Roope Kiuttu Compares Wealthy Affiliate v. Legendary Marketer

This is a video I particularly like.

Roope (he’s from Finland) compares Wealthy Affiliate with Legendary Marketer.

I like to feature other marketer’s videos on my blog as I think it gives an alternative perspective.

Roope is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s top earners.

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Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer took me from a complete beginner, without any prior experience or any knowledge, to making thousands of dollars online.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I didn’t know a single person that would make real money online so I literally started from zero but then at this point this happened, and then this happened and this happened.

So now you might be asking which one is the better way to learn to build an online business and make money online –

Wealthy Affiliate or Legendary Marketer?

legendary marketer logoYou are in the right video because I have used both of them a lot and I have also seen firsthand many people starting as complete beginners without any prior experience. Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary marketer and nowadays they are making thousands of dollars online every single month and thousands of people have also joined Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer through my links and I have been able to see their experiences and ask for their feedback and a lot of you have been asking me recently

“Hey Roope, which one is better, Wealthy Affiliate or Legendary Marketer”?

So in this video I will show you what are the biggest differences between them and I’ll compare five to seven different things

Company history and founders
Pricing and affiliate programs

When you have watched this video you have the most comprehensive information regarding these two programs then you can get anywhere on the internet and if you appreciate the work that we’re doing for you for free for creating these videos,  planning and editing and all these things,  remember to smash out the like button and also subscribe to my youtube channel if you like to make money online.

So now we are going to compare those five things between Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary  Marketer. Four and five are probably the most interesting, but let’s start with the first one which is Training

1. Training

wealthy affiliate lessons graphicFirst of all, Wealthy Affiliate training focus is more on blogging and how you can make money by writing blogs and how you can get those websites ranked on Google and you can make money when people come to your website, click your links and so on and so forth. Wealthy  Affiliate training is also extremely easy to follow because there are videos, there are texts, there are images, it’s very step-by-step and even like a ninety year old grandmother would be able to follow this.

In addition, there are also tasks under each lesson like now you should do this, then do this, then do this, so it’s very easy to follow in addition if you don’t understand something in the training, like how you’re gonna make money and do these things, there is a community of more than two million people so you can ask questions under each lesson and there will be people helping you out always,  so if you want something very easy to follow in order to make money online and you like writing I would say Wealthy Affiliate is the best one for you. Legendary Marketer training is also awesome but it has a little bit of a different focus. I feel that these two training programs, they complement each other.

Legendary Marketer graphicLegendary Marketer – their training focuses more on mindset and it gives more like an overview of different things, like this is how you can do Facebook marketing, this how you can do Instagram marketing, this how you can do YouTube and it’s more video based while Wealthy Affiliate focuses on writing and blogging.

Legendary Marketer focuses on videos more and Legendary Marketer also talks more about business things and mind settings in addition Legendary Marketer provides you so-called one-on-one business calls when you go through the training who will call you and provide you support while you are going through the training, so if you want to get more video based training and you don’t like writing so much Legendary Marketer may be better for you.

So what about the support and the community?

2. Support

Well the Wealthy Affiliate community is huge. It’s bigger than Legendary Marketer. At the moment there are more than 2 million people in this Wealthy Affiliate community so it will never be left alone. More than 90 percent of your questions are answered in less than five minutes. It’s also a great way to get to know real people because when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I didn’t know anyone who would be making money online, but today I know dozens and dozens and dozens of real people who are making thousands of dollars every month and I have had the privilege to meet a lot of  those people all around the World.

picture of a keyboard with a support key The benefit of Legendary Marketer – Their support is that they provide you also telephone support and their live chat is very fast so when you ask the questions from Legendary Marketer staff, they answer you on average in less than five minutes. Most of the questions are answered within one or two or three minutes, so it’s very, very fast. So if you compare Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate I would say that Wealthy Affiliate you can get questions faster from other members but Legendary Marketer you can get answers faster from their staff. Legendary Marketer community is on Facebook it’s a local Facebook group, so from the community standpoint Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion better, and I have also met a lot of those people in real life. The people that I have got to know on Legendary Marketer I have not yet met them in real life, but part of the reason is that I have not been a member of Legendary Marketer so long as I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Tools

For building any kind of business you need to have tools. It’s the same for physical businesses – sometimes you need a hammer or something like that and for online businesses you need online tools and Wealthy Affiliate wins this race between Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer because they provide you tons of different tools.

For example, website creator, website hosting, your own domain names, keyword tools and many other tools. You can also get comments to your website from Wealthy Affiliate you can get feedback regarding your website directly from their tools, so Wealthy Affiliate completely wins with tools because Legendary Marketer, they don’t really provide you tools, they focus on providing you the training, they tell you which tools you need so they mention for example, click here to get click funnels – this is how you can use it or, aweber auto responder – this how you can use it it’s very easy to use.

They provide you tutorials and training but they don’t provide them because they focus on training. the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is able to provide you those world-class tools is that they have a lot of programmers in their team and the founders Kyle and Carson, they also know how to do programming and they have more than two decades of experience of those things and some tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides, they are really world-class.

They are better than some of the companies that are making more than ten million, even hundred million dollars per year because they have really professional programmers in their team then number four what about the company history and owners?

4. Company History

picture of Kyle from wealthy affiliateWhen you join a specific company or you go through specific training it’s always good to know who are the owners who are behind this company. So Wealthy Affiliate was founded back in 2005 so more than fifteen years ago by Kyle and Carson – they are from Canada and they have been making money online for almost two decades, so almost twenty years when I’m creating this video so they have a huge experience in this industry and Wealthy Affiliate – it’s one of the oldest and one of the most established companies in the marketplace. They have been the leader in the affiliate marketing world for years.

Legendary Marketer - Dave SharpeLegendary Marketer on the other hand, it’s just a few years old. It was founded backin 2017 or something like that but Dave Sharpe has more than ten years of experience in the online marketing space and Legendary Marketer has been skyrocketing, so a lot of big affiliate marketers have been joining it and also Dave’s huge success has been pretty fast compared to many others leaders in the industry, so they are both very established companies and their founders and owners are very successful in the internet marketing space but if you choose only one based on the company history and overall I would say Wealthy Affiliate wins this one because they have more experience and they have two owners in the team which makes it also more reliable

5. What about the pricing?

An affiliate program, how much these programs cost and if you want to make money as an affiliate how much money can you make?

Absolutely no upsell graphicLet’s start with Wealthy Affiliate. They have this monthly or yearly membership and they have this idea that they give you all in one package. You buy this Premium Membership and you will get everything that you need to build an online business. Kyle and Carson, they like this very transparent business and they don’t like to upsell people like – now you buy this then you need to buy this, then you need to buy this. No, they don’t like this, they prefer that you only need to buy one tool which is Wealthy Affiliate Premium and then you can do everything that you need to build a profitable business.Legendary marketer media bundle

So Wealthy Affiliate is known as a very cost effective and very cheap package and often times I’ve been thinking myself, how on earth can they provide all of these for so cheap a price because if you compare wealthy affiliate to any other product in the industry you cannot find anything for so cheap for so high value.

So I would say that in the pricing Wealthy Affiliate is probably the winner. Legendary Marketer on the other hand – they have a little bit different philosophy so they believe in those upsells and high ticket products so they have some cheap products that are just a couple of dollars, then they have also some mid-range products that cost maybe thirty or forty dollars, then they have also more expensive products such as live events and mastermind where people come together from all over the world into one place to sharing ideas and talking about business and internet marketing.

So if you are on a tight budget I would recommend that you take Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and you buy some specific products from Legendary Marketer that you need – some of those cheap ones and then if we want to meet people in person in live events then you can get those Legendary Marketer live events and masterminds but that requires a little bit of more money so if you are tight budget go with those cheaper products and Wealthy Affiliate is of course your number one option.

Then what about affiliate programs?

If you want to make money as an affiliate well if you promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate, you can earn monthly commissions or yearly Commissions, so when someone joins as a member and you have referred them to Wealthy Affiliate, you will earn commissions as long as they stay as a member and many people love Wealthy Affiliate so much that they stay as a member for years.

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions GraphicFor example, I’ve stayed as a member for almost five years already, so that’s the benefit of Wealthy Affiliate the products are really top notch and people stay as a member because they learn to make money online. So that’s the benefit. You don’t get high commissions because the products are pretty cheap, but you get them for a long period of time.

Legendary Marketer on the other hand, they have some of those high ticket products so you can make for example one thousand or even two thousand dollar Commissions like that and I have made some of those as I showed you in other videos, so if you want to make like fast full-time income or something like that then Legendary Marketer affiliate program maybe more profitable and of course if you plan to promote these programs as an affiliate, I recommend that you first join these programs yourself.

Go through the products and implement the training and then see by yourself which one is better in your opinion and then you choose which one you will promote as an affiliate, because you should always promote something to your audience that is truly valuable and you think is the best one for them.

If you enjoyed this video and found it valuable, make sure that you show some love and appreciation give up the likes and I will leave your link in description where you can join both Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate through my link when you join each of these programs I will provide you my one-on-one support. You can ask me any questions, I will provide you all the help that I can humanly do for you to help you to succeed online

Thank you very much for watching this video. Make sure that you are subscribed if you like to make money online and you and me we will see you in the next video.

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Have a wonderful and a successful day.


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