Creating realistic sounding voiceovers for your videos

Voice-Over Artists Just Got Worried Have you ever tried to create a Text to Speech (TTS) audio file, and thought, “That was easy?” Even, ” That sounds great!” Nope, didn’t think so. Let’s face it — up until now creating ‘Text To Speech’ audio has been a PAIN… And the results? Just plain disappointing! Sure, you could outsource your Voiceovers… and pay several hundred dollars/pounds for an “average” Voice Over… not to mention the time and hassle of going back and forth with a bunch of freelancers. But what if there was a much easier, faster way to create Human … Read The Full Post

Wealthy Affiliate Video Review

wealthy affiliate review on youtube

Wealthy Affiliate Video Review A little video explaining how I got started in Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate after being made redundant from my job in 2016. It took me a couple of years before I found my eventual spiritual home. I now help people just like you to turn your dream into a reality. As Tony Robbins says “Success Leaves Clues”. You can get started with Wealthy Affiliate completely free, without obligation by clicking any of the links below. 01:40 Made Redundant 04:15 Joined Wealthy Affiliate 05:27 Advantages of An Affiliate Business 08:49 Wealthy Affiliate is My spiritual home … Read The Full Post

The Truth About “Trading Gurus” From a Hedge Fund Manager

Is making money online with day trading reasonable in 2020? I had to put this up. It’s a great interview by coffeezilla with Patrick Boyle, who lifts the lid on the trading gurus operating in the money making market today. I really enjoyed the video and hope you will too. Patrick Boyle is a hedge fund manager at Palomar Fund, author, university professor and former investment banker with over a decade of experience. In this video we talk trading gurus, fake gurus, reasonable returns, the 2% delusion, Tim Sykes, Day Traders, Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond… PATRICK’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL … Read The Full Post

10 Days to No-Fear Video Marketing

Clipboard and title How to get comfortable making videos for Youtube

Are you afraid to make a video and upload it to YouTube? Do the words ‘Video Marketing’ send you into a frightened panic? We’re told that most people are afraid of public speaking. That’s a completely natural fear to have, especially if you’re an introvert. Until you’ve done it, the fear is you’ll dry up and not have anything to talk about. You would think that being on the Internet wouldn’t enhance that fear. After all, you could make a video in private. You could keep recording until you get it right, until it satisfies you. Yet time and time … Read The Full Post

The Traffic Handbook Video Course

Traffic Handbook Video Course This video course consists of 10 videos which will help you create traffic and engagement for your website and business. Please watch them in order if you can (although of course you can watch them individually too). If you like the videos, please head over to my YouTube channel and Subscribe. Video 1 – 3 Platforms For Getting Traffic From Paid Ads Video 2 – 5 Strategies For Building A Bigger Email List Video 3 – 5 Tips For Using Instagram Hashtags For More Exposure Video 4 – 7 Types Of Content You Can Create For … Read The Full Post