Here is a simple method to start making money online

Originally posted by Angela Williams on the “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Learn how to Make Money Online” Facebook Group.

Sharing this method for any newbies who are not sure how to get started.

Here is a simple method to start making money online:

1. Use Canva’s free plan to make slideshow type videos.

2. Trivia videos do very well, but if you have something else in mind, roll with it.

3. Pick a niche you will be passionate about, so you will be motivated to make the videos.

4. Use Promotekit’s free YouTube Keyword Tool to find keywords for your niche/ video titles.

5. Come up with 20+ questions and answers on your selected niche (for example the cast of Friends). I type all my questions and answers in a Word doc to make it easier to cut and paste into Canva.

6. Make sure the first slide has your thumbnail image. Let the second slide be an “ad” directing viewers to check your description – use arrow elements to get their attention. Your last slide should be an endscreen image.

This will serve as the background for the end (last 25 seconds) of your video where viewers can subscribe, watch the next video or a playlist.

7. Use Pexels to find cool background images for your Q&A slides/ clips and simply add text to enter your questions and answers.

8. You can use no copyright instrumental music from the YouTube Library as background music.

9. Add three hashtags at the bottom of your video descriptions.

10. Use a free countdown timer so the viewers have 10-15 seconds to read the questions. Find a free timer online and cut it down to 10 or 15 seconds.

In your Canva slides, upload and add the timer to the clips with your questions. As the timer gets to 0, it will move/ transition to the answer slide.

11. The next slide after each question, should of course be the correct answer.

12. Create a template of your first video to make subsequent videos easier to create. From your home page in Canva, mouseover the first video, click on the three dots, select Make a copy. The new copy will be saved to your homepage also.

Click on it and delete the background image from the Q&A slides. Also delete the music track. Going forward, you will only need to add a new background image, new music track and of course the actual questions and answers can be copied and pasted over the existing text.

13. Each time you access Canva to create a new video, first copy the template video and rename it whatever the new video will be about.

14. Create a YouTube channel and start uploading your videos.

15. Add your affiliate links to the description of your videos and About section.

16. Use at least 5 of the same keywords for all your videos. Using the same metadata will increase views on your videos.

17. Use end cards. This will keep viewers on your channel and increase views and subscribers.

18. You can create playlists if you plan to categorize your videos. For example Friends season 1, season 2 etc.

19. There you have it. Not extremely detailed, but you can certainly figure out Canva and YouTube to get started with this method – without being on camera.

P.S. YouTube is HUGE… even one video a week will start to add up. Be patient. Once you have 4,000 view hours and 1,000 subscribers your channel will be eligible to be monetized with Adsense. Before then, simply use your affiliate links.

Cheers and welcome to IM!

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