Welcome to the New (Old) Blog – Moving Hosts

Welcome to The Make Money Online Thing Website! Some of you will have surfed in and found me here for the first time and some will have transfered from my previous website. Essentially, the new site (this one) is a straight port of the old one, but with one crucial difference – this one is much more focused. On the old site, I just started writing When I started the blog on the old site, I knew that was what I wanted to do, but I really wasn’t sure of my direction. So, to practise I just started writing. I … Read The Full Post

The Ultimate Guide to get your WordPress Blog started

WordPress is one of the most popular and commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) for blogging. Over 60% of all blogs online run on WordPress software. Its popularity can be attributed to the platform’s flexibility and user-friendliness. First things first: What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), which is licensed under GPLv2. This essentially means that anyone can use or adapt WordPress software to suit their own needs for free. As a CMS, WordPress is a tool that helps you manage all of the important components of your site, like content creation and layout. The best … Read The Full Post

Why Tony Robbins Believes Everyone Should Have a Coach

Tony Robbins: “I started out loving people. I just love people and I was, I hated suffering. I grew up in a really tough environment and err, my mom you know, I didn’t used to talk about it but I do today because it empowers people; my mom abused alcohol and prescription drugs and I’m the oldest and so it was, it was a rough time we’ll just put it that way, and so my only escape – I grew up in an environment that was very poor financially and emotionally, was books, and somewhere along the way I got … Read The Full Post

Downsize Dave (again) – Losing Weight For the 45th Time

Too big for my shirts Once again I find myself looking down and not liking what I see. My T-Shirt sizes have grown from Medium as a man in my 20’s to a portly XL now. This means i’m now about a couple of clem (2 stones) overweight. I actually weigh in at 201.1 lbs, which reveals that i’m actually quite short for my weight. An alternative view is i’ve become a bit of a porker! Now, I must admit, I like my food. I’ll eat pretty much anything. Unfortunately i’ve found myself troughing increasing quantities of ‘anything’ (except Beetroot … Read The Full Post

Exacta Weather Rubbish | The Great Weather Con

Exacta Weather think they can forecast the weather: they can’t Over the years of weather watching, it’s become apparent that there a lot of folks out there who’ve taken a stab at weather forecasting. One of the first who came onto the scene was Bill Foggitt, a local (farmer?) from North Yorkshire who made his forecasts by watching nature and writing a little column for a local newspaper. He didn’t try to make any money from it and just enjoyed talking weather with people. He was a local character. Everyone loved Bill. Since the internet came along, weather forecasting has … Read The Full Post

Dark Nights in deepest Northumberland

Keilder observatory, Northumberland

For my birthday this year, I got a ticket to the Kielder Observatory in Northumberland to go look for planets! It’s one of the best places in Britain for observing heavenly bodies (apart from some dubious top shelf mags) as it’s darker than a goth’s hairpiece, so you see things up there that wouldn’t be visible from the average Durham back garden. I’d never been to Kielder before, even though I’m old enough to remember them turning the taps on and filling it with water, so this is exciting for me. Astronomy was one of my biggest hobbies as a … Read The Full Post

Being Buzz Lightyear – My problems with stiffness

Knocked off my bike For about 3 years before I finished, I cycled to work. I decided that it was going to be good for my health. I bought myself a bike and chugged the six miles there and back every day; about 30 minutes each way. It was good to get out in the fresh air, although it was restricted to British Summer Time. I didn’t like cycling in the dark. Most of the trip was on cycle paths and there was only about 3/4 mile where I was on open road, so pretty safe. One night, back in … Read The Full Post