Review of 50/50 Crowdfunding – Another dodgy Ponzi scheme?

As I’ve been moving in the field of affiliate marketing and as this site becomes more popular, I am seeing more and more offers from other marketers. These sometimes come from direct email to the site, but more often I’m contacted by people on Social Media. That is a normal thing to happen, as others try to network with people who are broadly interested in the same thing – Making Money Online. However, as I’ve posted elsewhere on this site, there are some really good opportunities out there and there is some rubbish. Some of the rubbish is illegal and … Read The Full Post

Wealthy Affiliate – How much would you like to earn?

Here are the questions that get asked when people sign up. They are designed to try to focus people early on what they want to earn. Setting a target is a sure way of firming up on where members want to go. Some people are very modest in their targets, whereas others set more aggressive markers. The important thing is, they take aim! Questions – What are Your Money Goals? In order to achieve any level of success, you need to have a starting point. This starting point is having a “goal”. Success is not all about money and it … Read The Full Post