The 7 Steps of Attraction Marketing

What is the Attraction Marketing Formula? – Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer.


Step 1 : Brand YOU

The only one thing that is unique about you …. is YOU. It’s your USP. It’s one of the first things you get asked about whenever you are pitching to an investor or a potential client. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

You must brand YOURSELF, not your company. People join people, not Companies … and they are looking for Personal Leadership. Therefore you must Brand YOU! Step up, become THE LEADER. You are The One!

It’s not your product, service or offer (as a marketer there’ll be others selling exactly the same product as you). It’s yourself that makes you unique and sets you up as your own best ambassador.

No matter what your upline tells you (if you have an upline, my advice is to be your own boss), you must brand yourself, not your Network Company. There are three huge reasons for this :

  1. People join and buy products from other people, not companies. They buy from people they like and trust. They join other people. If your customer feels you can get them to where they want to go, they’ll join you. Stop marketing your company.
  2. Companies will appear and disappear, YOU are here to stay, right? Network Marketing companies come and go all the time. If you brand yourself as a defunct company, how is that going to help you? Build your business around yourself, as a solid foundation.
  3. Branding the Company instead of YOURSELF will guarantee you lose customers! All that will happen if you market the company will be that people will start Googling the company which will then disassociate from you and may buy the same item or service from another marketer. They may also read another article telling why they should not join your company.

Branding yourself has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you are making from the product you are promoting or representing. In fact, it has nothing to do with YOU at all really, it’s about THEM (the people you are going to help and serve). THEY care about one thing – what is in it for them. That is the focus they want and need, not what you’ve made from it.

Free PDF – Attraction Marketing: Bring People To You Rather Than Going After Them!

Attraction marketing may be the buzz word that is out there commonly heard by most Internet marketers. Yet, what does this mean? As an Internet marketer, you do need to know what this type of marketing is as it will likely be one of the most important, profitable tools you have in low cost online marketing that is highly effective.

First, understand what it is and then learn how to implement it within your own business. Most business owners can find success using this method to help them to develop their online business. 

It works in any sector, industry or niche. When applied effectively, it is a low cost, long term success tool no marketer should go without.

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Step 2 : Define Your Audience

Before you can hope to grow your business, you need to get crystal clear in your mind who you are even talking to. Who is the audience you are going to impact? Who are you going to serve?

This is true of any business, but particularly online. You must know who your customer is and what they want. Are you going to pitch to a particular type of consumer, such as one interested specifically in Health items for example, or maybe you want to help would-be entrepreneurs to succeed in their business. You need to know who and how you are going to approach it.

What do you love talking about? Chances are that this will guide you to your niche business and what you are going to be posting and generating content on every day. Without passion about your subject you are going to find it very hard. Make sure you are interested enough to be able to generate new, original, interesting content every day to help.

Step 3 : Understand Your Audiences Challenges

Factbox showing the reason for finding your target market

Once you know your audience, take some time to research, brainstorm, discover and write down their biggest challenges, problems, pains, dreams, desires and questions ….


Whatever your target market is, there are millions of people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who are complaining and struggling about that market, the exact area your product or service covers, and they are probably looking for your solution at the time you are reading this … and you should think that is exciting ( I know I do!). There are millions of opportunities to help people. They are EVERYWHERE.

Once you define who your target audience is, you can brainstorm, research and write down the biggest challenges, problems, dreams, pains, desires and questions they might have … that is where your solutions will help them. Pitch yourself as an expert they can ask, or you can point them in the right direction for the answers, as long as you help solve their problems and address their needs, you’ll be successful.

Step 4 : Create Content That Addresses Your Audiences Challenges

Your job is to create consistent daily content (Videos, Facebook posts, Blog posts etc.) for your audience that address their top challenges, problems, pains, dreams, desires and questions …

If you can create content daily that proves valuable to your target audience, you can prove to lead your market and brand yourself as THE EXPERT in your field. When you do that and address your audience with valuable content every day, you’ll be satisfying your customer’s needs and hopefully they’ll be attracted to your offer without any sweat on your behalf.

If you do this consistently, you’ll be successful in your marketing.

What format should the information be in?

Mix it up, you can provide information as Facebook posts (start a page dedicated to your attraction marketing effort), record videos (or have them recorded for you from a script), blog posts, pictures in instagram and Pinterest and any other social network you feel may have impact. You can include PDF files, info graphics, audio files, podcasts, cheat sheets, pretty much anything.

Step 5 : Build Your Relationship With Your Audience

People do business with people they like and trust. Treat your prospects like human beings because you actually want to help. Follow up, build a relationship, and continue to serve your audience daily. We’ve got to understand that it is people who give their money in exchange for stuff you will provide that will make their lives better and solve their problems.

The fastest way to make more money is to talk to more people

It’s actually quite a simple 3 step process

  1. Connect with your prospect (talk to them on the phone or through Messenger, Skype, Email or Slack. I know it’s strange, but do it and it will reap rewards for you)
  2. Uncover their particular pain. What hurts them the most?
  3. Prescribe and apply the Painkiller.

As with all good salesmen (for that is what you are), the way you close deals is to build trust with your customer. You’re going to have to build a relationship for this to work, but don’t worry, it’s easy when you get away from the usual method of ramming things down people’s throats.

You don’t serve the full 5-course meal in one go, you drip feed content to them that they actually want to consume. That’s the key, they want to read it. You don’t thrust upon them just what you want to sell!

When you drip feed this content to them, they begin to see you as a leader … someone who cares about them and their problems and not just another spammy marketer. That is what sets you apart from the rest.

82% of buyers viewed at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor

Over a period of time, you will start to induce one of the greatest influence triggers know to man-kind: Reciprocity. (when you get really good at over-delivering value, your audience will actually feel bad if they don’t buy from you!)

Marketing to your customers in this way also gives you the opportunity and implied permission  from time to time to recommend other solutions and services to your audience because you have now built trust with them.

And many times when you apply this Attraction Marketing Method to your business(es), you will get people reaching out to you first, asking YOU about YOUR business. That’s when you know you’ve cracked it!

You may have heard online business owners and marketers say, ‘The Money Is In Your List.’

We believe that’s half true… YES, there is great benefits to building a massive e-mail list of customers and prospects. You should always try to do this and give away freebies to those who give their details. But remember

The money may be in the list, but the real money is in the relationship you have with that list

  • Always Follow-up with your prospects
  • Build a relationship with your audience
  • Continue to serve your audience daily…

Step 6 : Uncover Their Pain and Provide a Painkiller

The best way to uncover each prospect’s pain is to connect and actually talk with them. Find their biggest problem and find them the perfect solution (point them to your product or service).

The vast majority of marketers don’t call their leads. They then end up complaining about not making any money from their endeavours.

Just take some time to interact with the prospect who opted in to your website or connected in to your Facebook page, or from anywhere else and you’ll stand head and shoulders above most other marketers out there. You’ll be unique in your marketplace and will eventually succeed with your marketing.

Stop selling and start helping - Zig Ziglar

Here’s the reality when it comes to taking the time to connect with your target audience… (we’ll stick with our network marketing example to stay congruent, but this goes for ANY business in ANY industry)…

Your Network company wants you to talk about only ONE thing – their products & services… that’s all they care about. You promoting THEIR solutions to every thing in your sight with a pulse. They need and use YOU to get their products out to the world… because they don’t know a thing about real marketing… ?

And your Network company wants every conversation with every prospect to lead to ONE solution: their Network products (even if the prospect isn’t a good match, they want you to send them to the ‘presentation!’ page and ram it down their throats)

Think about this… if you had a restaurant and you filled it with complete strangers… and all you had on the menu was steak…

What would happen when you try to serve your steak to a vegan!?


And when you take the time to build a relationship and connect with your prospects…

You find out exactly what their problems & challenges are…

And you can give them the EXACT SOLUTION that would benefit them most based on where they are at now, and where they want to go in the future …

  • You give them what they want
  • You provide value and serve your audience
  • You give them solutions to their problems
  • You Build relationships, gain trust, build rapport

And then you will open the flood-gates to a never-ending flow of customers, you will maximize your profit potential, and you will grow your business!

Stop chasing unqualified friends and family, and stop trying to convince every stranger in sight about how amazing your opportunity is!

It’s the 21st century now people – there’s a better way to market … it’s called attraction marketing, and the internet! (and you’re learning more about it right now by reading this article)

Step 7 : Embrace Multiple Income Streams

If you only have one revenue stream, it’s going to be difficult to create financial freedom online. All top earners online embrace multiple income streams that serve their audience … it’s just smart business!

This was huge for me, and is a key component of what took me from being broke even every month to my first nett income and eventual financial freedom.

If you only have one revenue stream, it’s going to be difficult to create financial freedom online.

ALL top earners online embrace multiple income streams that serve their audience… It’s just smart business. That’s why what you’ll see on this blog is a mixture of my two main income stream sources, Marketing and Property Investment.

These are the top two passive income earners for Entrepreneurs and in this case are actually synergistic – the marketing skills can be used in the property market and vice versa. They are both most successful when I approach them as a way of helping people rather than just selling to them or buying from them.

Never depend on a single income - Warren Buffet

It’s smart to have more than one income – it diversifies risk. If you’re with a Networking company and they go to the wall, you’ve just lost your entire income. If you have more than one source you have a chance, and if it’s good quality you can easily get by without too much hardship.

>> This is how to do it

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