How to Sell Things Without Being A Salesman

You don’t have to be a salesman I want to write about selling stuff online, in particular how to sell stuff without having to be a salesman. One of the first problems that I see with newbies to the affiliate marketing and online business world, is that they are worried they don’t have sales skills and feel that they are incapable of selling anything to anyone. Mostly this is true. We aren’t born sellers, and also feel uncomfortable being sold to. We have to learn how to do it. I couldn’t sell a thing when I started, and became focused … Read The Full Post

Beware of False Prophets (and False Profits)

The Big Squeeze – Due Diligence Is Even More Important At the moment there is a big squeeze on all of our finances that I haven’t personally witnessed since the 1970s. At that time, Britain was plunged into darkness due to power cuts. I have vivid memories of candles and matches being kept at the front of the kitchen drawer and on the hearth by the fire, ready to be used when the lights went out. The times of the power cuts were published in local papers. We all huddled round and played cards. More: The three day week and power … Read The Full Post