I already feel totally at home at Wealthy Affiliate

This was the very first post I made at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, all that time ago in September 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate is a bit like Facebook. It could quite easily be regarded as a Social Network. The difference is that Wealthy Affiliate is populated by people who have already realised that they want to become affiliate marketers. The whole thing has been in existence since about 2005. There is a common bond, rather than a common scepticism, and this makes so much difference to the midset.

As you can see, it also has an inbuilt blogging platform where you can share your journey with the rest of the WA-Sphere. The rate of commenting is generally high, and I generally get 15-20 replies every time I make a post there. Some ask questions, some will just voice their encouragement. All are welcome.

The great thing is that sometimes even the owner comments on your posts!

If you want to hang around at a safe version of Facebook, without all the snidey comments, insults and put-downs, consider Wealthy Affiliate. You can have an intelligent conversation without being trolled or hassled.

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