10 Days to No-Fear Video Marketing

Are you afraid to make a video and upload it to YouTube?

Do the words ‘Video Marketing’ send you into a frightened panic?

We’re told that most people are afraid of public speaking. That’s a completely natural fear to have, especially if you’re an introvert. Until you’ve done it, the fear is you’ll dry up and not have anything to talk about. You would think that being on the Internet wouldn’t enhance that fear. After all, you could make a video in private. You could keep recording until you get it right, until it satisfies you.

Yet time and time again, network marketers, business people and marketers hesitate to get in front of the camera.

Everybody is happy with taking photos and videos of their dog right?

Well, videoing yourself is really no different.

It’s really all a matter of practice. When I first started looking at video as a way of promoting myself and my business, I was terrified of going before the camera. I thought everybody else looked professional and my attempts were awful. The truth is, everybody is like that at the very start.

It’s all about getting comfortable. You need to forget about the potential audience. If it helps, practice in an empty house when there is just you and the camera (I still HATE being watched or listened to when making a video). Pretend the camera is just an old friend and you are talking to it as you would to that friend. Give it a name if you want to.

To start off, before you ever even think about uploading the video anywhere, do this until you can talk to it like you’ve known it for years. Just yourself and the camera. Tell it anything you want. It can’t answer back!

In this article, if you follow my instructions, you can conquer that fear in as little as 10 days.

The camera you need

Firstly, you don’t need any fancy dan gear to get you going. Your phone camera is perfectly adequate, however you need to make sure you operate in portrait mode (phone on it’s side, you don’t want black columns either side of your video) and are able to hold the phone steady and level.

It’s much more relaxing if you’re not trying to hold the phone and talk at the same time, so invest in a little tripod to hold everything for you. You can get one fairly cheaply at Amazon. Here’s the one I use.

JOBY JB01548-BWW TelePod Pro Kit Tripod

You might need an attachment to hold your phone, but they’re available at Amazon too.

Joby GripTight Mount PRO for Smartphone, JB01389

Use the front facing camera on the phone, so you can see yourself whilst filming. Again, familiarise yourself with putting it together, levelling up your camera and getting comfortable.

Here we go with the daily routines.


  • Turn on the camera. That was easy wasn’t it?
  • Look into the lens.
  • Say “Hello, my name is ______________ (Fill in the blank)

That’s it.

That’s all for today.

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step to being video-phobia free. I bet you didn’t even stumble over your name.

Note: You don’t have to publish it. You can even delete it from the camera. Try it several times. Practice is all you need at this stage.

Open a YouTube Account

But, I recommend that you actually open a YouTube account, where you can upload the video. Make it PRIVATE, so that no one will see it unless you give them the link. You are then ultra safe, and you learn about how to upload your video to YouTube as well (another skill you need to learn anyway).

Are you ready for Day Two?


  • Turn on the Camera
  • Look into the lens.
  • Say “Hello, my name is ______________ (Fill in the blank) I’m trying to get used to video.”

Now that you added another phrase. How did it feel?

Did you forget what the second part of the line was?

Doesn’t matter if you did. You’ve got 8 more days to create a habit and be well on your way to becoming a video marketing expert.


  • Turn on the camera.
  • Look into the lens.
  • Say “Hello, my name is ______________ I just read a post about <whatever you read> Tomorrow, I will tell you about it.”

Okay, you’re getting into it now. How does it feel. Are you worried about tomorrow? Don’t be.


  • Turn on the camera.
  • Look into the lens.
  • Say “Hello, my name is ______________ Yesterday, I read post about How To <article name>. The most important point I got from that article is <name only one point>

That was easy. So why were you worried?


  • Turn on the camera.
  • Look into the lens.
  • Say “Hello, my name is ______________ Today, I watched a video about < name video>. I took some notes. The takeaways I got were a) <first takeaway>, b) <second takeaway> and c) <third takeaway>”

Congratulations. You’re half-way there to the 10 days to form a fear-free video habit. You should be proud of yourself.


  • Turn on the camera.
  • Look into the lens.
  • Say “Hello, my name is ______________”

You now know the procedure.


Spend the next four days (and forever after), reading, studying and learning new things, making short videos about them and helping others gain the freedom you are now experiencing.

The awesome power of video marketing

As you’ll probably have already discovered, you can learn how to do practically everything on YouTube. For example, here’s the result of a search about raising pigs. There are thousands of views!


Most of the videos there are produced by ordinary people like you and me, spreading knowledge to those who want to learn. There are millions of hours of video uploaded every day to YouTube, but there is always room for your very own view of the World.

Marketing yourself on YouTube is free. It’s the World’s 2nd biggest Search Engine (after Google), so why wouldn’t you use it?

That’s it, for this tutorial article on no-fear video marketing. Drop me a comment below and let me know how you get on.


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