Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Coming!

As we all know, November is always a busy month in the lead up to Christmas with Black Friday and then Cyber Monday. It’s become the weekend where everyone tries to buy their presents at knock down prices. If you are operating a business like me in any niche, you can almost assure that your sales will push upwards during the Black Friday frenzy that takes place every year. That’s one of the first things I learned when I started blogging for profit. Wealthy Affiliate got me started and taught me how to make money online. This year the Wealthy … Read The Full Post

What are the components of a Good Landing Page?

Introduction to Landing Pages First of all, before we start describing how to effectively use landing pages, you will need an understanding of exactly what a landing page is. Some people try to make the definition of a landing page more complicated than it actually is, but in essence, a landing page is a special single page on your website that your traffic is sent to upon clicking on your advert or link. This page usually has only outgoing links to the merchant web pages through your affiliate URL’s. It is usually setup so that Search Engines don’t index it. … Read The Full Post

How to Grow A $1,000+ Per Month Income From Scratch

One of the best Residual Commission structures available Whilst the Wealthy Affiliate Commission System is never really aggressively promoted as a way to make money per se, hidden in the bowels of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is a fantastic affiliate system that allows members to make a substantial income by (gently) introducing others to the training. Promote the Platform to Gain Signups This can be done by any way you see fit – by posting on your blog (like this article), social media promotion (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) or by utilising PPC advertising (Google Adsense, Microsoft Bing), it really … Read The Full Post