The 1/5/10 Strategy: How To Hack Your Best Future

Hi. I’ve included yet another article/video by MJ DeMarco because I believe in his philosophy and that it works because I’m implementing it myself. Goal Setting ……. Backwards! The 1-5-10 Strategy by MJ DeMarco :  How to engineer your dream life What if I could tell you that in a few years from now your life could be ten thousand percent better, like from dead broke and struggling in a one-bedroom apartment to a multi-millionaire who has everything, including free time? The fact is, most people fail to succeed because they fail to plan their life. If you want to … Read The Full Post

The Life Long Habit Rule : Turns Out Einstein was Right (again)

Einstein sticking tongue out

I recently came across this crazy article called ‘People who talk to themselves aren’t crazy. They’re actually geniuses. In the article, they pointed towards a couple of shocking studies by Swingley and Lupyan in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. They had two groups of people.  The first group they told without any instruction, look at this image and try and find the banana and they timed how long it took on average for that group to find the banana. Then they got the second group of people and told that group to talk to themselves by consistently repeating ‘banana, … Read The Full Post

5 SMART Ways to Succeed at Goal Setting

Guest post by Daniel Laing Today’s Wisdom on a Wednesday’s post is on the topic of goal setting. This topic is important, as otherwise people can set themselves unrealistic targets which give them false hope. Then when they don’t meet that target, they can become downhearted and potentially depressed. To help people with setting realistic goals, aims and objectives a good guide to follow is the SMART principle. Which will be broken down below to help. S: Specific For the goal to be achievable, it has to be detailed and very specific. This is so it isn’t waffly and is … Read The Full Post

How to Stick to Your Goals When the Obstacles Seem Impossible

Getting over the wall. Almost everyone knows the value of setting goals. Setting them, writing them down, and then marching toward their completion is the best and surest way to make progress, right? It doesn’t matter what your goals are, as long as they’re important to you, and let’s face it, if they weren’t important to you, you wouldn’t have made them goals in the first place, right? Problems arise, however, when you feel as though you’re not making any progress. Sometimes it feels as though every force in the universe is acting against you, trying to keep you from … Read The Full Post