26 Income and High Ticket Ideas for 2021 with Amazon Affiliates

I said i’d keep you all up to date with affiliate income and now is a great time to show you how things are going with Amazon. As is usual, people have been ordering from my affiliate store on my little weather website. Here’s a screenshot of the items that have been ordered so far this year.

What do you notice about the items?

Well, you’ll see that there are the weather products i’m promoting from this particular website in there, but there’s also lots of other stuff too. Stuff that I don’t even promote! This is a big surprise for some affiliates when they first sign up.

This is the biggest bonus as an Amazon affiliate. If a visitor to your site clicks through to the main Amazon site, but doesn’t buy the item you are promoting, but buys something else, you’ll still get commission for it.

Here’s a sample from my sales report so far this year.

How do I know which products to promote?

Well, obviously the products you choose to promote will be relevant to your niche, but for a website to realise significant income from the Amazon Affiliate program you need to make sure you

a) Pick a niche that has lots of low competition products.

b) Choose to promote mid-priced items in the £100 – £200 range.

c) Choose to promote items that Amazon pays higher commission on.

If you choose products that only pay 3% commission, such as those in the Computers and Electronics niche, you’ll have to sell higher ticket items and shift significant quantities to make decent money from the Amazon Associates program. That really rules out smaller denomination accessory-type products.

To make £1,000 from sales at only 4% commission from low ticket sales, you’ll need to shift a lot of product. To see how many items you need to sell, check this out

Hight Ticket – 25 sales at £40 commission (25 items of £1,000 value)

Low Ticket – 250 sales at £4 commission (250 items at £100 value)

themakemoneyonlinething.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Here are some ideas for some Amazon high ticket product niches

Look at some of the prices on these items! Imagine having a credit of 5-10% of their value being credited to your account every time you sold one!

Barbecue Gear



Bicycles for serious riders come in many shapes and sizes depending on your size, height, and type of riding you do. This variety is what makes Amazon appealing as a source. The latest craze and growth are is in electric bikes. These typically sell for £1,000+ so could be very lucrative.

Cameras and Video Equipment

I have bought a lot of camera gear over the years that cost more than £1,000. Hasselblad, Phase One, Linhof, Leica. These brands all go near £10,000. Camera enthusiasts are often trading, selling and upgrading so it is an evergreen market for affiliates. Typical ways of marketing these items are from reviews.

Chandelier Lighting

From modern examples to classic chandeliers lighting is expensive. And antique or special items can easily go to £100,000. Lighting is often a key focal point in a new home or major remodel. There are always a number of lighting options in the £2,000 – £5,000 range. Nice for an affiliate commission.

Designer Fashion

Ok I admit it I don’t get the need to have the latest limited edition fashion item. I certainly like a nice high end winter coat for instance but I will buy it at the end of the season on clearance. But for many others it is seen or be seen. Furs, formal wear, shoes, mens suits, and more can easily be over £2,500. And women seem to collect expensive handbags.


Drones are hot items at the moment. Anyone can now safely fly a drone with camera and make high quality videos, often using drones for commercial services. Companies have drones from £2,000 – £5,000.


There’ll be no surprise that fancy furniture can go into the thousands. You can also find some good buys compared to the designer specialty stores. £5,000 couches, £10,000 dining room sets. These are common items and sales. You could easily make a handsome commission on these items.


These generators are an ideal item. A consumer can not go down to their local store and buy one, so chances are the only place they will be able to get one is online. There is a great variety of options in both size and fuel sources for these, and you never know when you’ll need one!

High End Audio Equipment

This covers everything from home hifi to professional recording and PA equipment. There are still audiophiles out there who appreciate high end gear. Also there are many commercial operations that need stereo equipment. Home theater equipment also can get into the £5,000+ range.

High End Luggage

For many when you travel you are embarking on an adventure. You may even be travelling a bit out of your normal social circles. So when you are setting off for Monte-Carlo or Hong Kong you want to travel in style. Luggage does not really go out of style and is used infrequently so it is a lifetime purchase. Tumi, Hartmann, Bric’s, can all be well into the thousands.


Hot Tubs

Who doesn’t want a hot tub? Like swimming pools, hot tubs are a high ticket item that will ship directly to your home.

Industrial Equipment

People often forget that Amazon has industrial and business products. From generators to lathes you can find it at Amazon. These products are less price sensitive with buyers looking for specific models.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchens are just full of high tech and commercial equipment these days. There are many premium brands with lots of high-cost products like Wolff, Sub Zero, Viking and more that can yield a fantastic commission for you if you sell as an affiliate.


Men love their lawns and their mowers. It is quiet time with no kids or wives. Just cruising around your lawn. There are also now robotic lawn mowers (scary for families). Many mowers are priced in the £2,500-£5,000 range.

Luxury Beauty Products

Amazon has a luxury beauty category. As you can imagine, there are some very expensive items in this group. From a £3,000 massage chair to a £6,500 gold shaving kit. You can aim a bit lower than that and still get great commissions from this niche.

Medical/Mobility Equipment

The UK is aging and people are living a lot longer. Medical technology is now available for home use. Everything from monitors to oxygen delivery systems are on Amazon and many are in the thousands of pounds bracket.


Musical Instruments

Professionals of course need the best instruments. But even as an ameteur I love to have a beautifully crafted guitar. It somehow elevates your game. These typically custom guitars start at a few thousand pounds and easily reach £10,000. A professional cello – £5,000 – £20,000. Imagine getting a slice of that!

Pinball Machines

Who wouldn’t want a pinball machine or arcade game in their man cave? These actually sell well for the mid-life crisis men who can’t afford a Porsche or a Harley. There is often a nostalgia component you may want to work into your content marketing strategy.

Riding Equipment

Horse people are nuts – in a good way. They are committed to their animals and riding. Tack shops typically have a small number of items to choose from and are not present in many communities, so getting hands on tack may be ideal for online ordering.

Speciality Camera Lenses

Photographers are always on the lookout for a special piece of glass. Very long telephoto lenses, extra fast lenses, and other specialty lenses are just not available in your local camera or big box store, but you can buy them at Amazon.

Sporting Equipment

I am sure I would golf better if I only had a £5,000 set of clubs. Believe it or not there are many that think this way and have the money to back it up. Skis and other sports equipment  can also quickly get into the thousands of pounds.

Swimming Pools

Yes, believe it or not, you can buy an above ground swimming pool from Amazon and have it delivered to your home.


Unless you live near a huge city it is unlikely that you will have access to a store that sells telescopes. Indeed, I can’t remember ever having seen one. Normally you’ll just see adverts in specialist Astronomy magazines.


Some people just have to have the biggest and newest tech when it comes to televisions. Also restaurants and bars need high quality TVs.

Watches and Jewellery

I love a fine mechanical watch. For men it is our jewellery. The high-end mechanical watches from Rolex, Patek, Omega etc. start in the tens of thousands. There are people who just love fine watches – typically men. Patek says it best in their ads.

Weather Stations

This is a niche that I actually sell in myself. I always had a barometer around to give me a clue as to the coming weather patterns. Now you can have a complete weather station with remote display of everything from wind speed to temperature in your own home. Sometimes these items are in the Garden section at Amazon, meaning they’ll get a higher commission rate.

I hope this gives you some ideas about what you can promote on the Amazon platform. There really is no limit to what you can sell as an affiliate marketer.

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themakemoneyonlinething.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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