man hours needed to research the content and compile that info into a eBook. The eBook only needs to be created once, but can be sold over and over again as a digital download.

Typical products are eBooks, Manuals, ‘How to’ Guides and Training Courses. They are non-tangible products, but they have high value and they are always in demand from people searching for specific instructions.

The Prime places for finding Digital Products are on Clickbank and digital training courses at Udemy. Both can be sold as affiliate products. Be careful when promoting and selling Clickbank items though because some of them aren’t that high quality and are a bit scammy. You’ll soon learn to recognise them as you browse the Marketplace.

I recommend you use CBEngine to evaluate Clickbank products as it allows much deeper analysis of what is selling and what isn’t. I’ve reviewed CB Engine here.

Membership Sites

Membership Sites are also very lucrative to promote as they produce recurring affiliate commissions. Typically a user will sign up for a Membership site and every time they pay their subscription, you’ll get paid a recurring commission.

Most Membership sites have their users paying either monthly or annually. You will receive recurring commissions as long as they remain a paid member.

You promote a membership site, get a sale from that effort, but also get money for many months after. That is true passive income and that has to be called AWESOME in anyone’s eyes!

My Best Affiliate Program Ever!

Wealthy Affiliate

My current most successful affiliate product to promote is Wealthy Affiliate. I love promoting this platform because Wealthy Affiliate is the place where my journey to success really started. It’s a training platform for people who want to start an online business.

I had tried on my own over the years but most of my affiliate marketing efforts fizzled out like damp squibs. Wealthy Affiliate made all the difference because they are the experts at teaching people how to start and run a marketing business from scratch.

Once I got into the training there, I knew it was what I wanted and needed. The training is first class and totally comprehensive and it guided me into creating a website (this one) and starting my business.

They teach you how to pick a niche, how to build your website, how to attract visitors, and how to make a profit with your site through monetization.

They are a membership site by definition because you’ll need their resources to learn it all and it will take some months to do it. You pay a subscription to access it all. In exchange, you get fantastic training and support, as well as access to earn the higher level of commissions (see below).

Two ways to make money

There are two ways you can go about making money with Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Pick your own niche – anything basically.
  2. Promote Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate marketing niche or make money online niche.

I do both of these.

The site you are reading now, and it’s development is a direct result of the training I’ve received at Wealthy Affiliate.

They have 2 main courses for the two ways you want to go about making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

I took both of the courses (included in the membership), but the one I concentrated on was Affiliate Bootcamp as that’s the course for promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself, and they teach how to do it effectively.

I’ve seen people on the system go from nothing to Super Affiliate in 2 years and win an all expenses trip to Vegas and achieve earnings of several thousand £/$ per month.

Here’s a guy who’s just won a trip to Vegas

Their income is in four figures and growing all the time.

Membership Costs

Wealthy Affiliate membership costs:

Starter membership – Free

Premium membership – $49/month, $234/6-month, $359/year – With This Link, you could pay only $19 for your first month!

Special offers can be had on Black Friday every November, when the annual subscription reduces to $299.

Commissions for Promoting Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter member – $4 for First Discounted Month, $11.75 for Monthly, $54 for 6 month membership, and $87.50 for Yearly.

Premium member – $8 for First Discounted Month, $23.50 for Monthly, $108 for 6 month membership, and $175 for Yearly memberships you sell.

Basically Starters can earn half of what Premium members get, but it’ll be very hard if you don’t fully know what you’re doing.

You only get access to the full training and higher level of commission as a Premium member. If you want to make gain maximum knowledge and maximum money from promoting Wealthy Affiliate, going Premium is essential.

From these figures you can see that if you can pay a cheaper membership (by going annual), you can practically cover it by passing it on to only one person. After that, your membership is close to free!

Remember you have to learn before you earn, and patience is a big factor here as you will have to put in a lot of work before seeing results that get you to Vegas. It’s not get rich quick but rather a steady builder.

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