How the entire World has embraced online opportunities in 2020

As we all know too well at the moment, working in a conventional job is almost impossible. Even existing at home and ensuring that your family is fed and watered isn’t too easy. Supermarkets are normally packed with shoppers, jostling for space. Now, they stand in huge, frightened queues in the car park, keeping two metres apart.

They are martialled in and out of the store by door security, some wearing masks. There’s an overall air of suspicion. Where has the guy in front been? Was that a tickly cough I heard? Who are the bunch of people behind me? There’s three of them, are they all from the same household? Such is the World we live in now in 2020. Everyone is a potential carrier, everyone a threat to existence.

I am now retired from the 9-5 now, but at 60 years old (in a week or two), I’m regarded as being in a ‘rising risk’ category. The numbers of people who die when they catch Covid-19 starts to rapidly rise in my age group. I’m pretty much hiding from the World right now. I only go out when I have to, fetching groceries and other stuff back to the nest.

2020 Is the year of Zoom call

All this time of enforced isolation has led to people into exploring things that they would never have gone near in normal life. Everyone is shopping online, most at Amazon. The deliveries are great, the guy knocks at the door and leaves the parcel on the step, retreating to a safe distance. People are almost certain to be at home too, so virtually nothing has to be re-scheduled or re-routed.

zoom allows individuals to video conference together

People are also getting in touch with their relatives and friends and online quizzes are very popular. We’ve done a weekly quiz now with friends and family and once everybody gets to grips with the software on their computers it’s a doddle to do. Sometimes connection quality is an issue, but it’s getting better all the time.

We started out on Skype, and moved the last meeting to Zoom. It’s great to get people together this way, It’s even possible to have International quizzes, the internet has no boundaries. Bands like Crowded House have even done virtual concerts, with each member isolated in their own home, but still able to perform as a group even though they can’t be together as a band in the conventional way.

Live TV programs are now on video link

We have seen the big TV Networks interviewing people across the internet on 1-1 and group calls. Whole TV programmes are being done this way, broadcast from celebrities houses. We see things in the background that are normally off limits. Even the Government are now doing their daily Coronavirus bulletins on video call from Downing Street.

There’s no doubt about it, the World is a very changed place. Whether it goes back to normal is anyone’s guess, but I would bet that quite a lot of the people who have been able to work from home will continue to do it. Companies have realised that their employees are quite capable of working that way and the work does get done, sometimes better and with less of the stress and politics of the normal office environment.

It’s been liberating for a whole lot of people. They haven’t been faced with the 2 hour commute  (and the same coming home again). They don’t have road rage or face the huge travel expenses involved in just getting to work. Their work-life balance has been reset.

It’s the way the working World should have been years ago, but few companies would trust their workforce to actually do it. The problem was not with the employees, it was the boss’s lack of faith in the people who worked for them that prevented it happening. Now, it’s become the norm. Bosses HAVE to accept it. Productivity has actually gone up as they work in much less stressful environments.

Online retailers are coining it in

One Million Pounds Sterling
One Million Pounds Sterling

The online retailers like Amazon are absolutely smashing it. They’ve taken on extra staff to get the orders out. Everyone is buying online because it’s safe for them. Personally, as an Amazon affiliate, May 2020 has been the best month i’ve ever had (and I don’t promote mainstream stuff, that is just from a little niche that I have knowledge of). I don’t take advantage of shortages in vital supplies, that’s not the niche I’m in, nor would I do it. No, my niche is flourishing quite naturally.

Such is the nature of affiliate marketing. The reason why the affiliate marketing industry is booming in this Global Pandemic is that people are searching for more solutions online than ever before.

Succeeding as an affiliate marketer in 2020 is not about selling things to people, it’s about positioning yourself to answer their questions and provide solutions for their wants and needs. You are a problem solver. How do they do it? How can they do it? What is available that solves the problem? Those are the questions that can make you a success as an affiliate marketer if you can answer them better than others.

The future of Affiliate Marketing after all of this is over

When we eventually get a vaccine in the late part of this year, the World will have had 8 or 9 month’s experience of doing business the way it has been. My own feeling is that some things will never go back to the way they were. Some ways of working were well past their sell-by date already and needed to change to accommodate the ways people live in the modern age.

The volume of sales online is going to stay high in my opinion. Those of us who have been operating over the last couple of years have seen the opportunities rising for us. The pandemic has just sent things stratospheric. The sales figures are staggering, all at a time when the conventional high street has been struggling.


graph of the growth of affiliate marketing

If you’re not in affiliate marketing at the moment, have you missed the boat?

Absolutely not! The market is flourishing and is only going to get bigger. The big players like Amazon have upped their game to make sure that demand doesn’t exceed supply. They’ve been building warehouses and distribution centres to make it easier to hold stock and get it to the regions.

So, how do I get into this?

Well as i’ve said before, now is really the very best of times to learn about Affiliate Marketing. It’s a business that has been overlooked by most, but in the background there are millions of people who are quietly making a good income from it. Some of these people are bringing in more from affiliate marketing than most do in an average job. It’s all very possible and if you learn the methods and correct approach you can also do very well yourself.

You can easily make your own hobby or interest start to pay. You don’t need to buy or carry stock or handle any orders yourself, you don’t need to pay anyone or manage staff, or travel to and from work. All you need to do is provide a solution for what people are looking for online.

Affiliate Marketing is almost the perfect business

It’s actually a very easy business to operate once you know the methodology. I started out 2 years ago with almost no knowledge of the industry and now i’m making a good income online from it. I realised that the best way to learn would be to train with the people who’d already done it and were making it work.

I signed up for a Free Training Course that got me started and it enabled me to learn the principles of how to make money online. I quickly realised that to be successful at it, I didn’t need to re-invent the wheel. I just educated myself about what works.

All you need to do is follow the blueprint that the affiliate marketing trailblazers have left. Copy how they do it and you can also be a success.

picture of a couple relaxing in a swimming pool

If you’d like to get started in this lucrative business, I don’t hesitate to recommend the same training I took back in 2018. I have completely reviewed the training on my blog here so you can read about it for yourself. It’s free to join and see what you think.

It’ll get you started on the road to being an affiliate marketer. You can use it to start a side-hustle (very advisable in the current conditions) or even eventually completely replace your current job. It’s all possible, depending how much effort you want to put in.

If you want to put yourself in a much better position in the future and not be so reliant on your 9-5 job, just read my honest review of my experience and take it from there. I think you’ll find it enlightening and reveal opportunities you might not have known existed.

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