How to Sell Things Without Being A Salesman

You don’t have to be a salesman I want to write about selling stuff online, in particular how to sell stuff without having to be a salesman. One of the first problems that I see with newbies to the affiliate marketing and online business world, is that they are worried they don’t have sales skills and feel that they are incapable of selling anything to anyone. Mostly this is true. We aren’t born sellers, and also feel uncomfortable being sold to. We have to learn how to do it. I couldn’t sell a thing when I started, and became focused … Read The Full Post

Conversiobot : Increase your Conversions with AI Chat

What is Conversiobot About? I saw ConversioBot Chatbot Creation Software being marketed through Facebook advertising and it looked interesting as a way to potentially increase business, so I looked further. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a huge growth industry at the moment. Who are Conversiobot chatbots for? The Conversiobot chatbot is software that lets you create your own AI chatbot for your website to draw more leads to your business and improve profitability. It can also be used for customer service and to learn more about your traffic. You can better convert your website visitors into paying customers, and speed up … Read The Full Post

The 7 Steps of Attraction Marketing

What is the Attraction Marketing Formula? – Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer.   Step 1 : Brand YOU The only one thing that is unique about you …. is YOU. It’s your USP. It’s one of the first things you get asked about whenever you are pitching to an investor or a potential client. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from the crowd? You must brand YOURSELF, not your company. People join people, not Companies … and they are looking … Read The Full Post

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

This guy Stefan James is great. I would have stood up and presented to camera about the benefits of affiliate marketing and how to make money with it, but it wouldn’t be anything like as good, so i’ll just embed his video here and give him the hits and views. Sometimes it’s best to just let a master present. How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [with no money or website] Hey, what’s up life masters this is Stefan James from project life mastery. Inside this video I’m gonna share with you how you can get started to make money with affiliate marketing … Read The Full Post