How To Get Better Results By Controlling Your Thoughts

Steven Green’s Cycle of Performance

Once again, I return to the inimitable Steven Green. Here, he shows how the results we get are due to our ‘Cycle of Performance’. This is his own model that he’s devised to improve his life, and he’s teaching others how to do it too.  Basically, everything is linked, and we control the whole thing. To understand how to change the end results, we must understand how we arrive there, and what steps are involved along the way.

All Results are ultimately Controlled by our Actions. Results are our output. How we live. Steven explains that it isn’t taught in schools. We are taught what to think, but not how to think. Learning things parrot fashion doesn’t help us.

He explains that there are 4 things that make up an Action. – Quality, Quantity, Order of Sequence and Consistency. To maximise the effectiveness of an action, it’s important to focus on the right part.

Actions are the result of Decisions. Every time you make a decision, you then follow it with an action. The two are inextricably linked and one can’t exist without the other. Steven says that whenever he makes a decision, there is no plan B or C. He says Plan B and C are for losers!

Decisions are controlled by your Emotions. You’ll most likely have made a decision based on an extreme emotion, then regretted it later. Anyone who denies it will be lying. This harks back to the old advice of ‘Sleep on It’. Chances are the high emotion that would lead you into make a rash decision will have dispersed by morning and the correct decision will result.

Steven says that our Emotions vary all day, sometimes to extremes, depending on circumstances and environment. He reckons we are all Bi-polar (this is defined as extremes of emotions) and that people with a medical diagnosis of Bi-Polarity aren’t in any way special. We are all the same.

Our Emotions are controlled by our Thoughts. If you suffer from Road Rage, you’ll know how emotions swell to elicit a response. To control Road Rage you need to control your thoughts. The meaning that we put to the event, the response to any event, is far more important than the event itself, but what we are very good at doing as humans is getting fixated on the actual event. Two different people, experiencing the same event will have two completely different responses.

Our Thoughts are controlled by our Beliefs. If you believe in something and someone challenges that belief, you will defend the belief. The thoughts you have after this will be driven by the belief. Beliefs are very often learned by example.

Beliefs are controlled by our Self Image. The self image allows you to be confident. It’s known as your Ego. Supremely confident people have large egos. But supremely confident people are usually successful. So, crafting the Self Image is key to being successful.

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Control Your Results by Improving Your Cycle

To control your results, you can make great strides by just making improvements to this cycle. Steven is a master of putting this across as a believable concept and if you watch this video you’ll probably come out of the other end understanding a lot more about what makes you tick. If you are involved in marketing yourself and your business online, this can make a huge difference to you.

Warning – The video contains some fruity language.

Let me know what you think and leave me a comment below.

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