What is the Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress?

What is the best web hosting company for WordPress? I guess that is the $64,000 question. I can answer it quite quickly from a personal standpoint from a blogging point of view. Bluehost is now the company i’ve used to take my blogs to the next level. I’ve worked with Bluehost for a long time now. I really have nothing but awesome things to say about them really. While that is the case, I want to give you the total honest truth here. I’ve been creating websites since 2004 I’ve been creating websites since 2004. There weren’t too many good choices … Read The Full Post

19 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is The Best Business To Start Today

Affiliate Marketing Is a Genuine Opportunity Let’s get things straight from the start. Affiliate Marketing is a genuine opportunity to run a legitimate business on the Internet. It’s not like MLM where you start off by having to buy a ‘Starter Pack’ and then try and sell and recruit new people into the ‘cult’. The only people who make money from MLM are the people at the top of the pyramid. Affiliate Marketing is a) Different and b) Simple. An Affiliate Marketer is able to make money simply by promoting other people’s products. They can be products such as a … Read The Full Post

What is The Best Way to Make Money Online?

What is The Best Way to Make Money Online and Is there a List of Internet Scammers? People like you learn how to earn online money every day. All over the World, more and more people are quitting their jobs because they’ve learned the secret of how to earn online money on the internet, with the ultimate prize being to earn money online free of charge. And, around the world, people are completely changing their lives by building online businesses. This is true; online jobs earn money. This is now reality. And it’s a growing trend. You can work online … Read The Full Post

26 Income and High Ticket Ideas for 2021 with Amazon Affiliates

I said i’d keep you all up to date with affiliate income and now is a great time to show you how things are going with Amazon. As is usual, people have been ordering from my affiliate store on my little weather website. Here’s a screenshot of the items that have been ordered so far this year. What do you notice about the items? Well, you’ll see that there are the weather products i’m promoting from this particular website in there, but there’s also lots of other stuff too. Stuff that I don’t even promote! This is a big surprise … Read The Full Post

‘12 Minute Affiliate‘ by Devon Brown

The 12 Minute Affiliate I’ve decided to do a ‘12 Minute Affiliate’ piece as it comes out of the Devon Brown stable and it is one of the top 10 placed opportunities marketed today. When products are selling like hot cakes, you know something is right. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of those items and sells fast, so I decided to investigate. In the words of Eric Cantona “When the Seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because sardines are being thrown into the sea”. As an entrepreneur, you’ll hopefully be picking up on signals like this. The 12 Minute … Read The Full Post

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Career

Changing careers at 40 or 50 by retraining The article above was just published recently in a local newspaper that I read daily. The headline is correct – it IS never too late to change your career, and the suggestions are workable. Retraining and changing careers at 40, 50 or older isn’t as daunting as it used to be. The generation that lost their jobs of work in the late 1980s are very different from the 40 and 50 year olds today. The world has changed so much in that time. Mobile phones didn’t exist in the late 80’s (well, … Read The Full Post

The 7 Steps of Attraction Marketing

What is the Attraction Marketing Formula? – Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer.   Step 1 : Brand YOU The only one thing that is unique about you …. is YOU. It’s your USP. It’s one of the first things you get asked about whenever you are pitching to an investor or a potential client. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from the crowd? You must brand YOURSELF, not your company. People join people, not Companies … and they are looking … Read The Full Post

The 1/5/10 Strategy: How To Hack Your Best Future

Hi. I’ve included yet another article/video by MJ DeMarco because I believe in his philosophy and that it works because I’m implementing it myself. Goal Setting ……. Backwards! The 1-5-10 Strategy by MJ DeMarco :  How to engineer your dream life What if I could tell you that in a few years from now your life could be ten thousand percent better, like from dead broke and struggling in a one-bedroom apartment to a multi-millionaire who has everything, including free time? The fact is, most people fail to succeed because they fail to plan their life. If you want to … Read The Full Post