5 SMART Ways to Succeed at Goal Setting

Guest post by Daniel Laing

Today’s Wisdom on a Wednesday’s post is on the topic of goal setting. This topic is important, as otherwise people can set themselves unrealistic targets which give them false hope. Then when they don’t meet that target, they can become downhearted and potentially depressed. To help people with setting realistic goals, aims and objectives a good guide to follow is the SMART principle. Which will be broken down below to help.

S: Specific

For the goal to be achievable, it has to be detailed and very specific. This is so it isn’t waffly and is clear to understand and follow. Some trainers will avoid this and hit you with “positivity porn” to make you think that you can achieve anything. This is dangerous as it can give you false hope, which could lead to you becoming downhearted or depressed.

M: Measurable

For the goal to be realistic, you need to be able to have something to measure to show that you have made progress to achieving it. This would be quantifiable. What would help with this was is if you have done sufficient market research, you would know roughly how many sales you could make or properties to buy. An example would be purchasing 2 houses per year.

A: Achievable

This is an important one. This one looks at can you actually do it. This is where people tend to faulter. As this is where things get serious, As you can’t set your target of buying 10 houses per year, If you or your business has awful credit rating or you are on a paupers wage. As that would be an unrealistic target and it will ruin your finances and potentially your health. If you have done the right due diligence and sufficient market research you can come up with an achievable target based on the resources that you have.

R: Realistic

This one is similar to achievable, as you have to be able to actually hit your target with the resources that you have. There are some trainers that don’t care about this and will hit you with “positivity porn” and pressure tactics. They only want your money and will hit you with unrealistic examples or sob stories to trick you into paying for their courses.

With this you have to think of the resources that you have available and factor that in when you make that goal. As otherwise, it will have unwelcome consequences.

T: Time Specific

With this one, to make sure that you are able to achieve your goal, you set yourself a realistic time frame. Whether that is a week, month, 1 year, 5 years. That is to help you focus, but to also hold yourself accountable to make sure you achieve it.

Top tip:

Once you have made your goals have a BS buddy to read over them and give you honest feedback. As your BS buddy will know you well, they can properly assess your ability to see if you are able to achieve the goal. A BS buddy will also keep you grounded and help you make realistic and sensible business decisions. Furu’s refer to these people as “neg heads”. This is because Furu’s like to hit you with hype and not teach you the reality, as that doesn’t sell well.

I hope this has helped you and feel free to ask questions if you need help or feedback on your goals.

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