What is the Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress?

What is the best web hosting company for WordPress? I guess that is the $64,000 question. I can answer it quite quickly from a personal standpoint from a blogging point of view. Bluehost is now the company i’ve used to take my blogs to the next level. I’ve worked with Bluehost for a long time now. I really have nothing but awesome things to say about them really. While that is the case, I want to give you the total honest truth here. I’ve been creating websites since 2004 I’ve been creating websites since 2004. There weren’t too many good choices …

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Jan 2020 – Site Hosting and Maintenance

One of the great benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member is the fact you can host blogs and websites for other clients. This is one i’m hosting at the moment. They pay me for hosting and for keeping their domain in order, as well as managing their website, keeping the WordPress version current, routing their email and generally keeping their web presence in tip-top order. Commission Paid £153.88 (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)