Amazon Affiliate Report – December 2019

The Amazon effort rumbled into December in the lucrative gap between Black Friday and Christmas. I was expecting the income to continue to rise in this period and thankfully I was proved right.

I hadn’t introduced any more monetised sites, so it was still the Durham Weather site selling weather stations that was my main source of fees.

Comparing things to November 2019 :

Nov 2019
Clicks 161 Shipped Items 13 Conversion 9.94% Revenue £318.97 Fees £20.20

Dec 2019
Clicks 127 Shipped Items 25 Conversion 17.32% Revenue £689.34 Fees £41.23

Less clicks, but better conversion rate and double the Fees due to me. That’s a great increase in such a short time. However, I suspect that once Christmas is over that order rates may drop again, but we’ll see. I notice one of my bestseller stations has actually gone out of stock at Amazon, so I may need to rethink if it doesn’t return.

Impressions for the year continue to rise as I make more posts to the site.

I really stepped up my posting frequency in October 2019 and that can be seen in the trace above. All I can do is keep turning out quality, highly-targeted regular content and this should continue to rise.

Commission Paid £28.97

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