Jay’s Wealthy Affiliate Webinars in 2019

Jay Neill (MagiStudios) records his excellent Webinars for Premium members every week at Wealthy Affiliate. The webinars are a Premium only feature, but i’d like to show you some of the subjects he covers.

I’ll start with 2019 and work towards the current date, that way I can add links to the new ones to the end of the list as he publishes them.

Each webinar is typically 75-80 minutes long and is archived after the live broadcast so we can look back and watch at our leisure.

Just click on the links to view more details of the webinars.

January 2019

Brand - Establishing an Incredible Brand From Day 1

Brand – Establishing an Incredible Brand From Day 1

Framework – Building Out Your Niche Website

Keyword Comprehension

Affiliate Promotions

February 2019



Introduction to Google Analytics

How to Track Conversions in Google Analytics

Tracking Affiliate Links in Google Analytics

March 2019

Introduction to Google Search Console

Introduction to Google Search Console

Introduction to Bing Webmaster Tools

Finding Awesome Keyword Opportunities in Search Console

The 2019 SEO Checklist

Let’s SEO a Blog Post LIVE!

April 2019

Introduction to YouTube Marketing

Introduction to YouTube Marketing

Produce, Record & Uploading Your YouTube Videos

Promoting Your YouTube Videos

Live Streaming on YouTube

May 2019

Hot Seat Spring 2019

Hot Seat! Spring 2019

User Experience Strategies

Understanding Marketing Funnels

Building an Audience Beyond Google

June 2019

Leveraging Quora for Traffic & Clout

Leveraging Quora for Traffic & Clout

Researching Audiences / Niches

Researching Keywords

Researching Your Competition

Researching & Understanding Website Rankings

July 2019

Fundamentals of WordPress

The Fundamentals of the WordPress

Creating a Beautiful, Professional Looking Website

Understanding Engagement

Advanced WordPress Techniques/Strategies

August 2019

Hot Seat Summer 2019

Hot Seat! Summer 2019

Building an Awesome Home Page

Build a Convincing About Page

Building Great Website Typography

Building Convincing Call to Actions

September 2019

Getting Rolling With Instagram

Getting Rolling With Instagram

Amplifying the Direction of Your Instagram Brand

Instagram Feed & Story Posting Strategies

Automation Strategies with Instagram

October 2019

Building a Local Marketing Business

Building a Local Marketing Business

Working With Your First Local Marketing Client

Ranking Elements of Local SEO

Earning Recurring Revenue with Local Marketing

November 2019

How to Write Content That Converts

How to Write Content That Converts

How to Create Awesome Call to Actions on Your Site

How to Track Your Conversions

How to Scale Your Conversions

Let’s Talk Turkey – WA BLACK Friday Live & Uncut Q&A

December 2019

Success With Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Success With Affiliate Marketing in 2020

The 4 Core Traffic Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Making Money in 2020 Q & A – Kyle Goes AMA

Art of Relevance: Affiliate Programs and Integration

Affiliate Marketing 2020 – Predictions and Strategies

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3 thoughts on “Jay’s Wealthy Affiliate Webinars in 2019”

  1. What an interesting blog post.  Jay’s webinars are so cool and informative.  They are great for learning how to do things in blogging, and affiliate marketing and just plain online business in general.  Of course the sheer number of great webinars you list is pretty awesome by themselves.  But because they come as part of the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform’s Premium membership makes this worth so much more.  Jay Neil is an expert on so many things relating to blogging, affiliate marketing and building an online business.  The topics in your list are varied and cover both broad and specific areas of the business.  Even better is that you are planning to keep adding to the list of webinars at time passes.  This makes the post even more relevant and useful.  Thank you for this blog -Shirley

    • Hi Shirley, thanks for the comments.

      When I first signed up to Wealthy Affiliate to learn about Affiliate Marketing, I really didn’t appreciate how much i’d get from Jay’s weekly webinars. The guy provides us with awesome information every week that can make all the difference to the understanding of Kyle’s core training.

      Jay is super-easy to watch and I find myself regularly revisiting his training when I want a refresher or if there’s something I need further help on. Sometimes the comments are just as valuable as the training itself.

      You won’t get this depth of training anywhere else on the Web. My opinion is that Jay’s webinars are worth the subscription fee in their own right. Sometimes i’ll even record the audio so I can play the training back on my iPhone wherever I am in the World.

      Seriously folks, if you want the best current info about affiliate marketing and how to make it work for you, sign up for Jay’s weekly sessions, they’ll blow your mind.

      Best wishes for your own business in this difficult time.


  2. this is actually one of the arms of wealthy affiliate and this part is the brain that makes you great. Here you have the opportunity to learn from past and present legends and helpers that can launch you to a very high realm, thank you very much for this awesome post of yours. it is really helpful.


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