Getting Free Laser Targeted Traffic With Forum Marketing

Imagine being in a position to listen in on any conversations that your potential new customers are having.  You could easily find out what exactly they are struggling with (you need to if you want to provide them with a solution), how they feel about certain products they’ve bought and something else of incredible value. That something else of incredible value is knowing how to speak to the people in your market. You need to know who your customer is before you start. To do this, find user forums dedicated to the niche or product you are promoting. Spend some … Read The Full Post

The Traffic Handbook Video Course

Traffic Handbook Video Course This video course consists of 10 videos which will help you create traffic and engagement for your website and business. Please watch them in order if you can (although of course you can watch them individually too). If you like the videos, please head over to my YouTube channel and Subscribe. Video 1 – 3 Platforms For Getting Traffic From Paid Ads Video 2 – 5 Strategies For Building A Bigger Email List Video 3 – 5 Tips For Using Instagram Hashtags For More Exposure Video 4 – 7 Types Of Content You Can Create For … Read The Full Post