19 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is The Best Business To Start Today

Affiliate Marketing Is a Genuine Opportunity

Let’s get things straight from the start. Affiliate Marketing is a genuine opportunity to run a legitimate business on the Internet. It’s not like MLM where you start off by having to buy a ‘Starter Pack’ and then try and sell and recruit new people into the ‘cult’. The only people who make money from MLM are the people at the top of the pyramid.

Affiliate Marketing is a) Different and b) Simple.

An Affiliate Marketer is able to make money simply by promoting other people’s products. They can be products such as a digital ebook written by an individual or a high ticket item sold by a huge national chain. The principle is the same.

You may run a website all about walking and hiking. On your website you regularly write reviews of the walking clothing and gear that you try out, maybe the gear you use yourself. This can be stuff like waterproof clothing, boots, gps systems, rucksacks, hats, trousers, tents etc. The number of products is almost endless.

In your reviews, you direct people to the affiliate store so they can buy the product you’ve just reviewed. You use a special coded link and then if someone buys the item (or other items) you’ll get a commission for it. What could be simpler?

What is even better? When you create a website on the internet it’s like a shop that’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But you don’t have to trundle down town to open the shutters every morning and get ready for the public to come stumbling in. No, your shop operates with no stock, no staff, no complaints, no packaging, no returns process, no rude customers, nothing. It all operates automatically, around the clock, every day of the year. How good does that sound?

Now you have a good understanding of what Affiliate Marketing actually is, let’s explore a few reasons for me telling you it’s so good.

With affiliate marketing you can reach the farthest flung places of the internet, which is still growing at a phenomenal rate. All businesses are moving online. Those that don’t will go bust. It’s a sad fact that town centre shops are closing at an alarming rate (Woolworths, Mothercare, ToysRUs are just a few that spring to mind), but YOU can benefit hugely from the trend. Their loss can be your gain, simply by becoming an Affiliate Marketer. Billions of pounds and dollars change hands every day on the internet and you only need a small slice to be a success.

You Can Build A Business Around Your Passion or Interest

Everyone has a passion. A hobby or something you’ve always wanted to do. How many times do you hear people say their dream is to open their own shop based on what they love to do? What they don’t normally consider properly is all the costs involved. That normally results in the shop being opened, but it then folds quickly as the costs eclipse the profits. Bad planning, but also building a business that has built-in costs that get you on the back foot from the very start.

Becoming an affiliate marketer takes all of those costs out of the equation. You don’t need premises, you don’t need to liaise with suppliers and order deliveries. All the traditional overheads are taken out of the equation. You simply get paid commission for your work.

Affiliate Marketing Is Cheap and Easy To Start

That’s it. For the very reasons identified above, the genre is open to pretty much anyone. There are no formal qualifications needed. You don’t need to seek permission from anyone in your local council or register to pay business rates, you can run your business from absolutely anywhere you want to. It could be your spare bedroom, the local coffee shop or even the pub!

However, because the entry barriers to becoming an affiliate marketer are none existent, it attracts a lot of scammers. There are a lot of people trying to con others out of their money with their own bent version of affiliate marketing. However, once I tell you my most reliable place to learn about it, you’ll find that starting an affiliate marketing business is very easy and you’ll also learn how to avoid the scams.

My friends and I will teach affiliate marketing to you and offer you free basic training to get you started.

To learn about the free training and how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business online on a very low budget, click here.

You can get started on your affiliate marketing training for free with our training program and scale up for about $49 per month (but i’ll show you how to get it much cheaper than that). It’s entirely possible to have your business investment totally paying for itself in 3-6 months, IF YOU DO THE WORK.

From that point on, you can start to grow it into a nice little revenue system. It’s up to you how far you scale it. It’s then like choosing your own salary. To see a defined, realistic growth program, have a look here.

The Internet Is The Future Of Marketing

There truly is only one way to go to make money in marketing these days, and that is online. Vendors are moving away from the high street and operating online stores. Sometimes these have vast inventories that you can help sell. Here’s a thing :


Well, they aren’t really your ’employer’, but you’ll be selling their products. Maybe you want to work for Apple for example? Well, now you can. You can sign up to sell Apple products as an affiliate and collect commission from them when you make a sale. How cool is that?

All you need to do is take a bit of time to learn the skills needed, then you can open up a world of unlimited income for yourself.

As An Affiliate Marketer, You Totally Own Your Own Business

When you choose to become an affiliate marketer, you are totally in charge. It’s your business. You are your own boss. You call the shots totally. If marketing conditions change in some way, it’s very easy to change the products you promote to accommodate those changes. You don’t need to completely change your business model, you can easily adapt to suit the market, with little fuss.

Your business is also saleable, or you can pass it on to your heirs or family. You can borrow against it’s value and leverage it to your benefit.

You Can Succeed Faster With Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can completely replace a full time income within the space of about 18-36 months. That’s realistic, depending on the niche you choose and the products you promote.

The whole idea is not to promote piddly little products that only provide a few pence in commission. You will learn how to choose a profitable niche, select the higher value products to promote, you learn how to review them and promote them easily on your own website.

Oh yes, you’ll also learn how to choose and buy a domain for your business, build your website and change it’s look and feel, set up an email address and write content for it, all in the free training we give.

Affiliate Marketing Has Access To Unlimited Markets and Products

The amount of products and markets you can promote and select from as an affiliate marketer is almost limitless. You pick the products you want to promote, based on your own interests or to serve a strong market niche. If a product isn’t selling for you, simply choose another. Or, you can create your own digital product and sell that.

For example, if you have knowledge of incredibly hard to get information from a past job or employment (please don’t sell corporate secrets), you can package those up and sell them as a course or ebook on Clickbank or Udemy.

You aren’t locked in to any particular product like you are in MLM for example. You don’t need to convince your family to buy your product to make it work! You find a group of people who have a problem or need, then solve their problem with your affiliate product. Their problem is solved and you make money.

You don’t actually have to sell anything once you’ve been trained to do it correctly.

You can get free training here.

There Are No Hoops You Need To Jump Through

One of the biggest pains in conventional business are the rules and regulations you have to follow. Not so with affiliate marketing. You just focus on your business and learn the new skills needed to make it work. Once you have those new skills, they can be pretty much transferred into any online business.

You have no need to jump through hoops, satisfy a sponsor or maintain a minimum sales level to protect your income. Affiliate marketers don’t do all that. You don’t need to join someone else’s circus.

New Affiliate Marketing Skills Are Valuable To You

You can use the skills you’ve learned to make more money. In the process of learning to become an affiliate marketer, you’ll learn a whole bunch of new skills. These you will see are very lucrative. You can then use these new skills to set up new income streams for yourself.

You’ll learn how to build websites. You’ll also learn SEO skills. Both of these skills alone are probably worth $100+ per hour in the marketplace. You’ll also learn copywriting, email marketing, content marketing, how to do pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing  and perhaps even start to make your own videos.

You can build affiliate websites, make them profitable and then sell them for 20-30 times their monthly revenue. For example, a website earning $1,000 per month could be sold for $20-30k.

Affiliate Marketing Has A Very Simple Compensation Mechanism

For every item you sell as an affiliate marketer, you’ll know pretty much accurately how much commission you’ll be paid. When you join a company as an affiliate partner, they’ll tell you what percentage you’ll receive. Typically, online retailers will offer 5-6%. Amazon offers up to 11% on some products. When you promote Clickbank e-products, you’ll earn 75%. Yes, 75% !!

Once you know how much compensation you are earning from a given level of traffic, you can easily see how you can scale it to any future level of desired income.

Affiliate Marketing Capitalizes On a Growing Global Market

As previously mentioned, everything is moving online now. All top retailers have huge websites where they sell their products 24/7 with the whole world as their customer.

In most English speaking countries, if people want something, the first place they look is generally online. They’ll also look for a review of the product they want to buy to ensure they aren’y buying a poor item. If you’ve written a good review of the product and have a website with your affiliate link on it, they could buy through your site and you’d earn a slice! How exciting is that?

Less than 50% of the World population currently has access to the internet, so there’s still plenty of space to grow. All of these extra people coming online will have an appetite to buy and consume product. You could be benefiting from that by educating yourself and setting up as an affiliate marketer

You Have Total Freedom To Choose The Products You Promote

Your prime concern as an affiliate marketer is to solve the problems of your customers. As such, you have complete freedom to select the products that best fit that need. You are in the business of helping people, not selling to them. That’s crucial to understand to be a success at affiliate marketing.

You do this by offering your feedback on products. You should review them on your website so that the consumer knows what he’ll be getting when he buys, if you own the product yourself, even better, but the whole idea is to make the prospective buyer comfortable with their pending purchase and then direct them where to buy it (using your affiliate link). It saves them time and money and hopefully results in money in your pocket!

There is No Recruitment Needed

Affiliate marketing is not built upon recruitment. In fact, the only person you ever need to recruit is yourself! You don’t need to chase people to buy product from you, they’ll come to you as they find you as they’re trying to solve their problem/need.

When compared to MLM systems it’s a total no-brainer. MLM relies on you constantly trying to build your downline. It’s energy sapping and most people last a year or so and then give up.

One Person Can Own and Operate a Huge Business

Scaling your business as an affiliate marketer is very easy. You simply just build it as big as you like. Once you learn how to leverage the internet for yourself, you earning potential is really unlimited.

You can outsource work as you become more successful, but you need to create a system that works for you first.

We’ll teach you more about this with the online free training.

There is no motivation of staff to worry about. As an affiliate marketer you are in total control and you call the shots. Everything else operates automatically because of the way affiliate marketing is set up. People come to you, there’s no need for you to go searching for them. With our free training you’ll learn how to use keywords in your content to draw them in like bees around a honey-pot.

Affiliate Marketing Rewards Proper Sales Techniques

Helping people is all you should concern yourself with as an affiliate marketer. The moment you try to sell to people, you’ll be failing. By showing the customer value and the fact that you can solve their problem, they’ll buy the product from you without much effort on your part.

If you think about it, a 24/7 operation can’t be manned for that period of time, so it’s crucial to develop a system that ‘sells itself’ without your involvement. Affiliate marketing is pretty much the only business that will allow you to do that.

It is Close To Being Perfect Passive Income

Everyone strives for perfect passive income as their ultimate panacea. Well, perfect passive income is very, very rare, but affiliate marketing can get you very close to it if you do it right. That’s why it’s vital that you get good training

Affiliate marketing allows you to build by outsourcing as well, and you get get jobs done for a fraction of the cost by signing up someone from the Far East to fulfil your needs. You can have content written for you and even have advertising done and traffic driven to your site, entirely by outsourcing.

Big Companies Pay You!

As you start to discover items that interest you and you want to promote to solve people’s problems, you’ll come across some huge names in retail. All you need them to have is a relevant affiliate program that fits your website niche, then you can sign up and start to promote.

Everyone from Apple down to the smallest online retailer will be happy to pay a commission to an affiliate marketer who want to sell their products. You save them from having to recruit their own sales staff, so offering to sell their wares for a small payment in return is a fair system.

You Get To Keep All Of Your Commissions

You get to keep 100% of your commissions as an affiliate marketer. Some of these commissions can be quite large too. Having $50-100 land in your bank account can be quite a regular thing. You don’t have to then apportion some of that to someone else, its all yours.

There Is Less Stress Than From A Normal Business

The only real stress you experience as an affiliate marketer is the stress you cause yourself. If you make sure you have a regular content posting habit as well as organisational skills and self-motivation, you’ll not cause yourself too much heartache.

You’ll be surprised how much stress is lifted from your shoulders when you know you can work when you want, where you want and for how long you want. The scaling of your business is entirely a matter for you, but there’ll be no-one standing over you cracking the whip to make it happen.

Indeed, affiliate marketing can give you financial independence and plentiful free time to enjoy yourself. The key is to get the right training and support and then do the work.

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