The Madness of Corona Virus COVID-19 – What I’m Doing

This is a post that i’ve been meaning to write since the madness started, but have held off for a couple of days to see how things would develop. If you feel like turning this post into something political, I’ll probably remove your comment if you make one. Like most of you, I have my opinions around all that stuff, but I’m going to keep those opinions to myself as much as possible for now. Instead, I’d like to focus on something different.

I’d like to focus on this question:

“What door is opening for us?”

You may think, “What is Dave on about?” Here’s what I mean…

Right now, things are going a bit crazy. Schools are getting shut down in the rest of Europe, it’s only a matter of time before the UK follows suit; entire sports leagues are canceling their seasons, including all domestic football leagues. People are being forced to work remotely and/or home-school their kids if they can. A lot can’t though, and are forced to go to work until they’re told otherwise.

There’s a run on essentials stuff at the supermarket (I still don’t understand the toilet paper thing). My own feeling is that news programmes and social media is making this worse, fuelling hysteria and panic buying and basically putting out a message that we’re all going to die. It’s not true of course, but that’s what they’re pushing. Doom and Gloom.

Incomes are being decimated as a result of this.

Hourly workers and zero-hours contract people who can’t show up to work aren’t getting paid, those people in the event industry are getting hammered, and at the time of this post, there’s news that bar/restaurant workers are about to get a HUGE slap in the face because the Government have told us all to avoid their premises.

Right now, “doors are closing” left and right.

This is no-ones fault.

No one asked for this, but we should have seen it coming. Like climate change, people have just buried their heads in the sand and thought they’d just deal with it when they had to. That time is now.

It’s easy to focus on all of the bad stuff, and to some degree we should, as that stuff is real. But here’s what I know.

I know that all through my life, when a door has been closed, it’s forced me to look around for a window that’s been opened as an alternative.

In other words, what opportunities can I now look for that I wasn’t seeing before?

What door is opening?

Example: There’ll be people who’ve literally just lost out on £10’s of thousands from events that have been cancelled over the next six weeks.

The contracts were signed, tickets were bought and the money was all but in the bank.

And now, all gone!

Does this suck?


Is it my fault?


Is it the fault of the event promoters?


So what I can I do?

OPTION No 1: I can focus on the lost income and be angry and sulk.

OPTION No 2: I can ask myself the question “What windows have been opened?”

If I choose option #2, I can find a number of things I can do to move my business and my life in a positive direction.

So, the questions I ask is this…

What can I now do with the time I was going to spend at these events?

Right off the top of my head, here are answers I’ve come up with:

  • Create a new & improved sales process (funnel) for my online business

  • Learn a new marketing skill (like YouTube Traffic)

  • Spend 50 hours working on the training I’ve been meaning to do for the past 4 years (note: 50 hours is just a FRACTION of the time I’d be spending at events had they not been canceled)

  • Create a new web-page/marketing campaign to attract more affiliates for the product I sell online

  • Work on developing my website and what I can offer the World

  • Go through that course I bought 6 months ago and REALLY implement it fully.

  • Tidy the house and do all the DIY jobs that i’ve never got around to.

Do you see what I mean?

This isn’t about just “feeling good” or “looking on the bright side”.

It’s about RE-FRAMING the conversation that’s going on in my head.

Old conversation: “This sucks. Why is this happening TO me/us?”

New conversation: “How can I turn this into something that works FOR me? How can I make it so that when we get through this, it ends up being a net-positive on my life?”

Or, simply stated: ‘How can I turn this into something that’s happening FOR me instead TO me?”

When my friend’s little brother passed away, almost 20 years ago, he got a tattoo that asks God to “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” (the Serenity Prayer).

He was at peace (serenity) with his passing because it clearly fell into the category of “things he could not change”.

It’s likely that much of what’s going on with the Coronavirus falls into the category of “Things you can’t change” too. People feel helpless for sure. They feel they can’t really change what is happening. But, likely they haven’t really thought about it enough yet.

But my question is this…

What CAN you change?

You can’t change the fact that schools and businesses are closed, but can you spend the next 30 days teaching your kids the power of being more effective human beings (by having them read something like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”). Or you can have them focus on learning a new skill that you know they won’t be learning in school?

You can’t change the fact that your work hours got cut in half (or cancelled completely) – and yes, you not having the income sucks – but can you use some of that time to set up the  freelancing business you’ve been meaning to start for years because you LOVE freelancing, or your little online shop you wanted to open selling artisan plant pots?

I ask again –

What doors are now open?

How the entire World has embraced online opportunities in 2020

Look for them.

I’ve just seen it posted on ticker tape this morning on the news that Amazon are looking to recruit 100,000 people to support the fact that people who are self-isolating and staying at home are ordering more and more online.

You can turn the process of getting through this Coronavirus Pandemic into something that’s a positive on your life (I know it’s hard to believe at the moment). Take the opportunity to maybe take the time you’ll be spending at home to plan how you can make your future income more resilient to things like this. Read the rest of my blog to get an idea of what i’m doing that will make my future life Virus-proof!

We’ll all get through this… together

My friend Dale has just made this great post about what you can do whilst we are all in lockdown.


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