Amazon affiliate income February 2022

I haven’t posted any Amazon earnings info here for a while. Mainly because in March 2021 I changed the url of the Amazon affiliate website and completely lost all position and gravity in Google.

Why did I change the url?

The hosting company I originally registered and built the website with was charging me a fortune for the hosting. I thought I needed something cheaper that would give me better control. I decided I’d use the hosting built in to my Wealthy Affiliate account, but I couldn’t use the same url because domains aren’t handled.

So I had a bit of a quandary. Keep the original url and pay through the nose, or change the url and have a lower cost base, but lose the Google SERP position of the site.

I knew I could transfer all the content over to the new url, so went for it. To cut a long story short, it took Google 12 months to build back the same content so as to be noticeable. Because the original site was still indexed in Google, there was a period where content appeared duplicated. The new url undoubtedly got penalised for duplicate content, until Google dropped the old site and it’s content from it’s index.

The bottom was in August 2021, when the site earned precisely £0.00 from 97 clicks. Nothing at all!

I’m now seeing traffic and Google position coming back, but it’s taking a long time (but that was expected).

I don’t do any paid advertising on the site and prefer the traffic to be organic. I’m now at the point I was in at January 2020. However, I know that by the end of that same year the traffic and earnings from the site went up 1500%.

I know the same thing will happen this time too, I just have to wait. In the meantime, I’ll continue to add new content and products to encourage that along the way.

The February 2022 figures

The numbers for the first two months of 2022 were actually very similar, around 10 clicks a day and an order every other day. A total of just over £11 of commissions for the month, well short of the £238.63 earned in December 2020 (paid for October 2020 sales).

The period after Christmas is always quiet anyway, but this year we’ve been hit by inflationary pressure, so people have been tightening their belts a bit, rather than seeing the spending levels that peaked online during the pandemic.

Ultimately though, it’s all about clicks, and until the positioning of the pages completely recover in Google, the revenue will be suppressed.

It’s important for any potential affiliates out there to to realise that this is a perfect example of how long it takes. If anyone promises you instant success, or tells you that you can have huge passive income tomorrow, it’s just not true. You can’t speed it up.

Affiliate Marketing income takes time to build, and what you post today may not return any commissions until 12 months later. Don’t be impatient, just keep adding content.

However, you need to start NOW!

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