Downsize Dave (again) – Losing Weight For the 45th Time

Too big for my shirts

Once again I find myself looking down and not liking what I see. My T-Shirt sizes have grown from Medium as a man in my 20’s to a portly XL now. This means i’m now about a couple of clem (2 stones) overweight. I actually weigh in at 201.1 lbs, which reveals that i’m actually quite short for my weight. An alternative view is i’ve become a bit of a porker!

plates of food with excess portions
Too much food!

Now, I must admit, I like my food. I’ll eat pretty much anything. Unfortunately i’ve found myself troughing increasing quantities of ‘anything’ (except Beetroot and Avocado, which I hate with a passion). Increasing portion sizes are the ruin of my waistline. I imagine i’m no different to millions of others who are wobbling their way around their daily lives, bloated and at risk of developing that horrible disease Diabetes. Something has to be done and done immediately.

Also like millions of others, i’ve tried tons of diets. None of them really work because they deny the foods we love and force us to scoff rabbit food and tofu. Not nice. I like chocolate and sweet things. So, to cut a long story short I need something that’ll make me feel like i’m not on a diet at all.

Don’t want Diabetes thanks!

I’ve been scaring myself witless by reading about Diabetes. I know people who have it and also folks who’ve pegged it due to complications derived from it. There are horror stories about people having legs sawn off and failing organs, all because they basically liked their food too much and over ate. I don’t want to be one of them. However, i’m starting to notice one or two early symptoms that lead me to take serious action now.

I’ve started on the Slimfast 3-2-1 program which fits in with my lifestyle. I don’t need to cook much, just drink shakes, eat choc bars and have snacks a couple of times a day. It also allows me a 700 calorie meal each day too. It should be easier to stick to. I’ll report back as I go, but I hope to have lost half of the excess in a couple of months. Let’s see how I go.

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