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It’s concise and to the point. That fast track system is the best way to secure a recurring set of commissions in the industry.

⭐️ Agree that the best residual income is from membership sites

This is a fact. As an online business owner, you’d like to be paid every month, yes?. That way you don’t need to worry about cashflow. The best way to do this is to start a high value membership site and get paid a monthly membership subscription. The site needs to give immense value though. The hard part is to start the site and give that continuous value, every month. The business owner needs to provide that to make sure their site is a success and their members keep coming back.

Now, as an affiliate, you’d be looking for this kind of site; one where the business owner does all the setup and content work and you then come along and refer members for a commission. You know that the business will pay you that commission if the site is super successful. I’ve found that site.

⭐️ This affiliate pays £6-£135 recurring commission per sale

So, the site I’ll give you will pay you between £6 and £135 depending on which Premium membership package the members you refer actually choose. There are monthly payments, but there are also bi-annual and annual payments that will result in higher commissions for you, but are beneficial for the members because they get a reduced monthly fee. There’s also a free starter account and a reduced 1st month fee discount.

Each member who joins a paid plan will ensure you get a commission for every sub they pay. In their first month, they’ll pay £15, then £38 per month. Your commissions will be £6 and £18. If they choose an annual plan, you’ll get £135 every year. Imagine having referred 10 members who stay monthly, you’ll be getting £180 per month, every month. Image having referred more than 10 and imagine you can add new members every month ……

⭐️ Sign up for a Free Account to get started

Because this site is so great it allows everyone to start out with a Free account. This is done so that everyone gets a chance to test the membership and assess the value of the content. When you join with the intent to earn as an affiliate, you’ll be the same. You can take your time.

A free account allows you to study the first 10 modules of basic content and the first 10 of advanced training too. There’s no need at that point to provide any payment details. The content will show you that being a Premium member will allow you to earn the commissions shown above. You can stay a free member, but any commissions you generate will only be half the figures above.

The only light pressure you’ll get will be to encourage you to go Premium in the first 7 days. You’ll get your first month for only £15 if you do. That decision will dictate if you stay on the slow build, or fast track your opportunities and double your commission rate. To me, it’s a no-brainer, but you choose.

⭐️ Refer people who want to start their own online business

The membership site is all about training people to start their own online business. There are so many opportunities online these days that lots of people decide to take the plunge. They may be retired, redundant or unemployed, stay at home mums, hobbyists, or even students. The scope is huge.

It isn’t as easy as it used to be though and there are specific patterns and tactics that must be followed to maximise success. These are all covered in the membership (the high value we talked about earlier). The training takes the member from complete newbie to seasoned expert. They learn at their own pace, but they can also ‘Earn while they Learn’.

⭐️ Go Premium and DOUBLE your commissions

The gentle reminder to go Premium for a 1st month discount shouldn’t really concern you if you are approaching the membership to earn affiliate income. Once you start referring others and earning from them going Premium, the membership fee you pay is largely academic.

If you stay on the Free programme, your commissions will only be 50% of what is available to a Premium go-getter. You’ll also not have access to the full training, so you’ll be restricting your growth. Take that $19 offer and get yourself access to everything the training provides. It really is worth it. You’ll then be getting DOUBLE your commissions.

⭐️ Realise that the Commissions are paid every month

One of the most unbelievable things you need to get your head around is that the commissions are actually paid every month. Normally, when you get a referral fee, it’s a one off for the introduction and then you get no other rewards. This site will actually continue to pay you as long as the member actually stays a member!

This is fantastic for building a residual income and is almost completely passive once you’ve done the intro work. Imagine if you find yourself referring 5 people per month. By the end of the year, you’ll be receiving 5 x 12 x 23.50 = $1,410 per month.

⭐️ Rinse and Repeat

You know when you’ve found a business that works because when you test it, you get £££ in your bank account. You test the hell out of it and it keeps making you a profit. What do you do then? Well you scale it of course!

This system will work for you, month in, month out. The commission is residual and you get paid every month. Scale it up! Introduce more people and layer those rewards. Just keep doing it and increase your monthly income.

By the time you’ve done this for 12 months, you should have a canny little income for yourself

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