Conversiobot Chatbots Make Perfect Sales Funnels

Conversiobot - uses for a chatbot

Conversiobot Chatbots Review This ConversioBot review is an interesting one. I saw ConversioBot Chatbot Creation Software being marketed through Facebook advertising and it looked interesting as a way to potentially increase business, so I looked further. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a huge growth industry at the moment. What is the chatbot for? The Conversiobot chatbot is software that lets you create your own AI chatbot for your website to draw more leads to your business and improve profitability. It can also be used for customer service and to learn more about your traffic. The clever bots can be setup in … Read The Full Post

What is the Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress?

What is the best web hosting company for WordPress? I guess that is the $64,000 question. I can answer it quite quickly from a personal standpoint from a blogging point of view. Bluehost is now the company i’ve used to take my blogs to the next level. I’ve worked with Bluehost for a long time now. I really have nothing but awesome things to say about them really. While that is the case, I want to give you the total honest truth here. I’ve been creating websites since 2004 I’ve been creating websites since 2004. There weren’t too many good choices … Read The Full Post

‘12 Minute Affiliate‘ Review by Devon Brown

An Affiliate Business in Just 12 Minutes I’ve decided to do a ‘12 Minute Affiliate’ Review as it comes out of the Devon Brown stable and it is one of the top 10 placed opportunities marketed today. When products are selling, you know something is right. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of those items and sells fast, so I decided to investigate. In the words of Eric Cantona “When the Seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because sardines are being thrown into the sea”. As an entrepreneur, you’ll hopefully be picking up on signals like this. The 12 Minute … Read The Full Post

Easiest Way to Learn Spanish? Try The Synergy Spanish System

We are always learning here ! Hey there. This is a little bit of a different post for the blog today. Something i’ve never touched on before, but is relevant now. Since 2016 when I retired from the grind, we’ve been fantasising about ‘going Spanish’. Every day the lifestyle is there to see on our TV screens. Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton have become two of my favourite ladies! Every day they’re showing Brits around the Costas of Spain with a view to buy a gaff in the sun for themselves. We fancy a bit of that. But one thing … Read The Full Post

20 Irresistible Reasons To Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 20 Irresistible Reasons to Join and Create a Business Online. I bet you arrived here after searching for ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review’, or some similar term, trying to find out if it is too good to be true, or maybe you looked for other sources of making money online? Is it a scam like so many other seemingly lucrative  ‘opportunities’? This review of Wealthy Affiliate was originally posted in 2018, became the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019, but I’ve now rewritten it with the benefit of another 27 months experience of the training portal, so here it is … Read The Full Post

Review of The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Entrepreneur MJ DeMarco explains how most people fall into the default Slowlane because that’s what they’ve always been taught to do. Following ‘The Slowlane’ means they’ll never grow rich until it’s too late. He says it’s the process that dictates whether and how people become rich, and that following the wrong process will mean that mediocrity is the best that can ever be hoped for, unless sense is seen and the process is changed (which can be done, but requires a total rewire of the mindset). I bought this book thinking that it would be just another pie-in-the-sky guide to … Read The Full Post

CBEngine Review – How to Find Profitable Clickbank Products

CBEngine makes Clickbank research easy! CBEngine is a tool to make researching profitable Clickbank products easy for you! You can also build your own Clickbank Directory on your website, like this:- Here’s my review of the Lifetime Membership version of CBEngine. Scam or Legitimate: Legitimate Get a Free Trial Account Now Or, To get Lifetime Access to Clickbank Engine, with the ability to integrate it into your website like the Clickbank Directory above, just click the Go Pro For $27 button FREE Pdf Download “Make Your First $100 on the web with Clickbank” CBEngine Pro Edition Review – Benefits ClickBank … Read The Full Post

Cannubu CBD Oil Review – Cannabis Oil For Health

Can CBD Oil help my back pain? I’ve not really considered CBD Oil as a way of treating my dodgy back before (and knees), but I came across this rather funkily packaged product under the monicker of Cannubu so thought i’d give it a go and review what I found. In the UK, we seem to be the last to adopt new ideas. Certainly any mention of Cannabis over here and eyebrows are raised and curtains start to twitch. This CBD Oil is made in the UK. What is this CBD Oil? Isn’t it just a secret way of getting out … Read The Full Post

Roope Kiuttu Compares Wealthy Affiliate v. Legendary Marketer

legendary marketer v wealthy affiliate

This is a video I particularly like. Roope (he’s from Finland) compares Wealthy Affiliate with Legendary Marketer. I like to feature other marketers videos on my blog as I think it gives an alternative perspective. Roope is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s top earners. Transcript Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer took me from a complete beginner, without any prior experience or any knowledge, to making thousands of dollars online. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I didn’t know a single person that would make real money online so I literally started from zero but then at this point this happened, and then … Read The Full Post

How to Double Your Way To £1 million in 28 Steps

You may have seen this little fun thing as you’ve been surfing around. It’s by a guy called Stuart Goldsmith. It was written in 2002 as a challenge by him. I thought i’d ‘review’ it here for a bit of fun. It’s not an affiliate product or a money making opportunity, it’s really a little game that disciplines you into thinking more about how you treat money and how you strategise around it. The strategies you use to double up in the early stages won’t work as the money gets more substantial. You’ll need to change your thinking and planning … Read The Full Post