CHATBOTS. They’re NEW and rapidly taking over the Internet. If you use Facebook Messenger, it’s very likely you’ve interacted with a Chatbot. Sometimes it’s actually quite hard to tell whether it’s a Chatbot or a real human speaking to you! Businesses are using Chatbots to interact with people on their Websites as well as through Social Media.

It’s a powerful way, in 2020, for them to get more leads and sales without breaking the bank on Live Chat agent employees. You are most likely to have seen one if you’ve visited your banking website, or maybe enquired about insurance. There’s now a new emerging industry in Artificial Intelligence that can be exploited by the average Marketer, either making chatbots for your own websites, or making and selling chatbots to other people and businesses, and that’s where ConversioBot chatbots are pitched.

You can get your own copy of ConversioBot here for the ridiculously low price of only $27, but read my review first before you do, it will give you more idea about how it could work for you.

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