The Make Money Online Thing

Hi there, I’m Dave. I’m an ordinary fella from North East England.

I’ve had a long career in Industry, but I was recently made redundant from the 9-5 in 2016. To cut a long story short, I now make money online by using affiliate marketing.

I regularly update my Make Money Online Blog here about what I find that’s working. I’ll also regularly tell you about what to avoid (sadly, there’s also lots of very dodgy stuff out there, waiting to suck money from your wallet for little return).

Early ‘retirement’ and the beginnings of The Make Money Online Thing

At the time we bought our new house in 2014, we obviously didn’t know that my job would disappear  only a couple of years later! Everything came out of the blue.

I’d always thought that only happened to ‘older people’. Then I realised I was already 56, prime fodder for the scrap heap. I already was that ‘crusty’!

I’d worked in the same place for nearly 37 years and it paid a decent wage (but ultimately, I was still a wage slave, like most other people reading this I guess). Like a lot of others, the head honcho decided to ‘restructure‘ and my job wasn’t needed anymore, so I was out on my ear.

There were others who lost their jobs with me, well over 100 years experience gone in one go. Their loss!

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - pension jar and alarm clock
I drew my pension at aged 56.

I then found out how to do online stuff for myself.

I decided to take early retirement as I was then over 55. It was a bit of a wrench to leave, but afterwards I realised I was probably bored and needed something new anyway. Here I go!

I certainly didn’t miss the morning alarms, dragging myself to work every day. It was like a long holiday! Still is, but I couldn’t sit around doing absolutely nothing.

That ‘something new’ came along and turned out to be affiliate marketing. I realised I could Make Money Online on the internet. Folks were already doing it, so why not me?

Attraction Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Having spent all those years working for the large company, I jumped at the chance to use my know-how to help myself, through effective use of the World that I’d  discovered.

Now, i’m not some kind of guru. Far from it. I don’t sell expensive courses or try to get you to enroll in dodgy ponzi schemes or bitcoin trading accounts, attempting to rip you off.

I’m just an ordinary Joe who found out how to start my side hustle. I’m the kind of guy who likes writing and helping people just like myself, and this blog is my documentary of me doing it.

I don’t hide on my blog, i’ll happily post my photo online (see the top of this page) and tell you who I am. There’s no secrets here. Like I say, there’s nothing special about me at all.

Searching for effective tools was difficult

I began looking around to find specialist resources to help me more with it. Good stuff wasn’t so easy to find (I did find tons of rubbish), so I decided to shape things for myself by doing some training and ‘going back to school’.

I now have a nice side-hustle as an affiliate marketer and help others to use this ‘Affiliate Marketing’ method. I’m not good at selling anything, so I don’t even try. I just like helping people. I don’t have a mission or anything like that.

I don’t aspire to be a multi-millionaire (although it would be nice), but I do make an income from bits and pieces of this blog, but I’m transparent about it.

Showing others the  ‘Affiliate Marketing‘ way

One of the things I set out for myself after I was finished from work was to try to make some money for myself, on my own terms, to make my retirement more comfortable.

I had built up a lot of knowledge in my 60-odd years. I needed to use it.  There’s room for everybody in this affiliate World.

I’ll also give you my personal help for free. Yes, totally FREE, because that’s the way I want it to be. I don’t want you to pay me anything. I don’t want to be a guru and attract all the negative publicity they get. I don’t want haters and nasty messages.

I don’t want to run my own self-styled guru course. Not interested, i’ve had enough of those folks. Those guys make more from selling training than the things they’re supposedly teaching about.

‘Fake it til you make it’ is not for me.

However, on my blog here i’ll regularly post reviews of good stuff, but also highlight the things you definitely need to steer clear of. These are typically to do with passive income/affiliate marketing stuff, but also I try to warn against bogus sites and people who will rapidly relieve you of your cash without providing much value to you, sometimes none at all in fact.

Please check out the reviews because they’ll sometimes include YouTube content which will grow your experience and knowledge (as well as mine, i’m still learning myself too).

When I realised I could make money online for (almost) free

Back in 2016 after I left work, I decided that I needed to spend some time relaxing on some of my hobbies. I’d been interested in weather since I was a kid and had started a little website for it.

The website was a bit geeky and all I did really was keep a weather diary. I’d wanted to grow it though, but when I was working I didn’t really have the time, but I had some ideas.

My home weather station also broke down around the time we moved to Durham and I had to buy a new one. Naturally, Amazon was my first place to look.

I found my new replacement there and thanks to Amazon’s superb service, I had my new NetAtmo kit in my hands in a couple of days.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was still finding myself with plenty of time to work more on my weather website. I also discovered around that time that Amazon had an affiliate programme.

If I build it he will come ….. (or maybe not).

Basically, if I could feature weather products they sell on my own website, Amazon would pay me (provided they sell of course)! I thought that was amazing, so I began investigating how I could do this and eventually set up a little shop on my website. This was mainly to fund the site, nothing more. I didn’t expect to actually earn any real money over and above that.

Then ……… nothing happened.

I thought the Kevin Costner effect might kick in, just like in Field of Dreams –  ‘If you build it, they will come’.

…. but they didn’t.

I realised that I didn’t really know what I was doing to get things working even basically for me, so that’s really when I started looking for training online that would help. I knew this was a system that worked, but it was clear I wasn’t doing it right.

Eventually I found a training site and got down to studying so I could get my website selling for me and at least covering my website costs. I had to pay for my training, but hey-ho.How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - Review post in Wealthy Affiliate

I started really working hard on the site and eventually the traffic gradually came for me. The little weather site started to sell weather stations.

I was being paid for something I loved doing too. I had learned how to make money online.

Living the Dream ?

Here’s how it worked for me

✅ I found someone to train me

✅ I did the things they told me to do

✅ I didn’ stop doing those things until I got results

✅ Then I kept doing them some more!

The last two points are THE KEY ?

How the training helped me

The training site i’d joined showed me how to do it all, from scratch. I found out where I was going wrong and how to put things right. I asked lots of questions and realised what i’d learned could be used to build any website in any other niche in the future, so I started getting a bit excited as I saw the possibilities. These skills were scaleable.

Here’s the 12 months traffic on my little weather site after I did the training. My traffic went up more than 10-fold in that time, based on what i’d learned.

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - graph showing the traffic increase on

When you join the training (there’s more than 2 million people have already), you rely heavily on other more experienced members to guide you through it all.

There’s other people just starting, but also very savvy people who know how things work, making good money.

They’re there to help, and as I became more experienced I found I gradually became one of them, helping out new people less experienced than myself to do exactly the same. We used to call it ‘Train the Trainer’ at work.

I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy this. I really got off on showing complete newbies (like I was just a few months prior) that they could do it too, all that was needed was the attitude to learn (some still can’t do this though).

There were also vastly more experienced people there who I could continue to learn from, and I still do to this day.

Accidentally, I’d become an affiliate marketing trainer myself, helping people realise they could do it too. They could also make money online, just like me. Some only make pennies, but others are making a complete living.

Harness The Power of Affiliate Marketing

What i’d actually discovered was the Power of Affiliate Marketing and how to implement it correctly to make it work, without spamming and dropping links everywhere and annoying the hell out of people. We see that every day on Facebook and it gets on our t**s, right?

Around the Globe there are millions of people with geeky hobbies just like mine and passions that they want to share with the World.

There are also hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers who are willing to pay good commissions to people who will help promote their gear online. Rewards of 8-10% aren’t unusual. On digital products it can be a lot higher.

My little weather website had made me realise there were lots of people with the same interest as me (however geeky and niche I thought I was), who wanted to join in, buy a home weather station and start observing weather for themselves.

I was providing a place online where people could read about the weather, learn about the best kit available and give them links to buy it, backed by the trusted power of Amazon. Amazon would then pay me!


How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - Amazon associates banner
Amazon’s affiliate programme will pay you to sell their products

Affiliate Marketing is actually the Perfect Business.


There’s no need worry about keeping stock, hiring premises, dealing with awkward suppliers, doing deliveries, filling your rooms with packaging, dealing with returns, answering complaints, doing payroll, insuring it all, paying business rates or any of the other things associated with running a conventional business.

The affiliate partner deals with all of that stuff.

No, all we have to do is link the products to people who are already looking for them. This suits them too as they have no staff to directly employ and pay a wage to. It can all be done from home.

Affiliate Marketing means we can work absolutely anywhere

Once this system is running, we can be earning affiliate commissions while we’re:

  • Asleep In bed, bashing out ZZZZZ’s
  • On the beach in Budgie Smugglers
  • Relaxing With Our Long Suffering Family
  • In the Pub with our mates

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - Example Clickbank stats
This sounds too good to be true I know, it did to me at first, but it’s completely genuine and is fact! It’s almost perfect ‘Passive Income’ once it’s set up. We can earn money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online by just linking to other people’s products.

They can be physical products like Amazon sell on their site (like my weather website), or they can be digital products (these typically pay an even higher level of commission, sometimes as high as 75%!) from places like Clickbank and JVZoo.

The sky really is the limit for us with Affiliate Marketing!

Broken down into it’s simplest form, this is the process that will earn money online, if we do it right. This is the process I followed for my weather website and one I’ll follow for all future sites I build.

I’ll show you how I ‘did it right’ by giving you a link to the same training site I used, using the same free tools and linking you up with affiliate marketing experts. If you sign up for further training, I’ll get a small fee, but the basic training is completely free.

Then it’s up to you.

A video intro to the website training

Here’s an intro video to the training portal to give you an idea of what’s inside and what you’ll get access to.

The 4 Steps to starting an online business

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - the 4 stages of building your website online
The four stages of building your business online

Step 1 – Choose an Interest/niche

So, what floats your boat? What is your passion?

You might think it’s obscure (I thought my interest in weather was), but you’ll probably find there are many people out there in the World who also have it, are willing to suck up any information, need products, and who discuss it at every opportunity.

Here is a list of hobbies for niche ideas

Our ‘job’ as affiliates is to position ourselves as the go-to persons in that niche. Once we are, we’ll start attracting people. This is the secret. We aren’t shoving it in people’s faces on Facebook, we are simply attracting people who are already looking for solutions to their problems, or looking to have their needs fulfilled.

It’s called Attraction Marketing. People are making a great success of it, without ‘selling’ anything.

Step 2 – Build a free website

In the past, building websites was only for geeks. In the past, we’d either need to know how to write code, or else we’d spend a fortune on software that would allow us to do it (these tended to also have very steep learning curves too).

Now, we can build a free website with one click.

These days it’s a lot easier, and we can have a basic website set up in less than 30 seconds once we press the Build It button.

Once we’ve got the website published on the Net (like this one), we can start writing content to flesh out the website. This then allows us to write about products and services we are an expert in, and promote them as an affiliate marketer.

It’s all about writing quality content, but that is a lot easier if you’re building a site around your own knowledge and experience.

If we can fulfil a need and solve people’s problems in their own chosen niche, we can be very, very  successful with affiliate marketing.

Step 3 – Attract Visitors to the website

Put simply, all we have to do is attract people to the  website that we’ve just built, and have them read the  reviews and buy the products they already want and are searching for.

We do this by writing high quality content that Google and the other Search Engines index and provide us with a steady stream of targeted traffic to the website.

We do it ourselves every day – search Google for things we need to know, or want to buy. The results are provided as a relevant list, with the ones Google deems most relevant at the top.

Our job is to get our own websites up there for people to see when they search for niche products they want to buy. The training shows exactly how to do this.

Once Google has indexed the web pages and they have affiliate offers included, our work that we’ve only done once can earn for us for many years to come!

Many affiliates are still getting paid for things they wrote years ago, that still show in the search results and have built more authority in that time.

Passive Income at it’s finest.

Step 4 – Earn Revenue from our own  website

Once we are getting visitors to our site, we can pick and choose which products to promote and present to our visitors. We already know our target audience and hopefully what people are looking for in our niche. It’s simply a matter of introducing them to our promoted items.

There are literally millions of products out there that can be promoted. There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs that are completely free to join, paying commissions of up to 75%, ready to be tapped into.

We just need to know how to find them and use what they offer.

The potential is huge. Here’s a little graph showing how the figures have shot up, the affiliate products market now being worth $5.9bn and still increasing.

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - graph showing total affiliate marketing spending 2010-2019

So how can you get a slice of this too?

Well, the good news is that i’m going to show you exactly how you can do that too, free of charge, even if you’re a complete newbie (and we all are to start with aren’t we?).

I’ve mentioned that i’ve had success myself, starting with my little weather website, but others had success before me. People who started this years ago are now reaping the rewards for themselves.

This is where I got my inspiration and realised there were these guys out there doing great things already, all I had to do was follow their example.

The training works!

There are lots of other stories of success. This is because the methods taught will actually work for anybody, no matter what the experience.

They will work for anybody as long as you’re prepared to put in the work, because make no mistake, work is needed. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and I certainly don’t talk about it that way.

However, if we follow the plan we will succeed in learning how to make it work. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, the affiliate marketing method is firmly established already.

I started getting emails like this

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. From Being Made Redundant in 2016 to Earning Online in 2020 - Commission email from Wealthy Affiliate for Dave

I’ve done a complete review of the package here so you can get a better idea of all that’s on offer.

If you join, you’ll have access to me as your sponsor (and 2 million others) inside to make sure you succeed with your projects.

I’ll help you and hold your hand throughout your journey and be your first point of contact on the platform. You’ll make many friends there too, from all over the World.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t for everyone however

Some people will not flourish in the affiliate marketing environment. I realise everyone is different and some just don’t have the patience or drive to make it work for them.

We need to be of the right mindset. Here’s who it isn’t suitable for:

❌ People who aren’t interested in affiliate marketing (duh)

❌ People who are ok being in exactly the same position next year

❌ People who want to waste time trying to build a £10k business without spending a penny

❌ It isn’t for those people who are looking for a Get-Rich-Quick solution to their problems, or those who need money fast.

What the Get Rich Quick people don’t realise is, if they have this strategy, the increased potential returns also have the bigger risks, and quite often they lose the lot, and more.

How I Make Money Online using Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense and Wealthy Affiliate - Picture from The Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference with branded water bottle, mugs and dollars

If you are looking to make £5,000 before the weekend then this website and affiliate marketing aren’t for you.

You should go elsewhere, because what i’m telling here is for people who want to properly build an online business, not a fly-by-night operation.

It takes hard work and it takes time. Building a business is a process, not an event.

Building a business takes dedication and hard graft, but the rewards can and will be huge when you do it right.

This is what I discovered and what I want to show you and help you with.

So, if like me, you are not just looking for a Free Lunch, Something for Nothing and aren’t afraid to have some of your own ‘Skin in The Game’, join me in affiliate marketing for an exciting adventure.

I can’t promise you’ll be rich, but it’s something you will never regret, will teach you tons and is actually very enjoyable.

It can also give us a second income in these turbulent times we now live in. We’ve all recently been in lockdown, some have lost their jobs completely.

Why not try to future proof your earnings a little bit and learn how to make money online yourself with a side-hustle?

I can’t be sure if these opportunities are right for you in person, but if not, you may know someone in your network who is looking to create more opportunities for themselves?

Just show them this page and get them to read it. If you want to explore this further with me, click below to get a totally free starter account and join me inside.

My little business will trundle on no matter what you choose to do, I just wanted to pass this on to you.

Picture of guy pointing at the Wealthy Affiliate link 1

create a free wealthy affiliate account button

What I do for ‘Fun’ the rest of the time

Meteorology – The summer of 1976 got me interested in the British climate and what it capable of. Phew what a scorcher!

Since then i’ve watched weather most days. The British obsession. I now run my own weather site.

Astronomy – The Apollo Moon missions captured my imagination as a kid, so I bought a telescope and started lying on the sunbed in the garden. In Winter. Not a Trekkie though.

Sunderland AFC – My beloved football team. Been a long suffering fan since 1972, and it has been a LONG trip. It’s getting harder all the time, but my blood is still Red and White.

Genealogy – Tracing my family tree since being taught the skills by my old boss in the early 1990’s. Not as lucky as Danny Dyer, but solid roots in Ireland.

Photography – Since buying my first SLR (a Canon AV-1) in 1980 I’ve been a keen amateur photographer. Mostly landscapes and weather.

Gadgets and Tech – My other half tells me I have way too many gadgets. It’s true, of course. I’m an Apple fan boy and spend too much time on my iphone and other gadgets.

Classic Rock – I grew up in the 1970’s, with such hairy influencers as Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’ll never be influenced by disco, and if a guy who can’t play an instrument calls himself a ‘musician’, I’m Out! \m/ \m/

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  1. Great company with great opportunties.
    I made my choice a few weeks ago and the only thing i’m regreting is that i found out about it so late. I will definitely recommend it to everyone that has a desire to learn more about the world of marketing and want to learn how to build a financial stability!

    • Hi Velislav,

      The platform at Wealthy Affiliate is just full of really genuine people with all the same aims. You can ask anyone anything and within 10-15 minutes you’ll have an answer to that question!

      It’s an unbelievable way to spend your time and i’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. Blow Facebook out of the water and get some positivity back, particularly at the moment when everyone is under pressure from the Coronavirus!

  2. Hi,

    Great post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on affiliate marketing. My dream is to be able to make some money online as well and you are right about all of the rubbish people online promising you that you will make 5K in 5 minutes. I have been searching about affiliate marketing and I’m glad to come across Wealthy Affiliate. I will be following your footsteps. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to others.


    • Thanks Jen.

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to learn and get support. There are people there who are hugely more knowledgable than me and I intend to learn everything I can from them so I can then help others.

      We’re all in this together at the moment and if we can help each other be less reliant on conventional 9-5 work in offices then so much the better. It doesn’t have to be a complete replacement for a conventional job, but a 2nd source of income is a great idea in these uncertain times.

      The future is online!

  3. What an awesome and detailed post. Thank you for explaining it in such a detailed. This can serve as a bible post for people looking for the information 🙂

    • Thanks Prav,

      My main concern is to make sure the right information is available to people who are looking for it.

      Wealthy Affiliate taught me I could make an income online. By following the training I then made this pay off.

      If people want to make money online, try the free training here.

  4. Hi

    Excellent post and also great to read about your personal journey to get where you are today. WA is definitely a great place and with a lot of friendly and helpful people like yourself.

    • That’s what I find is the best thing about WA. It’s friendly and helpful as you say, and that goes a long, long way to make you feel at home and comfortable. When you compare it to Facebook, it’s positively Nirvana!

  5. Your website it very informative and helpful, I am still working on my first website with Wealthy Affiliate and still feel confused and not really getting the hang of it yet but I will persevere! I will be following you and may very well reach out to you for some mentoring in the near future. Thanks and good luck with all you ventures!

  6. Thanks Linda. You’re more than welcome to reach out. One of the pre-requisites of joining is that I’m a helper. It’s fun to help and teach others to be successful. The training encourages this and it’s how we all learn from each other.

    There are some very successful people at WA and the opportunity is there to work with them and pick their brains about the affiliate marketing business. If you have the ability to learn, then you also have the ability to earn too.

    Anyone who isn’t sure, just join for free and see what you think.

  7. Excellent story about your journey to online business!  Sadly, so many jobs are becoming redundant lately when we have so much technology.  Soon, grocery store clerks might be in that category with self-checkouts.  Plus so many people losing their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is definitely the time to try something new.  Thanks for giving an in-depth explanation of your recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate!  

    Affiliate marketing does sound almost too good to be true, but it honestly is legitimate and requires a lot of work at first.  

    • Thank you for your comment. I just sat down to write about what happened to me and what I did next. Finding out about affiliate marketing was a great idea. I was skeptical that it would work at first, but decided the only way to evaluate the potential of it was to learn as much about it as I could, then put into action what i’d learnt. The support and teaching from Wealthy Affiliate people was brilliant for me, because I could see that there were seasoned people who’d made it work for them. All I had to do was follow their suggestions and they told me it would work for me too. After some months hard work I found out they were right!

      As affiliate marketers we shouldn’t take advantage of the Covid-19 situation, but surely people can see that conventional jobs are now unstable and at risk and that they need to look for second options for making money. 

  8. Hello dave, thank you for sharing a brief history of yourself and your experience it has been a source of inspiration to me and i am sure that many others will benefit from it. i am looking to get into affiliate marketing too. i am getting all the help that i can get so that i do not miss it. thank you very much

    • Thank you, i’m really just trying to show people that if a 60 year old ordinary bloke from the North East of England can succeed with affiliate marketing, anyone can. I’m nothing special, no different from anyone else, but I decided to knuckle down to educate myself about what could be achieved, then acted on it. 

      You are very wise in choosing to educate yourself too about affiliate marketing. Done properly, it’s very powerful and the number of products you can promote is almost endless, resulting in an almost infinite number of ways of earning money. Sure, there’s some crap out there, but once you’ve discovered what I have you can avoid all of the other rubbish because the Wealthy Affiliate training works 100%. Especially so if you become a Premium Member


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