The Ideal Affiliate Program for Near Passive Income

The Simplest Things Are Usually The Best

When you first get started with Affiliate Marketing, the excitement of making your first affiliate sale is what drives you on at the start. Until that first commission is earned you’ll think that the whole thing is a pipe dream.

Eventually the sale will come, but mostly it will be just pennies or a few pounds. That’s ok. You’ll still get a rush when you find out that the keyword research has worked, someone has found your site and the product is good enough to sell for you. It’s a thumbs-up that your hard work has been worthy.

No matter what your niche and experience online, that very first sale is always the best. Like everyone who is crusty enough says they remember what they were doing when JFK was shot, every affiliate marketer remembers the first product they sold – mine was a pair of walking socks!

After the first sale you’ll get more, that’s certain, but in the beginning it will be slow. There’ll be no overnight fortunes made, these things take time, right? So, how can you make sure that your efforts are rewarded in good proportion to the time you spend on them?

Passive Income

The ultimate aim is to earn passive income. But what is it? Does it actually exist?

Passive Income is the concept of doing work once and being rewarded for it over and over again, without needing to put any more effort in. Probably the best example of passive income is from royalties. An author writes a novel, a songwriter writes a song, they only write the book or the song once, but are then continually paid, without any more work being required. As more people buy the book, or listen to the song, the royalties rack up.

Most songs and books will fade though and unless you’ve written a classic bestseller or a No. 1 record, the royalties will dwindle, but you get the principle.

Free PDF – Passive Income Strategies

Passive income is any income that requires little or no ongoing work to maintain. 

Ideally, your passive income businesses will require absolutely no work to maintain, but occasionally you can increase your income by expanding on your passive income channels, or by combining more than one.

If you’ve been looking for ways of generating passive income, this special report will provide you with many different options.  

Some of the opportunities will require start-up capital while other options will only require your time and effort.  

But I guess most of us can’t write songs or come up with complicated plots for novels, so what can we do? Well, we’re here as affiliate marketers, trying to make a crust online, but after a while you’ll learn this :

To attract money, you need to forget about money

Most marketers start out with the ambition to earn a million quid, but it’s only when they take heed of the above rule that they find success. Stop chasing the money! You need to add value before anything else. You can’t sell what people don’t want or need, you need to help them to solve their problems. It’s about them, not you.

Here’s how you can help to add value for people:

  • Make them feel better (Entertainment, Music, Video Games)
  • Help them to solve a problem
  • Educate them
  • Make them look better (Health, Nutrition, Clothing, Makeup)
  • Give them security
  • Raise a positive emotion
  • Satisfy appetities, from basic (Food) to risqué (Sexual)
  • Make things easier
  • Enhance their dreams and give them hope

Do any of those things on a large enough scale and I guarantee you will be worth millions without even trying!

At the same time as this, to maximise on the passive income you earn, you need to sever the link between your time and money.

Can your business make money for you without you working at it? Automatically?

A business linked to your time is nothing more than ‘A Job’. Many a time we hear of successful businessmen who earn good money, but they are married to their jobs and work 100+ hours per week to do it. They know they need to put the time in or the money dries up.

A Question For You

Would you rather work

a) 10 hours per week for £60k, or
b) 70 hours a week for £150k?

If you answered b) chances are that your attitude will violate the Commandment of Time. You feel that if you don’t work an extortionate amount of time, you won’t bring in the cash. This is the biggest Commandment of all.

To smash through the Income Ceiling, You MUST disassociate your earnings from your Time.

To do this you must strive for automation of your affiliate business.

These types of businesses lend themselves to automation.

  • Content Systems
  • Membership Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Software Systems
  • Distribution Systems

If you can base your affiliate business on any of these types, or incorporate them into your affiliate business in some way, you can break the link between Time and Money and thus satisfy the Commandment of Time.

So, what do I recommend?

There are 6 business Habitats. You choose to inhabit the pond in your local park, or the ocean.

  1. Local/Community (Pool)
  2. County/City (Pond)
  3. Statewide (Lagoon)
  4. Regional (Lake)
  5. National (sea)
  6. Worldwide (Ocean)

Scale is difficult to realise locally or in a Pool that fits only a small number of people. Magnitude doesn’t come cheap.

If you own a tanning salon or hairdressers, your scope is Local

If you own an upscale restaurant, your scope is County/City

If you own an Internet company, your scope is Worldwide

Which of these do you think gives you the most leverage and satisfies the Commandment of Scale?

Here’s a couple of equations for you (sorry for the maths lesson, but it’s VERY important)

  1. Wealth = Nett Profit + Asset Value
  2. Nett Profit = Units Sold x Unit Profit

If the number of units sold has a ceiling, it stifles leverage, meaning you can’t create Wealth exponentially. When you can’t scale using Equation 2, it makes Equation 1 totally impotent.

To achieve Explosive Scale and therefore Explosive Wealth, the Magnitude (Unit Profit) AND the Reach (Units Sold) must be Unlimited. If you can sell expensive items in millions, you’ll be very rich indeed and will satisfy the Commandment of Scale. You can also satisfy Scale by selling items at increased Magnitude OR increased Reach, but the Holy Grail is both.

The ideal Business would therefore be a Worldwide (Ocean) type, with a good unit profit and a massive reach. That’s why online businesses make people millions. That’s why i’m trying to show you how to grow an online business.

Now, is it possible to make all these things happen as an affiliate?

Well, yes.

To have maximum impact, you need to be operating on a Worldwide stage. In other words, an internet business, or as an affiliate of an internet business.

The one I’ve chosen myself is the Membership System.

A membership system provides passive income because the members are paying regularly for the membership and therefore the affiliate commissions are regular too.

As the membership grows, the affiliate income grows too. If you are an affiliate of the membership site and you can encourage people to join as a paid member, then you can grow your own income too. The affiliate income must be significant though to make this worth your while, otherwise you’ll be working for just pennies again.

My recommended Passive Income Affiliate Program

Remember I said that a couple of the criteria needed were to help solve a problem and to educate?

Solving a Problem

To appeal to people you must solve some kind of problem. A pain point. We all have them and all find ourselves complaining about some household object or process that we do every day that is either super-annoying or awkward.

The next time you think that, try to imagine if there was a solution available to buy, cheap and accessible on the internet. There was a review of the solution, telling you how it worked and giving you the chance to buy it. Would you do it if it solved your problem? I’m damn sure I would, as long as the price was right. Other people would too.


I suppose education also solves a problem. It teaches people how to do things, and that means they can actually solve their own problems and that of other people too.

I used to talk with guys when I was working and they’d ask me what I was doing. I’d tell them I was building websites, and the usual comeback was ‘wow mate, I wouldn’t have the first idea about how to do that kind of thing’. Some of them were just being polite, but others I know would have quite liked to try.

I pretty much taught myself everything I know about the online World. This was compiled from articles online, YouTube videos and training courses. Some of these were free (there’s a lot available free) and some were paid courses when I needed more in depth knowledge.

The key thing was the information was there for me.

I wanted to learn how to create a website for myself, learn how to upload files and write for the site, learn how to do the SEO and structure so that Google would start to send me visitors, how to monetise it and start to earn an income from it.

I took the training at Wealthy Affiliate

My research led me to a site called Wealthy Affiliate which taught me all of this stuff and got me networked with lots of like minded people. This was great because we were able to bounce ideas off each other and help each other out when we were stuck.

I started off a couple of websites. This was one of them. I built them up by following the training I was given. The other website I started had a little Ecommerce store included (I learned how to set that up and get the products listed). This was an Amazon store.

My sites are also monetised by using PPC advertising. This gives multiple streams of income. The income is also there 24/7, whether I work on my sites or not.

It’s truly passive income, or the nearest thing you can possibly get anyway.

I would never have been able to do this without the discipline of the Wealthy Affiliate training. It led me through logically step-by-step, so I didn’t get ahead of myself or get sidetracked, and allowed me to learn at my own pace with experts always at hand to help out.

Wealthy Affiliate also pays commission too

One of the nice things about the training was that Wealthy Affiliate would pay me in their internal currency for providing reviews for other members, creating training and completing tasks, and they’d also pay me in real currency for anyone who joined up because of me.

The training platform is Global, so it also has Worldwide scope. This is important because I can help and train people anywhere, of all different abilities and nationalities. Currently, there are over 2 million of us, all learning how to be internet entrepreneurs.

Remember the value categories?

  • Make them feel better (Entertainment, Music, Video Games)
  • Help them to solve a problem
  • Educate them
  • Make them look better (Health, Nutrition, Clothing, Makeup)
  • Give them security
  • Raise a positive emotion
  • Satisfy appetities, from basic (Food) to risqué (Sexual)
  • Make things easier
  • Enhance their dreams and give them hope

You can do all of these things for people by using the training at Wealthy Affiliate. The skills you learn will allow you to create a brand new online career for yourself. Your imagination is your playground and the niches you can branch into are almost endless.

Please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to find out more about the training and how it can help you out too

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