How to make the entire Clickbank catalog part of your website

It’s well known that Clickbank is the No.1 site for digital products Worldwide, but did you know you could have the entire Clickbank catalog integrated into your own website?

Did you know you can set it up so that any link clicked will contain your Clickbank Hoplink code so it generates a commission for you on any sales made?

Take a look at the top menu of this website. You’ll see a link called ‘Clickbank Directory’. This is in fact the full Clickbank product catalog. It is self-updating, so any new products are automatically added (or old ones taken away).

As a marketer, that is incredibly powerful. It means you can reference any product in the Clickbank catalog as a url on YOUR website!

Would you like to know how to do it yourself?

OK, here goes.

  1. You need to get a program called CBEngine Pro.
  2. Register/Login to your account
  3. Get a Clickbank ID
  4. Download the script from CB Engine Pro
  5. Upload it to your website

Getting access to CB Engine Pro

CB Engine Pro actually lives online. There’s a free account available, but that won’t allow the Script to work beyond the trial period. You need to Buy a copy of CB Engine Pro to keep it running. Don’t worry, it’s only $27 for a lifetime license, so well worth it. Click the button below and again when you get to the site, on the following screen.

CB Engine Pro - Go Pro for $27 button

Register/Login to your account

Once you’ve been through the purchase page and have received confirmation of purchase, log in to your CB Engine Pro page using your username and password at the very top right of the screen.

Get a Clickbank ID

If you don’t yet actually have a Clickbank account, head on over to create one here.

You will need to provide

  1. Country
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Phone No
  5. Email Address
  6. Choose a Password

Then all you need to do is to read and accept the Clickbank Terms and then hit the ‘Join Clickbank’ button.

You’ll then be allocated your Clickbank username. Make a note of it, you’ll need it soon.

Download the script from CB Engine Pro

Once you’re logged into CB Engine Pro. Select the Plugins tab at the top right of the screen.

cbengine pro select plugins menu

This will take you to the following page.

ClickBank Storefront PHP script

You can set up the script in about 5 minutes.

  1. Download & Extract
  2. Modify the settings located in index.php. See ‘Readme.txt’ for more information.
  3. Upload to a directory on your website.

The file will download to your default download folder. You will need to unzip it to reveal the files, but they should all unzip and sit in a folder called ‘Storefront’.

From there, look for a file called settings.php

You will need to open this file in a plain text editor and change some entries to customise the script to your own id. This is what it looks like.

cb engine storefront setup readme file

The only two items you need to change to get the script working are the first two.

You might also change the category layout template (there are two different layouts – category_layout1.php and category_layout2.php) to your own preference. I prefer layout 1 as it has more info.

Once you’ve added your CB Engine Username and Clickbank ID, save the file. Don’t change the filename, it needs to remain as settings.php

Upload it to your website

Using an FTP client (like FileZilla), upload the Storefront folder and all it’s contents to the root directory of your website, keeping the structure the same. So, if you’re using a WordPress site, upload it to the same directory that WordPress is installed in.

So, for example, this website is at

The directory will be accessible as a sub-directory like this:

Test it on your own site to make sure it works. If it is all ok you should see a screen something like this:

clickbank directory graphic

Test out your Clickbank Storefront Page

Test it out. Clicking the ‘more’ link on any category should result in a drop-down list, for example:

clickbank showing dropdown categories

Selecting any of the sub-categories will then show a list of products which you can then explore further. Let’s take a look at the Diets and Weightloss category:

clickbank diets and weightloss category page

This is just a section of the first page, but you can see the huge array of products that are available at Clickbank. Now let’s see what happens when I click through to the product itself. Let’s pick the top item – Custom Keto Diet. The crucial thing is not the actual page, but the URL of the page.

custome keto diet click through showing url and hoplink code

As you can see, the program automatically adds my Hoplink code to the url of the product, so anyone going on to purchase the product through the link will actually trigger a commission for me. Once you implement this code for yourself, your Hoplink will be there instead of mine and you’ll be earning the commissions.

The program script automatically appends your Clickbank Hoplink to all of the products in the Clickbank catalog, so no matter where your visitor goes, if he buys from your catalog, you’ll be rewarded for it with a Clickbank commission, which can be as high as 75% on a lot of Clickbank products.

How good is that?





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