Amazon Affiliate Income Report – November 2019

As I’ve started to step up my efforts with the Amazon Affiliate program, i’ll be publishing a report here every month to show how my affiliate income is growing (or not). Amazon’s own reporting package is very good at illustrating the way things are going, so i’ll just screenshot from there to let you all see.

My use of Amazon Associates is limited on this particular site to books about Property Investment. My main outlet at the moment is with my site at Durham Weather where I mainly sell Weather Stations and Meteorological stuff, and a new one, (this is brand new so will take a bit of time to build traffic). I have WooCommerce installed as my e-commerce platform on each one, which links directly to the Amazon products from the Buy buttons.

November 2019 Amazon Associates Income Report

As you can see, the conversion rate in November was really promising at nearly 10%. The month started well with a sale on the 4th, but there weren’t any other sales until the 18th. Around the 15th November I’d added more items to the catalog and changed the text on my Buy button. This seemed to work quite well as I sold 15 more items in the month, with a total shipped revenue of £318.97.

One major conscious thing I implemented was an increase in the item value that I was selling. I decided to only sell items with a minimum revenue value of £50. You can only really make income headway with Amazon if you :

a) Sell higher value items in your catalog/reviews

b) Sell items from a niche that Amazon pays a higher % commission on

I’d also upped my article publishing rate on the Weather site to help increase the traffic. I’m now getting 1,500-1,800 visits to the site per month and this is rising steadily. The site is still not particularly high in Google’s index, so more SEO work is needed, particularly around image alt text and headings.

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