How To Be A Super Affiliate – Have a Cunning Plan

By having a cunning plan. Yes, you have to be like Baldrick. I have been an online blogger for some years now. I create content for several blogs with completely different content in each blog. I have this blog at, which is centred on money making opportunities. I also run a blog which deals with local weather at The weather blog came first, but it wasn’t monetised back then. The two blogs couldn’t be further apart from a niche point of view. However, they have everything in common from an affiliate marketing point of view – I make … Read The Full Post

The Ideal Affiliate Program for Near Passive Income

The Simplest Things Are Usually The Best When you first get started with Affiliate Marketing, the excitement of making your first affiliate sale is what drives you on at the start. Until that first commission is earned you’ll think that the whole thing is a pipe dream. Eventually the sale will come, but mostly it will be just pennies or a few pounds. That’s ok. You’ll still get a rush when you find out that the keyword research has worked, someone has found your site and the product is good enough to sell for you. It’s a thumbs-up that your … Read The Full Post