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Can CBD Oil help my back pain?

I’ve not really considered CBD Oil as a way of treating my dodgy back before (and knees), but I came across this rather funkily packaged product under the monicker of Cannubu so thought i’d give it a go and review what I found.

In the UK, we seem to be the last to adopt new ideas. Certainly any mention of Cannabis over here and eyebrows are raised and curtains start to twitch. This CBD Oil is made in the UK.

What is this CBD Oil? Isn’t it just a secret way of getting out of your tree?

Well no. It may be killing the joy for people who DO want to use Cannabis to visit a higher plane, but CBD Oil is the good bit in Cannabis that has the therapeutic benefits without taking you to another planet. The active ingredient that gets you high isn’t there.

Sorry Stoners! ?

Order Placed

So, I ordered a box of 30 capsules (see the picture above) direct from Cannubu on August 11th. This cost me £29.75 with a 15% discount voucher. The order arrived by Royal Mail on 13th. Two days is good for non-Amazon deliveries these days.

Cannubu packet unopened

Unpacking was a breeze. There was no more to do than open the envelope. The whole pack is matt black, and physically quite small, with a neat little fabric pull attached to the internal tray to make it easy to pull out. The front of the pack is very simple, with just the logo, the id, the dosage of each capsule and the number of capsules in the box.

Opening up the box

Cannubu have very thoughtfully filled out the tray with packing to prevent the capsules rattling around in the post, although in reality there isn’t a lot of spare space anyway. The capsules are like fruit drop sweets and although they’re called Softgels, they’re actually quite hard to the touch. Not sure how they’ll swallow? We’ll find out later.

Cannubu packet opened showing gel CBD capsules

So what are the ingredients that go into the Cannubu CBD Softgels?

Well, there’s 33mg of CBD in each Softgel capsule and that makes 1,000mg in the box (well 999mg if i’m going to be pedantic, but i’m not).

Each capsule contains just Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Extract and a Gelatin and Glycerol shell.

There are no dosage recommendations in the box, so i’ll assume that it’s one per day. I’ll take a look on the website.

Cannubu packet ingredients list

Starting the ‘treatment’

Start date : 13th August 2020

So, the ailments list will give me ample opportunity to evaluate whether these things work or not.

I have degenerative disk problems in my back, two painful knees and a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder, so plenty of chances to test them out. Because it’ll take a while to give these things a chance, i’ll be adding to this review before I report my results and decide if I can recommend or not.

Cannubu also sell the CBD oil in other forms, including Moisturising Cream (Low Strength) and High Strength CBD Oil designed to be taken under the tongue.


14.8.2020 Well, I never thought i’d be writing after just one day! The first thing I noticed was that the rotator cuff injury pain, which has been giving me jip for many months had noticeably reduced. I hadn’t really been able to raise my arm above the horizontal, or move it behind my back at all, but it seems I can do that again. That’s incredible after only 1 day!

25.8.2020 Added toothache to the list! There is an overall feeling that pain in the body is lessened, but the toothache needs something stronger than Cannubu CBD Oil.

13.9.2020 OK, a full month is up. I’ve taken Cannubu CBD oil intermittently during the month to try to gauge whether the stuff truly made me feel better and I can honestly say that it has. The aches and pains that have nagged on for so long seemed to have either greatly dimished or disappeared completely. The rotator cuff is vastly improved to a point where I am now able to stretch it above my head and do plank exercises again.


I used the little capsules for the month, and while I got benefits from them I was disappointed that the company seemed to disappear shortly afterward, so my search goes on for a reliable high quality supplier.

As soon as I find a reliable supply of CBD in the UK i’ll repeat the tests and let you all know.

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1 thought on “Cannubu CBD Oil – Cannabis Oil For Health”

  1. ‘Cannubu CBD Oil Review’ is a casual and amusing review of the process of finding, purchasing, receiving, and consuming Cannubu CBD softgels. I get the feeling that if it works, he is going to let me know. And if it does not work, he is going to let me know.

    I have tried various CBD products for stress relief, pain relief, and decreasing the amount of time it takes me to fall asleep. I have found that with small-dosage products, it is important to be consistent. Take it daily and it will work in the long run, which is what I was after.

    Larger-dose products are good for occasional flare-ups. They provide more immediate relief, particularly if it is an edible.


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