Great Commission from Products in The Adult Niche

Making Affiliate Commissions in the Adult Niche

Just a quick post about a niche that some marketers may find taboo. Yes folks, it’s the ‘adult’ niche. The coy one. The embarassing one.

But it has many, many millions spent on it each year, so if you’re an affiliate you need to think about venturing into Monster Dildo World.

It’ll probably make your eyes water, but there comes a time in every affiliate marketers life when they have to consider whether or not to promote products of an adult nature for real.

Sex Sells

Like it or not, sex sells. There are legitimate websites providing things like adult toys and sexual enhancement products to the general public in the adult niche.

The niche should be prime-picking for affiliates as volumes are great and even Amazon sells Adult products these days, in their Health and Personal Care section.

It’s relatively easy to target the various sub-niches because there’s always people looking for them. It’s also quite eye-opening doing the keyword research!

Here are the Best Sellers

amazon sex products including sex toys,erotic clothing,condoms,lubricants,men’s toys,vibrators,dildos and sex furnishings
Amazon’s Adult Store – click to visit

I’m not suggesting that you open a porn site, but there are ways and means of discretely placing links on your site if you’re a little squeamish about it (as an example, I display a sponsorship message at the end of this post.

I’m not in the adult niche, but Amazon’s cookie system means we sometimes pick up commissions for things we don’t actively promote).

If your site is of a more open adult nature then you’ll have no qualms about it and you can be more open. You might even open an adult affiliate e-commerce store of your own. This could actually be very lucrative.

There are some great offers to promote on Clickbank in the adult niche (Caution – Some of these feature explicit content)

Penis Enlargement Bible
Revolutionary Sex
Rock Hard Formula

Remember, your job as an affiliate or attraction marketer is to help people. That’s how it works best.

People need help within this niche whether you like it or not, all i’ll say is, think carefully before you rule it out as a source of affiliate income!

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