The 1/5/10 Strategy: How To Hack Your Best Future

Hi. I’ve included yet another article/video by MJ DeMarco because I believe in his philosophy and that it works because I’m implementing it myself. Goal Setting ……. Backwards! The 1-5-10 Strategy by MJ DeMarco :  How to engineer your dream life What if I could tell you that in a few years from now your life could be ten thousand percent better, like from dead broke and struggling in a one-bedroom apartment to a multi-millionaire who has everything, including free time? The fact is, most people fail to succeed because they fail to plan their life. If you want to … Read The Full Post

Review of The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Entrepreneur MJ DeMarco explains how most people fall into the default Slowlane because that’s what they’ve always been taught to do. Following ‘The Slowlane’ means they’ll never grow rich until it’s too late. He says it’s the process that dictates whether and how people become rich, and that following the wrong process will mean that mediocrity is the best that can ever be hoped for, unless sense is seen and the process is changed (which can be done, but requires a total rewire of the mindset). I bought this book thinking that it would be just another pie-in-the-sky guide to … Read The Full Post