Latest Affiliate Earnings Report

I often struggle with the question of whether I should publish my income or not. Something in me still thought that it was  bragging, but I now realise it’s important to show that the systems i’m writing about actually work and that I’m actually taking part and practising what I preach.

So, for the sake of transparency as promised, here’s the latest state of affiliate income since January 2019.

Paid this month has been £61.43 from Amazon and $35.50 from Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to this there is approx £100 from Amazon in the pipeline to come that has been earned but not yet paid out (Amazon only actually pay out 2 months later).

Amazon is my fastest growing income sector at the moment, with hopefully more to come as I bring a 2nd affiliate website online.

There has been enormous growth in the website traffic that i’ve experienced on the Amazon associates site in question and I have plans for further expansion in future so I expect these figures to inflate quickly.

i hope to identify some really good Clickbank stuff soon too and add that as another income stream to the overall pot.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Affiliate Earnings Report”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for posting this, as someone who is new to the idea of affiliate marketing I really appreciate seeing how other people are achieving. How many websites do you currently have that to generate your >4000 views in February?

    It nice to hear someone say that Amazon Affiliates is your area of growth, as that is currently my only form of monetisation on my site.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for the comments. The 4,000 views in February is with just one site that i’m growing the Amazon commissions on.

      I have a shop selling Weather related goods and blog about the same subject. I have about 100 posts at the moment.



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