How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

This guy Stefan James is great. I would have stood up and presented to camera about the benefits of affiliate marketing and how to make money with it, but it wouldn’t be anything like as good, so i’ll just embed his video here and give him the hits and views. Sometimes it’s best to just let a master present.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [with no money or website]

Hey, what’s up life masters this is Stefan James from project life mastery.

Inside this video I’m gonna share with you how you can get started to make money with affiliate marketing from scratch with no money whatsoever and no website. So if right now you don’t have any money to start a business with and you’re looking for ways to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies out there for that.

I’m gonna share with you a very simple strategy on how to do it now. Of course if you do have money, great, that could be a great advantage for you to start your business the right way. You can often move faster, you can get tools and things that can help you accelerate your growth and your business to make money from it, but let’s assume that you have no money whatsoever.

This is something that I would do if I was starting all over again and I wanted to make money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing anyway?

Affiliate marketing is a great strategy for it. Now, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is I should mention real quick what it is. Affiliate marketing is the process of you earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service.

So, there’s millions of products and services out there that are for sale online as you know of course, but most of them have what is known as an ‘affiliate program’, which means that you can join it for free, you can promote their product and generate sales for them and they’ll give you a commission for every sale that you generate.

So, depending on the product, there’s a different commission structure, so for example let’s say it’s a digital product like an online course or training program – a lot of cases they’ll give you a 40 or 50 percent commission on that, so if someone’s selling a product, let’s say for five hundred dollars,  you can earn a $250 commission for every sale that you generate for them.

Okay, if it’s a physical product most often there’s more expenses involved in overhead and there’s less of a margin, so you don’t get as high of a commission on a physical product. It might be ten percent or five percent and I’ve got videos that go more into physical versus digital products, but there’s less Commission that you can make with it.

It really depends on the company and the affiliate program how they set it up and what commission they want to give for it, so think about most products that you’ve already bought that you already own from home and a lot of them you could be an affiliate for them and you could promote them. So for example, this camera that I’m filming this on right now this is a Panasonic GH5 – well I could promote this camera and earn a commission from every sale because there’s certain websites that have affiliate programs including Amazon.

Amazon has one called Amazon Associates where you could promote products, earn a commission from it and there’s many different marketplaces and places where you can find products to promote. I mean, digital products there’s Clickbank, there’s JVZoo  and there’s many others out there, and there’s always private affiliate programs too, so with that being said let me just kind of share with you the method and the strategy and if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing I’ll invite you to an upcoming masterclass that I’m doing which is free.

The link is below or go to

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I’m going to tell you all about the mindset that is needed

So, I’m gonna share a little bit with you here inside this video to give you the overall structure and the mindset and the approach to this, so to do affiliate marketing successfully you need to find a product right, a product that you can promote as an affiliate and it’s a product that is commissionable, so meaning that they have an affiliate program. The company has an affiliate product program for this product.

Now the simplest way that I like to start with this is just looking around my environment at the products that I use and benefit from and the ones that I use to see if they actually have affiliate programs. So, let me give an example :

Many years ago I bought a Vitamix blender. Now, if you don’t know what that is, it’s one of the best blenders out there in the world. They sell them at Costco all the time.  It’s one of those high-end blenders that can do a lot for you, you know, you can make incredible smoothies and soups and hummus and guacamole and all these cool things from it and it’s a pretty expensive blender.

It’s a $500 blender and when I bought it I saw that they had an affiliate program which means that they would pay me a commission for every sale that I’d generate. I think around $75 and I thought, Wow, that’s so cool!

Here’s a product that I benefit from every day of my life you know, I make my healthy smoothies every day and I can promote this product and essentially share it with other people that can potentially benefit from it. If they decide to buy it through what is known as an ‘affiliate link’ then I earn a commission from it. So I’d go to Vitamix website to sign up for their program that give me a link that I can use that will automatically track that if someone clicks on that link and they buy the product I earn a commission.

It automatically tracks it within 30 days, so even if they didn’t buy it today and they clicked on the link and they go back to the website 25 days from now and they buy it, I earn a commission from that!

How cool is that?

So I looked at products around me; I looked at the Vitamix blender, I looked at my Fitbit that I used to always wear, you know, to track my activity throughout the day. Now I use the aura ring which I don’t have it on me right now but, you know things like that that I’ve used or certain books that I’ve read that really benefitted me that I saw. I can be an affiliate and promote those products and what I would do is essentially made a list of all the products and I use and benefit from in my life that I feel confident and comfortable to share with others.

Sometimes it was courses and training programs that I invested in myself, so for example there’s a great one called a ‘Hundred Day Challenge’ by Gary Ryan Blair.  It’s a hundred fifty dollar course I went through it online, changed my life and I thought,  yeah, I want to promote and share this.

They had an affiliate program for it so I would Google these products, all these things that I went through and find the affiliate programs for it, even Tony Robbins you know, I went to his ‘Unleash the Power Within’ seminar and I found out they got an affiliate program, so if I’m going to share it with other people, something that’s benefited my life, might as well maybe earn a commission from it as well.

Make a list of all the products that have helped you in your life

So I made a list of all those products and that’s something I challenge you to do – look at the products you use that you’ve benefited from in your life. It can be physical products or digital products, or courses or services or anything like that, and make a list and then go to Google and search to see if they have an affiliate program.

Sometimes it’s just searching the product name and then affiliate program so ‘Vitamix blender affiliate program’, ‘100 day challenge affiliate program’, and if they have it on their website great, you can join it, you can promote that product. If not, then you can go to Amazon Associates and sign up there. They’ve got an affiliate program and there’s also different affiliate marketplaces too, so finding a product.

Now I also believe obviously by sharing this, I believe that if you have a direct experience with the product, you’ve benefited from the product, then that’s a huge advantage because you can’t really sell something that you don’t have belief behind. Maybe you can, but you can’t do it that effectively you know, for me I built my business ‘project life mastery’.

I do affiliate marketing, it is one of my ways of making money and you know the way that kind of comes about and my mindset around that is that if I benefit from anything and it enhances my life, then I want to share that with you.  If it helped me or helped others then I know it can help you as well. Maybe not for everyone, but the majority of people, yes I believe it can and so I’m always growing and learning and improving my life, and I’m coming across great things.

I feel it’s selfish not to share that I don’t have a scarcity mentality where I believe Wow I discovered this I’m gonna keep it to myself so no one else knows about this secret that I discovered for improving my health or my energy and my finances or my business. No, I like to ‘pay it forward’. I like to have an abundance mentality and give and support and help other people and I believe by doing that there’s more that comes back to you and you get rewarded for it.

So that’s the mindset that I have and so I’m always coming across great things and I share it, I share with other people and some of them I’m an affiliate for, some of them I’m not, right, but my number one goal first and foremost is to help other people and serve them and then secondary or third would be actually making a profit from it too. So that’s the mindset.

Share what has helped you, to help someone else

So something that you benefited from, even more powerful even better okay, and I believe you know as human beings, you know hopefully you’re someone that’s into self-development and investing and improving yourself to become better, but you know obviously you can still promote things that you’ve never used before.

I’ve done that in a few cases too where, for example, someone comes to me and I can share with them something that could help them and I’ll be transparent and honest and say listen I’ve never been through this, but I think it can help you.

For example, I remember there’s a program on how to stop smoking. I’ve never dealt with smoking or things like that in my personal life, but I was able to share – Hey, you know what? Here’s a program that can help you with how to overcome smoking and I know some people who have been through it. It looks like a great program, I think it can help you and I can share and promote things as long as I’m still honest and transparent about that.

So there’s another way you can do it if you haven’t been through something yourself okay, now you found the product, okay you’ve joined their affiliate program, and affiliate programs for the most part are free. Some affiliate programs I’ll mention they require you to have be a customer of the product before you promote it. That’s a case some of the time too, but a lot of them are free that you can join. If not, go to some market places i’ll list real quick for you just to help you out here. – it’s great for digital products, although they do have physical products

JVZoo –  JV stands for of course ‘joint venture’. Lots of digital products there typically.

Of course there’s Amazon Associates and then you know, even eBay has an affiliate program.

A lot of a lot of different web sites out there that you can find okay.

You need to build Trust and Form Relationships 

So you have a product that you can now promote. Now the next piece of really what you need is you need traffic ok. Traffic, or an audience, or a list that you can promote this product to right? You need attention. I’ve always shared that the most valuable things you can have online in a business by far – number one is attention. Other people’s attention. Their eyeballs on you just like how hopefully, I have YOUR attention right now if you’re watching this video.

As well as their trust okay. Trust because you know if you and I are friends okay and we have trust as a friendship should have, it should have and you have a challenge you have a problem in your life you know maybe for you it’s procrastination right? You struggle with procrastination. You’re not achieving your goals and if that’s your problem your challenge then for me as a friend, I can share with you something that’s benefited me to help me overcome that. You could benefit from it so I might say

‘Hey listen man, I’ve been where you’ve been before. Here’s a great program that I went through. Here’s a resource – it’s called a ‘hundred day challenge’ and it helped me and I think it can help you as well and I don’t know if it will or not, but check it out’ and you give that person the link.

Now if there’s trust in a relationship there, you’re gonna say oh well thank you so much Stefan you know I trust you I see how you’ve made that change in your life right. I believe that you struggle with this and you overcame it, or I trust the recommendation that you have and so because there’s trust that’s been established you’re likely to check out the program that I shared with you right now.

Let’s say for example, I share with you something that sucks and it’s a piece of garbage, you know I’m someone else just trying to make money right? There’s people out there obviously like that and you trust me and you invest in this recommendation that I had and it’s horrible.

Guess what’s gonna happen to our trust?

Guess what’s gonna happen to our relationship?

You’re gonna get upset with me. You’re gonna say ‘Stefan, why did I trust you this is horrible. you led me in the wrong direction this didn’t help me at all’.

In which case we’re gonna lose that long-term relationship and Trust. It’s gonna hurt us long-term, but on the other hand if I share something great and you trust me and it benefits your life, you get benefits, you get results from it, It improves your quality of life; our trust increases our relationship gets stronger because they’re gonna say ‘Wow, thank you so much Stefan and I really appreciate it you know my life is better off for this, is there anything else that you can recommend to me or something else out there that can help me even further’?

Right and it’ll be more beneficial long-term in our relationship, so Trust is incredibly powerful but you need attention first, right and attention is your ability to attract people to you. To have a list,  an audience or traffic.

Use the list of contacts you already have to get started

Now, how can you build that?  Well I’d venture to say that you actually already have a list, your list right now, your audience, the people that you have attention for right now in your life are who? Your friends or family – people that you might know on Facebook or on Twitter, on Instagram; people that are already following you in your life and people that trust you, respect you, maybe even look up to you.

I believe you know if you’re a great friend to your friends and family you’re looking to help and support them in whatever way that you can. Maybe again it’s something that’s helped you that you want to share with them, and so the simplest way that I’ve seen a lot of people make money with affiliate marketing would just be sharing with the existing list they have. A product that’s benefited them.

So let me give you an example. I recently went through a program that is actually a number of courses and programs I’ve been through throughout my life that’s shaped my life and helped me become who I am. One of them is the ‘Amazing Selling Machine‘ and that was a program that teaches people how to get started selling on Amazon and I’m an affiliate for it, it’s changed my life as well as Tatiana’s, and I wanted to share it with other people and especially when you’re getting results in your life you want to help other people with that, or people come to you and they say ‘Stefan, can you help me so ‘Amazing Selling Machine’?

I shared that with my family, with my friends. I’ve had many friends that have bought it and joined through me. I’ve got my brother that joined me as a ‘Selling Machine’ through me. I’ve got my cousins and my ex-girlfriends family and parents that joined ASM through me as well and I could share that because I believe in it and it could benefit other people and those are people that were just in my life like friends and family.

You know even recently with the other products and things that I’ve used, I share it with people on Facebook or even in person, not doing it to make money from them I actually believe and I often tell my friends this too. It is like you know I can just give this to you or share it with you but when you actually pay for it you’re gonna value it and you’re gonna do it, right, and that’s ultimately what I want and what I care about is actually them doing it and getting results from it, so I share with people in my life. I’m not afraid to do that.

How can you get free traffic to your offers?

So that’s one way okay, but let’s say you don’t want to tap into your friends and family and that’s fine too. How else can you get traffic? How can get it for free? Well there’s platforms and websites that exist that are 100% free, that you can attract people on. What are they? your on one right now right there’s YouTube, there’s Facebook, there’s you iTunes where you can create a podcast or like GooglePlay, there’s Instagram, there’s Twitter, there’s Snapchat, there’s other websites out there like that.

Now aren’t we lucky that these websites are free? You don’t have to pay money to use them. I mean how cool is that?

You know, when I started my journey online I didn’t have access to Facebook and YouTube and things like that back when I started, and those are huge advantages because there is hundreds of millions, if not billions of people that are using these platforms everyday that you can leverage to reach and build an audience and attract to you, and then promote and share products that can benefit them as an affiliate.

So for example YouTube – you know what I’m doing right now. My YouTube channel does not cost any money. I mean, all you really need is a camera (which most people already have) that can be on your computer, a webcam, it could be on your phone, some videos, I just take out my phone, my iPhone and I recording myself like this and I talk. Now I do have a camera, a DSLR camera which you can buy but most people that don’t even need to invest money on a camera, it’s just whatever they have right now is more than enough that they can record with.

Build an audience that you can market to

Now if you just take out your camera and you create content and you share and it’s valuable and people find it, guess what? You’re building an audience that you could then promote and share a product to.

Now one of the simplest ways to do affiliate marketing is, once you’ve found a product that you like that can benefit people, then you do a review and you share your experience of that product online. So let’s, for example, let’s say a Vitamix blender. You could do a video if you share in the benefits of a Vitamix blender. You can share a tutorial of the Vitamix blender, you could review the blender and share the pros and cons. You can compare the blender to other blenders and guess what?

There’s people that are searching that online that if you create content like that they can find your content and then you promote and share the Vitamix blender inside that video right, or it could be you know, even for a course. Let’s say there’s a course that you went through. You share your experience, you review the course, you share the pros and the cons, how it’s helped you, your own case study, your own testimonial for it, and people will find it because every product out there,  especially if it’s a high demand product, there’s people that are searching for it online. They’re logical buyers that want to know more information before they decide to buy it.

Share product reviews for products that are being searched for

They’re on the fence and you know by you sharing your honest experience online they can find your review, they can find your video and they can end up consuming it and then end up clicking onto your affiliate link to buy it, in which case you earn a commission from it. So YouTube is great for that. Facebook as well.

You could build a Facebook page, create content and share on Facebook. You could create your own Facebook group community around a certain topic or niche and attract people into that. You could create content on Instagram, take pictures and videos and put that up on Instagram, use hashtags to reach and attract people and bring them to you and then promote and share a product with them right?

You could do it all the different platforms. I mean, even if you don’t have a blog you could set up an account at right and there’s other platforms like that where it could be your online blog that’s free and you create articles and blog posts reviewing products and sharing their experience with it and learning some search engine optimization maybe to rank it and optimize that for certain keyword phrases and you attract people, then you promote and share something that can benefit them so it’s a pretty simple process right. It comes down to just creating content around a specific product that people are searching for, that has an affiliate program that you can join and earn a commission from and the more people that you reach the more traffic that you get.

Guess what? the more that you come or that you sell the more money that you make, that’s the process of that for the it marketing, now that’s the most basic way of looking at it if you want to scale it there’s many ways you can do that. You can build a brand, you can build a website, you can invest money into marketing, create funnels, you can create an email list, you can create a messenger BOTS sequence and you know a Facebook Messenger list and things like that.

There’s so many strategies and tactics and techniques and things that you can learn. You can learn Facebook ads and spend money on advertising to build your list and your audience so there’s a lot that you can do. There’s a lot of things that I’ve learned that helped me be successful at affiliate marketing, so this is the most basic way of how you’d get started, it’s just start putting out content. It does not cost you any money to do it, just some of your time.

Be consistent with whatever strategy you use

Be consistent with it, might take you a while at the beginning, sometimes you know this products I’ve promoted right away and earn commissions from you know you’d be surprised, but if you do it that way but just be consistent with it and everyone different, everyone has a different process for it, but the most important thing is to learn the experiences that you get experience is always the best teacher so just start.

Start creating content. Start learning this and doing some of it, you’ll learn from that and you’ll start to learn things that work and don’t work and go more in that direction of what does work but listen if you want to learn more from me I’m happy to share with you. I’ve created a free masterclass that goes to affiliate marketing if you go to or click the link below in the description.

I want to invite you to the free masterclass where I’ll go more into affiliate marketing. I’ll share experiences from my business and some of my results and share with you some actual examples of affiliate marketing and how I do it and that can help you immensely to be able to get started in your own journey to affiliate marketing, so affiliate marketing is great because you don’t need to invest the money to do marketing and create the product and the service and all that, you’re just partnering with other people and earning commissions, so that’s why it’s one of the best and the easiest ways to get started.

So click below to learn more about how to succeed with affiliate marketing, and if you enjoyed this give me a thumbs up, subscribe for more videos here on my YouTube channel and I look forward to seeing you again soon take care.



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