Businesses That Will Thrive During The COVID19 Crisis

Small Businesses That Will Thrive During The COVID19 Global Crisis

While many small companies and businesses are feeling the the coronavirus pandemic financially, some others are seeing an increase in demand and new customers due to it.

With the business landscape radically changed in the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of stories people are hearing concern businesses closing or laying off workers.

However, there are some small businesses uniquely suited to the COVID-19 crisis and have seen an upsurge in demand because of it.

There’s no reason to believe that any future pandemic will affect things in a similar way, so bearing this in mind when starting a small business will future-proof your income should the worst happen.

We’ve gathered this list of 15 small business types that are seeing business boom during the coronavirus pandemic.

Top 15 Small Business Types That Are Booming During The Covid19 Pandemic

Cleaning Services –

Including House & Office Cleaning. The main focus is on cleanliness and this has never been more important. Businesses are needing deep cleaning services to ensure the safety of their own staff as well as the general public.

Home Delivery Services –

Including Couriers & Food Home Delivery. As people stay at home more as eating out is too risky, they are using Just Eat and Deliveroo to order direct to their homes. Also, Amazon business is booming as everyone is familiar with them as a trusted supplier.

Food Retailers –

Including Supermarkets & Local Grocery Stores. In the early days of the pandemic the supermarkets struggled to keep up with demand as things like toilet roll, rice and pasta ran out. They have now plugged the holes in the supply chain and can also deliver direct to the home.

Liquor & Wine Stores –

For some reason many countries consider this a must-have service. Like it or not, the World still consumes a vast amount of beer and alcohol. Also, gin and flavoured whiskies have become very fashionable and wine will never, ever lose it’s appeal.

Meal Prep Delivery Service –

Restaurants that have home delivery are going to be the ones that will survive through this crisis. The restaurants that have quickly modified their business model to include the home delivery option will keep their business ticking over whilst people are reluctant to dine out.

Fitness Equipment Co. –

Fitness Equipment is selling like CRAZY Right now! Many fitness companies are out of stock already. Because it has been impossible to visit the gym, gym bunnies are buying in their own fitness equipment. Fitness cycles like Peleton and other online services are increasingly seen in people’s homes now.

Landscaping & Yard Care –

My partners father gardening business is BOOMING, and so are many others we’ve researched. Those with gardens have probably never spent as much time there, and as it’s become an extension of their entertaining and living space, they want it to be pretty. If the garden is big, outsourcing this seems the best idea.

Local Bakery –

We can all agree that bread is that one ingredient, each and everyone of us must have access too at any given time, right? Bakeries are finding it hard to keep up with demand, and artisan bakers were becoming more popular before the pandemic started. The early problem was getting hold of flour, but that has now been resolved.

Gardening Suppliers – 

With more time on their hands, people will start working around their house and on their own gardening.  For those who have green fingers and like pottering around outdoors, getting the gardening supply chain organised is essential. Garden Centres are open again, and they have also embraced home delivery.

Game Markers & Sellers –

This can include, video games, mobile games, Cardboard or all home activity games. Keeping the kids entertained (and the adults) whilst they’re confined to the house has never been more important. Parents can’t entertain their children for 24hrs a day, so gaming has become even more popular. Multi player games that can be played with friends are the current fashion.

Funeral Homes & Services –

Unfortunately, with all that’s going on, this type of company could not be excluded from this TOP 15. More people are dying from the pandemic and there will always be a need for this type of service. Death and taxes are the only certainties in life right?

Car & Moto Repair Shops –

Due to the little to no contact between mechanics and customer, this shops will continue to operate. Now people can move about, they’ll still need their cars maintaining and MOT certificates issuing. This business continues as if nothing is happening.

Bicycle Shops –

Since the social distancing show will last for a while, people will turn more to nature during free time. Cycling has become more popular as it gets people out into the countryside where there’s lots of fresh air. Cycling is also a great way to keep fit. Electric bikes are also becoming very popular.

Agriculture & Food Production –

Agriculture and Food Production, has never been More important than in a time of crisis. Supplying the ever increasing need for the Supermarket supply chain means agriculture and growing food has moved to the fore. There’s also a public demand for more local food to be used.

Construction & Handyman –

Handyman & Construction Companies will continue to work as well, because this sector is isolated and mostly wear masks all the time nowadays. The construction industry keeps infrastructure developing and in many ways it’s an ideal time as there is less traffic on the roads and less pedestrian traffic too.

Financial Services –

This sector can include anything from Accountants to credit financial companies, lawyers and banks. The pandemic has put strains on finances and businesses are relying on help from that sector, from emergency loans to business advice and help with restructuring.

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