How to start in Affiliate Marketing

#wealthyaffiliate #affiliatemarketing #makemoneyonline Full Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough ▶ In this wealthy affiliate review you’ll learn what wealthy affiliate really is, the two ways you can make money with wealthy affiliate and if this program is the right thing for you. 👉 FREE wealthy affiliate membership ▶ Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories: Brok earned $13,481.39 in a single month from his affiliate website ▶ Todd’s $5,195.20 affiliate check ▶ How Eddy makes $10,000+ per month with multiple streams of income ▶ How Kuda quit his job to earn full-time income online ▶ Garen made $51,755 with … Read The Full Post

How to Sell Things Without Being A Salesman

You don’t have to be a salesman I want to write about selling stuff online, in particular how to sell stuff without having to be a salesman. One of the first problems that I see with newbies to the affiliate marketing and online business world, is that they are worried they don’t have sales skills and feel that they are incapable of selling anything to anyone. Mostly this is true. We aren’t born sellers, and also feel uncomfortable being sold to. We have to learn how to do it. I couldn’t sell a thing when I started, and became focused … Read The Full Post

Beware of False Prophets (and False Profits)

The Big Squeeze – Due Diligence Is Even More Important At the moment there is a big squeeze on all of our finances that I haven’t personally witnessed since the 1970s. At that time, Britain was plunged into darkness due to power cuts. I have vivid memories of candles and matches being kept at the front of the kitchen drawer and on the hearth by the fire, ready to be used when the lights went out. The times of the power cuts were published in local papers. We all huddled round and played cards. More: The three day week and power … Read The Full Post

Publisher Rocket for Amazon KDP Publishing

Are you an Amazon KDP Publisher? Are you looking to publish your own books? Have you ever wondered what keywords would perform best for your proposed kindle book? Or what categories you should use for your published KDP book? Or how much your competitors are making with their ebook? If so, then I have the perfect tool for you! It’s called Publisher Rocket. It was specifically created for Amazon published authors who wish to sell more books and ebooks. Introduction to Publisher Rocket Video My partner is an Amazon published author and, I don’t know about you, but as an … Read The Full Post

Wealthy Affiliate – Build an Online Business Today

Table of Contents Wealthy Affiliate Review Introduction My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2022 How can Wealthy Affiliate work for you? What do you get with Wealthy Affiliate Membership? The Wealthy Affiliate Beginners Training Wealthy Affiliate hosts your websites Website Security at Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Live Help Wealthy Affiliate Private Messaging Website Backup for your Wealthy Affiliate Site Your own personal Wealthy Affiliate Blog Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course Live Training Webinars by Wealthy Affiliate’s Jay Wealthy Affiliate Video walk-throughs by Kyle Keyword Research with Jaxxy Wealthy Affiliate Training Classrooms Wealthy Affiliate Rewards Program You can Earn while you Learn at Wealthy … Read The Full Post

Amazon affiliate income February 2022

Amazon Affiliate Earnings February 2022

I haven’t posted any Amazon earnings info here for a while. Mainly because in March 2021 I changed the url of the Amazon affiliate website and completely lost all position and gravity in Google. Why did I change the url? The hosting company I originally registered and built the website with was charging me a fortune for the hosting. I thought I needed something cheaper that would give me better control. I decided I’d use the hosting built in to my Wealthy Affiliate account, but I couldn’t use the same url because domains aren’t handled. So I had a … Read The Full Post

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp!

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Banner

This has been adapted from the First Lesson of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp by Kyle, the owner. I didn’t want to completely rewrite the thing, so here’s a lightly adapted version to show you what you could access. Welcome to the Affiliate Bootcamp! Are you ready to learn a lot, have a bunch of fun, build a full time income and brand, and promote a platform that you can believe in, trust and that can truly help people in a positive way? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in the right place and I know you are going … Read The Full Post

Social Media Destroys Entrepreneurs. Grow Your Business Without It.

For most of us entrepreneurs there really are few things worse than social media. You think it’s helpful to you, but in reality it’s just a parasite that slowly sucks the life out of you and your business. The big social media platforms have spent millions and millions of dollars to try to persuade us that they’re indispensable for our businesses. If you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all, right? Nah! What a bloody joke that is. We all know that social media can be bad for individuals’ mental health. But it’s properly poisonous for business … Read The Full Post